YCS guide to: Summer Wedding Make-up

By Torrey, Make-up Maven

On what may be one of the single most important days of you life, your wedding, everything should be perfect, including your face.

I’m a strong proponent of splurging on the beauty aspects of your big day; because 5, 10, 50 years from now when you’re looking back on your pictures you don’t want to think to yourself “goodness, what was I thinking…”

Taking the classic beauty route will always win. Keep it classy, no trends, and you’ll be good to go!

If you have more of a daring personality, play up the lip colors. Go for something bright or even a red.

Here are a few quick points on making sure your making is perfect for your big day

1. Hire a professional!

If it doesn’t fit into your budget, make some adjustments. the professional will use all the necessary products to make sure your look is perfect and lasts. Before choosing a professional makeup artist you want to be sure you see a full portfolio of their work, seek out recommendations/testimonials, and attestations of their work ethic (you don’t want someone who will show up late). The artist should also offer a consultation. During the consultation you’ll be able to discuss all particulars about the makeup for you and the bridal party, in addition to getting a full face of makeup.

2. If you’re comfortable doing your own makeup, be sure to use complexion products WITHOUT SPF. SPF may cause flashback in your pictures, which may give you a cast in your photos or even make you look ghostly.

3. All of your products should be waterproof (foundation, eyeliner, mascara, brow products). This will provide extra security against those tears and mists of sweat (it’s hot out here!).

4. Be sure to use a lipliner, cover your entire lips first before applying your lipstick. This provides longevity for your lip color.

5. If you can find a suitable shade, use creme/emollient based products for blush, highlight, and contour. You can use concealer or creme foundation for highlight and contouring as well.

Follow all the typical rules of summer long wearing makeup and your “face” will stay in tact throughout the entire ceremony.

Now here are a few examples of classic bridal makeup…

photo 4 photo 2photo 3photo 1
Hope this helped you on any future wedding makeup moves, enjoy !
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