Throwback Thursday: Summer Essentials


Throwback Thursday: Summer Essentials

Good morning my YCS readers ! I am so happy that the summer is here and the nasty winter weather is OUT , so what I’ve decided to do for this throwback Thursday is reminisce on one of last years post “Summer Essentials”. This particular post introduced many of my stylish friends, and favorite style and fashion bloggers who let me in on some of their favorite summer essentials. From Aviators, to Hair sunscreen your gonna love the things they had to share and it may even be one of your favorite summer essential of summer 2014. Either way we all turn to that one item during the summer that we just cant get enough of, and I just so happened to share mines. Enjoy!

Summer Essentials:

Also, don’t forget to comment and let me know what your favorite summer essential of 2014 happens to be. I might just make Summer essentials 2014!

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