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By Meghan, Bad Mama Jama

Back to School Cool


We’ve all been getting magazines advertising back to school looks and most of us are thinking, “where has the summer gone?” or “why are we already seeing Halloween costumes?”  The truth is, most kids have 2-3 weeks of Summer left at this point and that leaves little time to shop for a new wardrobe and replace what needs to be thrown away from having too much Summer fun.


For the past couple of years, I’ve been trying to recycle a couple of book bags, but this year my oldest needs a new one after years of using the ones we have for toy storage, camp, and school supplies.  LL Bean always has classic choices.  I can remember 25 years ago everyone at my school had an LL Bean book bag (feeling pretty old right now).  It was the cool school accessory to have and it lasted for years.  Not only has LL Bean stayed true to their quality, but they also designate age groups for the variety of book bags they offer.  This way there is no confusion or sizing errors made when purchasing.


Pottery Barn Kids also offers great choices for book bags.  They have numerous patterns and offer matching pen/pencil cases to go with them.  Both companies are offering some deals right now.   LL Bean offers $10 off their deluxe plus bag and Pottery Barn Kids has free shipping and 20% off.


When it comes to back to school fashion, you will need something dressy for school pictures and you will probably need to replace some t-shirts, shorts and shoes from the wear and tear of Summer.  I think Crewcuts is a great option for Picture Day and for some unique pieces to wear at school.  Gap and The Children’s Place are great for basics.


Crewcuts has awesome button down’s for boys in a variety of patterns.  These are great choices because for pictures you can still wear the button downs with a pair of shorts if the weather is still warm and your boys won’t feel like they are dressing up as much, especially if they hate doing it. There are also some cool graphic tees and shorts if you need to freshen up his wardrobe.  For girls, I love the pixie pants and sweatshirts.





Every year I buy all of my sons’ basics from The Children’s Place.  They have great cargo shorts and pants as well as cotton shirts at fair prices and in a variety of colors.  There’s no reason anyone should be sending their kids to school with sweatpants when TCP offers a variety of bottoms in great colors and prices.  Send your kids back to school looking cool!

The Children’s Place




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Hope this helped you guys out because I know some of you started your back to school shopping already, it’s never to late to add some new items to the list. Until next time!

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