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By Meghan, Bad Mama Jama

Olive Juice Kids

It all started a couple of months ago when my sister received an Olive Juice Kids catalogue in the mail.  We never heard of the company before but we loved the simplicity of the clothes and we thought that any kids clothing line that we never heard of was a great thing.  The company’s founder, Maryellen Kane, worked at various fashion companies for a decade in New York City, but she had always dreamed of owning her own company.  Her dream finally came true.

Olive Juice Kids carries both a boy’s and girl’s line, but it is much heavier on girl’s fashion with a few accessories and gifts.  Some of my favorite items this season are their play shorts and the Marin top.  The Marin top is particularly my favorite since this happens to be one of my daughter’s middle names and it’s a classic striped French sailor shirt that never goes out of style.  The play shorts carry the same striped theme and are in various colors.

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There’s something about vintage that completely blows me away and the sweater dress that OJK offers this season, is one of those things.  It comes in a few colors, but the Ice Cream hue is my favorite.  With this color, the trim around the dress is contrasted in a thinly-striped blue and the pleats of the dress are detailed with tiny pinholes.  This would go nicely with any of OJK’s Jacqueline or Textured cardigans, which come in Ice Cream as well as other complimenting colors.


Last but not least, I didn’t get a chance to add their bathing suits to my March submission, but their swimsuits are worth mentioning.  Their colors are bright and the prints are fresh and interesting.  OJK is a hidden gem for kid’s clothes and their clothes are a mix of European flair and vintage.  How can you not love a clothing line that is a silent hynonym for “I love you”?


Photo credit : Olivejuicekids.com


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