5 Reasons to Register for “6 Weeks to a Fashionista” . . . and 1 Flash Sale

By Erika, Fashion Expert

If you’ve been keeping up with YCS, then you know that on February 15th we are launching our first YCS Academy Course, “6 Weeks to a Fashionista,” online!

I am so excited to launch this course and have been pouring over the content and developing a curriculum that will incredibly helpful for the students in the class.  More than a few people have asked me why they should sign-up for the class.  Here are 5 Reasons You Should Sign-Up for “6 Weeks to a Fashionista.”

OneYou Hate Shopping

I know it sounds counter intuitive to take a class all about unleashing your inner fashionista when you hate shopping; but hear me out.  Most women hate shopping because they spend hours trying on clothing that doesn’t fit or doesn’t look right on their body type.  The entire experience is frustrating and, if you have that frustrating experience enough times, you will come to hate shopping.  What if I told you that taking this course would teach you how to shop? By learning your body shape and understanding how to dress it, you will learn what clothes to shop for and what to leave on the racks.  What was once a painful experience can become painless simply by spending a few hours with me.

One copyYou’re Ready to Step Your Style Game Up

Maybe you’re stuck in a style rut.  Maybe you haven’t changed your look in the last several years.  Perhaps you’ve just gotten a new job or promotion and need to dress the part.  Or maybe you have lost some weight.  Are you re-entering the dating scene? Whatever your reasoning is, you are ready to step-up your style game.  This class will teach you the elements of great style and help you build a wardrobe of chic fundamentals to help catapult you to the next level of style.

ThreeYou Want to Be Stylish but Have No Idea Where to Start

A lot of us see celebrities, fashionistas, and stylish women in our every day lives.  We want to be like them, dress like them, and look like them; but, many of us don’t know where to begin.  This class will give you an excellent starting point. You will get help understanding your body shape, learning your color story, and discovering your signature style.  And, all along the way, I’ll give you tips and tricks – like “have a fashion uniform” – that will help you remain stylish on a consistent basis.

You Could Use a Confidence Boost four

It’s no secret that when you look good you feel good.  You do not need an entirely new wardrobe to look and feel your best.  By simply learning how to work with what you already own you can refresh your wardrobe and give your confidence a much needed boost.

FiveYou Want a Personal Stylist but You Have Commitment Issues

Hey, I get it! Hiring a personal stylist, wardrobe consultant or personal shopper is a big financial commitment. It can be scary and maybe you aren’t sure if it’s the right solution for you.  This class is a perfect way to get introduced to the idea of hiring a personal stylist or wardrobe consultant.  Beyond the videos and course materials, you will have access to the YCS team who will be there to answer your fashion and style questions.  This is a great place to start to see if engaging a stylist is the right answer for you.

What will I get with the class?

Over the course of six weeks I will personally take you through a step-by-step process designed help you discover and unleash your inner fashionista.  Each week a video lesson will walk you through each step of the journey to help you understand your body shape and color story, discover your personal style, and identify wardrobe fundamentals. You will also be provided with weekly guidebooks and workbooks to help you on your journey. All students will also have access to me via email and a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, share ideas, and experience the benefits of working with a personal stylist.


At the end of your six week journey you will be ready to reveal your inner fashionista for all the world to see!

Weekly Curriculum

Week ONE: Discovering and Understanding Your Body Type 

Week TWO: Discovering and Understanding Your Color Story 

Week THREE: Dressing Your Body Type and Understanding Proportion 

Week FOUR: Discovering Your signature Style 

Week FIVE: Closet and Wardrobe Fundamentals 

Week SIX: Hair, Make-Up, and Undergarments 


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XOXO, Erika