New Year's Resolutions for Every Fashionista

By Erika, Resident Fashionista

Happy New Year YCS family!! We’ve been quiet here at YCS, but it’s 2015 and we are back with all of the YCS goodness you guys know and love!!

Generally, I’m not a fan of New Year’s Resolutions – I think they’re dumb (we’ve talked about this before). However, in prepping for 2015 and getting my article together for the latest issues of Bourgeoisie Magazine, I thought it high time to make a few fashion resolutions. Straight from the pages of Bourgeoisie Magazine, check out my Resolutions for Every Fashionista!


1. No More Fashion Shaming. Or Fat Shaming. Or Skinny Shaming. Or Shaming.

The internet can be a really cruel place and it is very easy to get very nasty behind a glossy computer screen. And, the phrase “everyone’s a critic” has never been more true than in places like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In mere seconds, we are able to make snap judgements about who wore what best or why someone is too skinny/fat/tall/short/insert adjective here. In 2015, let’s back away from the keyboards and refrain from labeling someone’s outfit as slutty or trashy or not fashionable enough. Instead, let’s make an effort to find the positive in every ensemble (easier said than done) – whether it’s a pair of fabulous earrings, a great tote, a confident strut down the street.

2. Dress Like an Adult

I once read a quote that said “clothes are our uniform for the battle of life.” Each day we are faced with challenges and obstacles and we need to be mentally, physically, and fashionably prepared to take them head on. That means dressing like and adult – whatever “like and adult” means to you. It doesn’t have to mean a three-piece suit, though it could, or the highest, scariest stilettos in all the land. It could simply mean tailored jeans, clean lines, and high-quality fabrics. Regardless of how you define “adult” be sure to always dress the part.

3. Ignore the Size Label

Sometimes we gain weight, sometimes we lose it, and sometimes manufacturers have no idea what size they are making. We can get so caught up in a size that we totally miss out on awesome clothing. When shopping go for the right fit NOT the right size. Plus, you can always, always, always cut the size label out when you get home!

4. Wash Off Your Make Up Every Night

One of the easiest ways to take care of your skin is to make sure you remove your make-up each night before bed. This doesn’t necessarily involved some long drawn out ritual; it could be as simple as keeping make-up remover wipes on your nightstand.

Erika’s Pick: LA Fresh Make-up Remover Wipes and Mary Kay Oil Free Eye Make-up Remover

5. Take a Risk

Great fashion is all about taking risks. Truthfully, great anything is all about taking risks. Nobody makes history by playing it safe! Sure, a dress over trousers sounds crazy; but how will you know if it looks good until you try it (Emma Watson nailed this look in Christian Dior at the 2014 Golden Globes, btw)? So go mix those prints, cut that hair, throw on a hat, or layer that jewelry.

6. Get Fitted for the Right Sized Bra

It makes me so sad to see women walking around everyday wearing the wrong undergarments. Take the time to head to your local lingerie shop or department store and have them fit you for the correct sized bra. Then, take the time to try on different styles and sizes to make sure you’re wearing the proper bra and getting the coverage you want. Also, invest in different types while you’re there – racerback, convertable, demi cup, t-shirt . . . you get the idea. And finally, get any bra accessories you might need, like chicken cutlets (if you don’t know, ask), bra extenders, etc. It will take some time but it is a trip well worth it.

Erika’s Pick: Nordstrom has the best bra fitters around!

7. Step Away from the Sale Rack

We ALL love a good sale; but so often we get locked into bad fashion simply because “it was on sale.” A shapeless sweater in an ugly color is not suddenly fashionable because it was 70% off. It was ugly full priced and it’s ugly on sale. Fight the urge to grab something just because there is a big red sign on the rack. Take a critical eye to every piece you are considering it and only buy it if you LOVE it – whether it’s on sale or not.

8. Learn Your Body Type and Dress for It

Understanding your body type will revolutionize the way that you go shopping. You will avoid clothing that is unflattering and be drawn to silhouettes that flatter your shape and size. Though it is a bit of a time investment, learning about your body shape will pay dividends in the end. You’ll save yourself time, money, and a whole lot of heartache if you learn how to dress for the body that you have.

Erika’s Pick: To get started, check out “The Power of Style” by Bobbie Thomas.

9. Pay Attention to the Details

Details and small touches can take your style from good to great! Although we may not want to admit it, things like nails, jewelry, and hair are an important part of how we look. It is important to make sure we give these small details the same attention we give the major components of our look.

10. Love Yourself

Confidence is always the best accessory. When you love yourself and embrace who you are it shows. So while we’re banning all that shaming, let’s add another to the list – self shaming. Instead of beating ourselves up about our perceived flaws let’s vow to build ourselves up each day. Whether you start each day with a positive mantra or end it writing in a gratitude journal take the time to reflect on all of the positive, unique, and wonderful things that make you YOU!

Erika’s Pick: Moleskine Cahier Pocket Journal’s are perfect for a gratitude journal that’s easy to take on the go.

So guys, what are you going to differently in 2015? It has been a while, but you know the drill – weigh in below!

And, to check out the entire issue of Bourgeoisie Magazine, click here!

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