YCS Guide To: DIY Fall Wreaths

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DIY Fall Wreath

Happy Fall everyone! Tis the season for rustic colors, pumpkins, and spooky decorations. I of course love decorating, with Fall being my favorite season to decorate for, but buying all of those decorations can be expensive. In this blog post I am going to show you how easy it is to make your own Fall wreath.

Buying a wreath from the store can put you out $40-$100. My wreath cost only $15 (excluding wire cutter). What you will need is a grapevine wreath ($4.99 form Michaels), some fall themed foliage (ranging from $1.00-$3.00 for bunches from Michaels) and a wire cutter ($7.99).



First start with your wreath and lay it on a table with all of your foliage. This is where you can start to decide what pieces you are going to pick to put in your wreath. I always have extra pieces that I do not use that I do not like from the bunches of foliage that I pick. I recommend getting leaves, flowers in the burnt orange, yellow, and red color scheme, and nuts.

DSCN1514 DSCN1516

After you decide what you want on your wreath, take the wire cutter to cut the pieces smaller so you can fit them into the wreath like above. Keep on adding things, take them away, and rearrange until you are happy with what you are creating. Remember that it does not need to be perfect. The best thing to keep in mind is to fill in as much space as you can so it looks full, but not over crowded. I even hung mine up to see how it looked, and then decided to add more after seeing what it would look like up on the door.


Here is what my final wreath looked like! I hope you enjoyed my post. Leave any questions in the comments below and post pictures of your wreaths so we can see what the look like! If you put them on social media put #YCSDIYwreath so we can find them. Enjoy the beginnings of Fall!!


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