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Guest Blogger, Regina  

Hey gorgeous YCS readers, I’m back! Yes, it’s Regina the shoe lady again, aren’t you excited? Lol

I hope you’ve been enjoying your summer so far- going on a few beach getaways, family vacays and the lot. I, for one, have been thoroughly enjoying this summer and I want you all to do the same! Today I’m here to talk about summer shoes that can go from day to night. You know June- August is when all the good after work rooftop parties and professional organization functions pop up and nobody has any time to change clothes if you’re trying to catch happy hour. So if you’re like me and don’t have the purse space (or desire) to carry extra shoes, having day-night shoe options are absolutely essential. I don’t know what you plan on doing after those half price margaritas hit your system and that’s none of my business, I just want to make sure you’re prepared! 🙂 First we have the low-heeled sandal and pump. Now look, anyone who knows me knows my past disdain for low heels. I felt like if you’re going to do it- DO IT. Go hard or go home! 4 inches and better! THAT was before I had work events that went way into the evening directly after a full day in the office. Those 4 and 5 inch heels were only giving me 3-4 hours of painless slayage when I really needed about 12-14. In came low heeled options to save the day. A low (NOT KITTEN) to mid level heel, 2.5-3.5 inches, will give you the same leg shaping as a higher option, the same umph to your outfit and way more comfort. Below are a few super cute styles I’ve found.

Steven by Steve Madden- Citty- $129

SM Citty

Dolce Vita- Niro- $112

DV Niro

J. Crew- Elsie- $298

JC C Poppy

Next up we have the beloved (by most) wedge. The width of a wedge heel is a gift from the foot comfort Gods and we should all be eternally grateful. Heel height be damned, a wedge is always comfortable and I’m not mad at it. Finding a work appropriate wedge can be a little tricky but here are a few tips. Don’t get too strappy of a style- those are definitely meant for the weekend, not your management meeting. Try to stay with basic colors and designs but play around with textures. Depending on your office environment, loud colored wedges may have people talking about you by the water cooler and that’s not what we’re trying to do here. Keep the colors within the blacks, tans/taupes, muted reds and oranges but definitely mix leather with cork and twine. I’ve given a few examples below.

Joie- Windsor- $220


Stuart Weitzman – Xray- $270

SW Espadrille


Nine West- Mexicali- $70

NW Mexicali

Last but not least, cute flats. Some people just aren’t into heels, and that’s fine but sometimes your work flats aren’t the ones you necessarily want to cut a rug in. Day-night flats can be anything from oxfords, smoking flats, ballet flats- literally anything! The joy is you can get a little crazier with the style and design of the shoe when dealing with a flat in the workplace. The prints we avoided in the wedge sections- go for ‘em! Those muted colors- pssshhh, go bright! Also, don’t be afraid of metallics and embellishments, they can make the simplest shoe pop. Check out some of the fun flats I’ve come across.

Kate Spade New York- Jazz- $225

KS Jazz

French Connection- Giovanna- $125

FC Giovanna

Nine West- Lavalu Smoking Slippers- $30

NW Lavalu

That’s all I have for now, ladies. You know you’re office better than I do so have fun with your shoes but be mindful of what’s deemed appropriate in your space. I essentially work in a high functioning frat house so appropriate is never a thought for me, lol. So keep these tips in mind and happy party hopping!

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