YCS Guide to : Marc Anthony curl defining styling lotion

Holy Grail Product: Marc Anthony Curl Defining Styling Lotion

By Sara, Hair Goddess

Hi Curlies!

Occasionally there comes a product that redefines your entire routine. That cuts stylings time on wash/detangle days and packs the perfect shine and detangling combo. Well, Marc Anthony’s Curl Defining Styling Lotion is just such a product. I love it because I can truly use a quarter sized amount on each half of my hair and it lasts through the week. I’m down to 1 detangle day (conditioner only) and 1 wash day (curl-friendly shampoo day) and I love how much moisture I get from such a small amount of product.



The trick with a product like this is using a small amount. These days I’m really going for volume, so I apply the bulk of the product to the shaft and ends of each section. Remember, it’s important to protect your ends year round, not just in the drier winter months. After applying to the main sections of my hair, I  take a dime sized amount, rub it between my hands and smooth down the halo frizz on the crown of my head on both sides. I oil the ends of my hair, flip upside down and blow dry until 80% dry. Then shake, and blow dry on cool until 95% dry to set.


Next time I’ll show you my preferred oil to emulsify with my leave-in, but you should feel free to use your favorite to seal your ends before drying with heat.



Happy styling!