YCS Guide to: Day to Night Makeup

Torrey, Make-up Maven

Here’s a pictorial for a very simple look that can be worn during the day and at night, to any type of event you can imagine.

This look is perfect for the office and can easily take you into the evening for date night.

If you’ve ever purchased eye shadow but don’t know how to use them, this post is for you.

For the purpose of this post, I’ll be using all MAC products. This is only because MAC is likely the most accessible cosmetic brand in the world. No matter where you’re located, you can get some MAC shipped to you.

1. First start with a clean eye, obviously. If you’ve just washed your face, be sure to moisturize first and let dry.

2. Do your brows!
Your eyebrows frame your face and pretty much set the tone for your makeup look

3. Prime your lids
you can use any type of primer you’d like, elf sells one that’s about $3 that works pretty well.

Here I am using MAC ‘sublime culture’




4. Use an eye shadow that is very similar to your skin tone, this will act as your buffer color and will assist in blending your shadows; because blending is the most important factor in flawless makeup
Here I am using MAC ‘saddle’


5. Use a color of your choice that is about 2-3 shades lighter than your skin tone, this can actually be any color of our liking. Gold, bronze, tan, teal, purple, any color! This is your lid color and is the base of your look.
Here I am using MAC ‘one to watch’

I used this color on about 3/4 of my eyelid, then used MAC ‘lie low’ on the remaining 1/4 of my eye lid




6. To define/carve out your crease more, use a deep toned brown or even black. This adds dimension to your eye
Here I am using MAC ‘handwritten’


blend, blend, blend

7. Add your highlight color this will be the lightest color on your lid. It will open your eyes and make them appear brighter.
Here I am using MAC ‘naked lunch’




8. Finally add your liner and mascara, and lashes if you want more drama!



These techniques can be used for any color shadows you wish. The key is blending and proper placement.

If you’d like to see a more dramatic look, please let us know!!

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