Shop xvi I xiv Capsule Collection by YCS

By Erika, Fashion Expert

YCS is excited to launch its newest venture xvi I xiv (pronounced “sixteen fourteen”) a new capsule collection launched for women of all sizes!

Inspired by a case of “nothing to wear” xvi I xiv clothing is designed with women of all shapes and sizes in mind.  The clothing in the collection can be customized to match each shoppers’ personal style and is tailored for a perfect fit.  Every piece is designed and constructed with love.

The mission of xvi I xiv is threefold (from the xvi I xiv website):

  • Inclusion: Size should not exclude women and men from accessing fashionable attire. our aim is to include.  We offer our clients stylish clothes that are accessible to people of all body types. Careful consideration is given to each garment to ensure its construction, sizing, and style will be flattering on a number of different body types.
  • Empowerment: xvi I xiv seeks to empower underemployed and under-served women in transition – specifically those with a criminal background or victims of domestic abuse – by providing them with part-time and full-time employment opportunities that pay above minimum wage.  Where appropriate or necessary, training is provided at no cost to team members. Our focus is on employing women in the Philadelphia region.
  • Love: Our company was founded based on 1 Cor. 16:14 which says “do everything in love.”  Each garment is “made with love” by our talented team of seamstresses. We strive to operate in love in every area of our business, from sales, to production, to delivery, to client service. It is our goal that every xvi I xiv client would feel the love.

Shopping the collection is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

  1. Pick Your Size
  2. Build Your Clothing
  3. Wear Your Clothing

Check out How it Works in more detail.

We are incredibly excited to launch our first capsule collection!  And, we are already working on a specially Collegiate collection for Homecoming season AND a fall/winter collection that will feature 6 new pieces!

Visit to shop the collection now!  Use the code: “IMANI” to get $20 off any dress you purchase and the code: “CANDICE” to get $10 off our signature t-shirt. Any order over $149 gets free shipping!

Thanks in advance for shopping the collection.  We hope you love wearing it as much as we love designing and producing it!