xvi I xiv by YCS Capsule Collection Launches

By Erika, Fashion Expert

I know, it’s been quiet around YCS for the past couple of weeks.  But that is only because we have some EXCITING ventures that we have been working on.  In addition to officially partnering with one of my closest friends to officially launch “Come Shop My Closet” (more on that later this week), WE ARE LAUNCHING A CAPSULE CLOTHING COLLECTION!!

Erika and J'Mel

For quite some time I have wanted to launch a clothing line and this year I finally decided to dive in head first!  At times I felt completely overwhelmed, like a crazy lady, or worried that it wasn’t a good idea.  But, after all of that, the xvi I xiv (pronounced “sixteen fourteen”) capsule collection is here! Well, it’s here: www.sixteenfourteen.store.

I decided to start this endeavor with a capsule collection.  One signature t-shirt, inspired by my friend Candice, and one signature dress (that can be built with 30 different combinations), named after my incredibly sweet niece Imani.  I figured that getting my toes wet with only a couple of pieces would be a good way to launch.  But from here, xvi I xiv already has a Collegiate collection in the works for Homecoming season and a fall/winter 2017 collection underway!

There are a couple of things that make this collection unique.  First, whether you are straight or plus sized, clothing styles are the same.  In many stores, once you cross over to the plus size section designs, fabrics, and clothing is, at best, unflattering, and, at worst, downright ugly.  It is important to me that no matter what your size is, you can wear our clothing.  Each piece runs from size 6 – 24.  If, however, you find yourself outside of that threshold, for most pieces, you will have the option of ordering them customized to your specific measurements.  (The only exception is some of our t-shirts.  But you should note that I am working on finding vendors that offer shirts in sizes XXS – 4 or 5X).  Also, you will not pay more money for being plus sized.  Everybody’s items cost the same.


Second, our items are “buildable.” So, even though we are starting with one t-shirt and one dress, depending on how you build your items you can come up 24 variations of our “Candice” signature t-shirt and 30 variations of our “Imani” dress.  When you check out, you’ll be prompted to select the options you want for your clothing.  So, essentially, every piece you purchase is customized and created specifically for you.  Follow the link to learn more about How it Works.

There is one other thing that you should know.  By virtue of this being a capsule collection, quantities are limited!  Some items we will keep in stock; however, other items are created based on fabric availability and quantities which means that once they are gone, they are gone.  Do not delay in placing your order because you do NOT want to miss you!  You can shop the entire collection here: XVI I XIV.

All week long we will be celebrating our virtual launch party and, as a special treat, I have a couple of discount codes for you!

  • Use the code “CANDICE” to get $10 off the purchase of our signature t-shirt.
  • Use the code “IMANI” to get $20 off your Imani dress purchase.
  • Free shipping (code: FREESHIP is automatically applied) is available on all orders over $149.

*Remember, because every item is custom produced, it will take 3-4 weeks for your customized piece to arrive.

I am SO excited to be launching this collection.  It is truly a daily reminder that dreams DO come true.  They are scary, they take hard work, and sometimes you feel like you are jumping out of a plane – but the absolutely DO come true!

Happy Shopping and Stay Chic!

Photo Credit: Olivia Stevens I Olivia Stevens Photography I https://www.oliviastevens.co