YCS Guide to : Beauty on a budget (College edition)

Beauty on a budget (College Edition)
By Torrey, Make up Maven
I remember day I moved into my dorm, Hess Hall at the University of Tennessee, 3rd floor (I forgot the room number). I was BEYOND excited, nervous, and eager to start this new journey.
Fast forward 9 years later (that just made me feel so old), dare I say it, I miss college 🙁
The first week of school is probably when the most parties/events occur (maybe outside of homecoming).You can be sure to look your absolute best without breaking the bank. I know the college life typically equals the broke life. So whether you’re a novice or an expert, here are some cheap (but quality) alternatives to the more expensive brands.
What you’ll need:
1. complexion products (concealer, foundation, powder)
2. cheeks (blush, bronzer)
3. brow products (powder, pencil, cream)
4. eye makeup (eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, primer)
5. lips (lip liner, lipstick, lipgloss)
Best “drugstore” products that are easy to find in store or online (some shades may not be available in your area, but always available online):
Some of the more popular brands, such as:
all have EXCELLENT products that can work for any skin tone!
Here’s a list of brands, a little less known, but gaining more popularity everyday that work phenomenally:
Complexion Products (excellent foundations for various skin types, concealers, and powders)
– Black Opal (find at most drugstores)
– NYX (find at Ulta or your local beauty supply store)
– LA Girl (find at your local beauty supply store)
– Ruby Kisses (find at your local beauty supply store)
– NYX (they have some of the best blushes, ever)
Brows (can also use a brown gel liner for brows)
– elf
– Maybelline (define-a-brow is a great dupe for MAC’s brow pencil)
– Wet n Wild (find at drugstores)
Eye makeup (there are soooo many options here)
– Wet n Wild (has some of the best, most pigmented eyeshadow palettes)
– NYX (super quality)
– elf (also has MANY eyeshadow palettes and an EXCELLENT eyeshadow primer)
– Ardell (best drugstore lashes, hands down)
Lips (also many, many options)
– Wet n Wild (megalast lipstick is very popular and for good reason)
– Black Opal
You can purchase one product from each category for less than $20!
These products range in price from $1 to $15 (depending on your geographic location, prices fluctuate)
You don’t have to dig into your book money to look good! Drugstore products have come a very long way, cater to more skin tones, and rival the quality of some of the top more expensive, high-end, brands.
Fortunately, a lot of stores have relaxed on their return policies, so instead of opening a product in store, buy it and try it for a while and if it doesn’t work, you can return it (they won’t put it back on the shelf)!
Have an awesome school year, get good grades, have fund, and look good while doing it 😉
And send us some pictures of your best looks using drugstore products!
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