#OOTD365: January 15 – January 21, 2018

By Erika, Fashion Expert

Another week of our #OOTD365 Challenge is in the books.  Are any of the YCS readers taking the challenge? If so, let me know so that I can follow you on IG and get inspired by your looks!

Some weeks, I feel like I really hit a fashion stride – as opposed to a slump – and this was one of those weeks.  I loved every outfit I have put together.  Here’s what I learned during week three.

  1. I’ve taken an unspoken challenge not to repeat outfits during #OOTD365.  This is, of course, not sustainable (because budgets); however, it’s been fun to push myself.  Let’s see how long I can keep the streak alive.
  2. I have a LOT of “old faithful” outfits. These are looks that I know will always look cool, pulled together and chic.  As a result of #1, I have found myself keeping them in my back pocket for a day when it’s really a struggle to get myself together.
  3. When I get dressed, I always think about the image I want to project that day. Like everyday, even on my most chill days, that still runs through my mind.  Down to how my hair is – if it’s in a ponytail, it’s intentional. I hadn’t realized how much actual thought I put into my looks until I was documenting them every day.  I’m trying not to put any more thought than I already to into my looks. That is a struggle.

And now, for the recap of last week’s looks!

Jan 15Jan 16Jan 17Jan 18Jan 19Jan 20Jan 21

(I think next week, I’ll have to pull photos from the computer, not my IG/Facebook. I didn’t realize quite how grainy they show up on the blog.  My bad!!!)



XOXO, Erika