Curating Your Closet: White Button-Down Shirt

By Erika, Fashion Expert

A few weeks ago I shared three of my pro tips to help you become a better shopper.   The very first tip I shared was to “begin with wardrobe staples.”  The list I shared wasn’t earth shattering or probably all that different from lists you’ve read in the past about what every woman needs in her wardrobe.  However, so often we ignore the staples and go for items that are flashy or part of a passing fad.  While those pieces are all well and good to supplement your wardrobe, like anything worth having (like say, a house or healthy relationships) a strong foundation is the key.

The reason I suggested those nine items as wardrobe staples is because they are versatile and give you a solid base to build off of for your wardrobe.  Over the next several weeks I will share some ways that I incorporate these staples into my own wardrobe.  Perhaps it will help you think creatively about how to work them into your own wardrobe OR finally convince you to go out and fill your closet with such pieces.

The first item on our list is the white-button down shirt.  This is generally a wardrobe staple for anyone who works in Corporate America or a professional environment.  I would encourage everyone to have at least one of these in their closet.  They obviously make the wearer look professional when paired with pieces like pencil skirts or tailored pants.  But these shirts are also great for a casual weekend, afternoon lunch, and just generally hanging around.  Below are three ways that I styled my white button-down shirt to fit my personal style.


Shirt + Skirt: Jones New York I Scarf: H&M I Shoes: Nine West I Briefcase: My Own (gifted)


People may think that a white button-down is boring, particularly in a professional setting.  However, when paired with a patterned skirt and shoes plus a pretty scarf, it serves as the perfect backdrop without making the outfit too busy.

IMG_2229Above: Shirt: Jones New York I Jeans: Roz & Ali I Shoes: Nine West I Glasses: Claire’s

Below: Necklace: Kate Spade I Rings: Tiffany & Co. I Bracelets: Target


This outfit is casual without being sloppy – perfect for a weekend of shopping, lounging, and everything in between.  It’s also an exercise in mixing high and low.  Even though a number of pieces are incredibly inexpensive, the crisp white shirt instantly elevates the whole look.


Above: Blazer + Shoes: Dressbarn I T-shirts: J Crew + Joe Fresh I Jeans: Avenue I Shirt: Jones New York

Below: Necklace/Scarf: From His Heart Gifts I Sunglasses: My Own (gifted) I Watch: Michael Kors I Bracelet: Tory Burch for Fitbit


As you can see from the final look, a white button down often makes the perfect accessory or layering piece for a look.  Another way to rock it would be to layer the shirt under the blazer and leave it open.  This will look cool, sophisticated, preppy, and pulled together without being overly pretentious.

As you can see, a white button-down shirt is versatile and allows us to be as creative as can be with our wardrobe choices!

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