YCS Trend Report: "Urban Chic"


Nia, Intern

Trend Report: Urban Chic

Ok, so l gave you guys the denim on denim look last month, and this month I’ll be presenting you with my newest spotted trend the “Urban Chic ”trend.  The Urban Chic trend is a blend of an urban look; with a chic twist it’s as simple as that. Many celebrities like Beyonce wears this look quite often being as though it’s comfortable, and still fashionable. This trend is worn heavily throughout the country and can be seen worn the most in cities such as New York, and California. I personally like this trend because it’s more of my style, and allows me to add edge to my everyday look when I pair the look with some heels.

Beyonce pulled of the “Urban Chic “ look with a floral patterned Adidas crop top, distressed denim shorts, and a some peep toe heels. This is the most common urban chic look I see being implemented, and this is one of my favorite looks because it’s classic, and simple.


You can also pull of the look with a longer pant maybe some leather pants, or distressed denim jeans, any color jean or pant usually works.


Also seen sporting the look often is stylist, and girlfriend of Chris brown Karrueche Tran. She’s known for her swag filled style, and often rocks the urban chic trend when seen out. Here she’s dressed up a crop top jersey, with a floral pattern jacket and jogger set.



This trend doesn’t always contain jerseys and crop tops, you can also pull of the look with maybe a lighted knitted sweater, and pencil skirt, or layered bangles. It’s all about the way you style it, and the vibe you give off when doing this look.



Last but not least, the “Urban Chic trend” cannot go on without a killer SNEAKER WEDGE! Sneaker wedges have been around since 2012, but companies such as Nike and Puma have revived the basic look of the sneaker wedge and have made it edgier.  If you don’t want to always wear heels with your look, you can always add that sneaker wedge to the look to spice it up while still giving it that urban feel. Since the sneaker is wedged it makes you feel as though you’re still dressing the look up without actually having to wear a sneaker to make it look urban.


Many people think that in order to pull off this “Urban Chic” look you have to wear sneakers and jeans but that’s totally FALSE. You can make this trend your own, and dress it up how you want while still keeping it Urbanized (If that’s even a word Lol). Anybody can pull this look off with the right mindset, and no holding back. Feel free to let us know how you feel about this trend, and if you could see yourself pulling this trend off!

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