YCS Trend Report : Denim on Denim

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Nia, Social Media/ Marketing Intern

First and foremost I want to say how excited I am to be writing to the YCS readers, and presenting the hottest trends of the summer. If you haven’t already met me I am the new social media / Marketing intern of Your Chic is Showing, and I am very grateful for this opportunity knowing that this is my passion. I just recently graduated college from Indiana University of Pa with a Degree in Fashion Merchandising, and I plan on furthering my education in graduate school. But enough about me lets  jump right into some of the hottest trends I happen to think are pretty cool. It’s time for my TREND REPORTTTTTT (in my extra animated screaming voice).

So, when I was growing up I’ve come to think “Denim on Denim” was soooooooo not cool, BUT over the past couple of months (and to my surprise) denim on denim has become the hottest trend with celebrities. Now, denim on denim cannot be pulled off in any ole type of fashion, you have to know how to mix and match your denims to not give off the tacky vibe of matching the light with light, and dark with dark.

Olivia Palermo wears all denim motif while out in Brooklyn, New

Here’s a great example of how to wear denim on denim! In this picture the stylist was able to match a light denim shirt, with a dark denim bell bottom and she chose not too over accessorize which can be a bit to much when pulling off a look such as this. You want to level the shades out to present a balance in the colors!


I also put together a style board to show you how I would pair the trend, and accessorize!


Also spotted in the trend are celebrities such as Rihanna who has no problem breaking a fashion no no in a minute.

Rihanna shops in four fashion stores on Rodeo Drive

This “Denim on Denim ” Trend goes to show you how fast trends, and fashion comes around. What we think might not be hot in 2005, might resurface in 2014 an become the biggest trend of that year. Never down play a trend that you might later on regret, because now you thinks its pretty darn cool. I’m speaking on behalf of myself an maybe even some readers, I’ll eventually try this trend, but when I do trust me it has to be right!

Please let me know your comments and thoughts on this new “Denim on Denim” trend, and would you ever try to pull this look off ?

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