Milla's "Chewelry" Offers Fashion and Function for Stylish Moms

By Erika, Fashion Expert

For ten + two and a half days this month, you may have noticed that I had my hands full practicing parenthood with my adorable six- and five-year-old nephew and niece.  Anyone who keeps up with YCS on Instagram and Twitter or with me personally on Facebook knows that it was an adventure!  My niece and nephew are five and six, so they’re fairly independent (within reason) and able to do a lot for themselves.  I cannot imagine what it would have been like if I also had to care for their ten-month-old (teething, forever curious) brother as well!  It is hard work being a mom!!!  (Seriously, kudos to ALL of the moms who read YCS!!!)

After my brief stint in parenthood (for now), I can appreciate how tough the little things are – taking a quiet shower for longer than three minutes, getting dressed in privacy, having an uninterrupted phone call.  And, having the time to put together the sleek, stylish looks that I enjoy so much.

That’s where Milla comes in!  Milla takes moms beyond maternity – providing products that make life with a new baby a little easier.   Milla – Beyond Maternity was founded by a new mom who struggled with finding functional business-appropriate clothing and accessories that were baby-friendly.


Wearing “The Pearl” necklace + bracelet and “The Morgan” bracelet in teal.  

Milla’s amazing owner was kind enough to loan me some of the Chewelry (chewable + jewelry) pieces and, I must be honest, even though I am not a mom (yet), I think the items are awesome!  They are simple and stylish.  Mom or not – they’re great pieces to add to any wardrobe.  But, beyond their fashion, they’re super functional for new (or not so new) moms.  Milla Chewelry is a line of chewable jewelry made from food-grade, BPA-free silicone safe for teething babies.  Necklaces all include a safety clasp in case your little one tugs too hard.  These styles are easy to wear, and easy to clean. All styles are tested to ensure these functional fashions easily transition from daywear to office wear, so a busy mom doesn’t have to think twice about how to accessorize with or with out the little ones.

Milla Chewelry is very (very) reasonably priced AND it comes in a variety of styles and colors.  My favorite piece is the Alanis bracelet.  It seriously looks like something that I would own in my closet.  The function as a new mom is an added bonus.  I am also way, way, way into the Nessa necklace which is perfect for a easy Saturday or a dressier occasion.  The Quinn necklaces are also very versatile – you can wear them short, like a statement necklace, or let them hang long for a more casual look.


Wearing “The Nessa” necklace in sky blue and “The Alanis” in sky blue and black (my favorite!!)

I know that when babies are born most of us focus on giving gifts to the new “tiny human” (that’s Grey’s Anatomy speak for you) that are entering the world.  But honestly, what a great gift for a new mom that lets her know that a) you are thinking of her and b) you understand the need for practicality and safety with her fashion.  As my friends continue to have children (and, no matter how much I ask them to slow down and let my bank account catch up, they keep having them!!!) I am definitely going to incorporate some of these pieces into the gifts I’ll be giving.


Wearing “The Quinn” necklace in pink and blue and “The Diamond” bracelet in pink. 

If you are thinking of giving these items as a gift or purchasing them for yourself, I’ve got great news.  As an exclusive offer to YCS readers, Milla is offering a 10% discount on ALL purchases.  Simply use the code “YCS10” with your purchase and enjoy your discount on these VERY reasonably priced items.  I’m going to grab a few of my favorites (The Alanis, The Nessa, and The Pearl – in that order – in case you were wondering) to have on hand for future new moms . . . and probably myself!

To learn more about Milla and make your purchase, visit and follow them (@WearMilla) on Instagram and Twitter.


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