#NoRepeatJune Recap

By Erika, Fashion Expert

If you keep up with YCS via social media (and you should!) then you know that during the month of June I participated in the #norepeatjune clothing challenge issued by fellow blogger LaShon Renee at For the Love of Curls.  The challenge was exactly like it sounds . . . do NOT repeat an outfit over the 30 days of June.  Easier said than done, even for a girl like me whose closet is full of clothing and accessories.  In case you missed the challenge, you can check out most of the looks in the album below.  And, if you participated in the challenge, share a few picks by tagging YCS on Instagram (@yourchicisshowing) or Twitter (@urchicisshowing)!

7 thoughts on “#NoRepeatJune Recap

  1. Omg. wow. I would not be able to do this. I am a repeat offender. Im not really a clothes shopper, in all honesty. I could not repeat a lipstick but I can repeat a pair of pants.


    1. Lol! Well I re-used pieces just put them together differently. And I didn’t shop – everything was pulled out of my closet! I’m sure you could do it, just takes a bit of creativity!!

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    1. It was a lot of fun! Definitely forces you to be creative and pull things out of your closet that you haven’t worn in a while (or ever!). I may do it for 60 days. I think I could pull it off. Actually, that sounds SUPER aggressive, lol

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