#OOTD365 Weekly Recap: February 5 – February 11, 2018

By Erika, Fashion Expert

I feel like all I have said for the last several weeks is “it’s been a week.”

Well, if you can believe it, it has probably never been more true than this week. I can’t get into details, so I’m going to jump straight to what the one thing learned this week. It’s something I already knew but was reminded of so clearly this week that it needs to be said.

So what did I learn this week?

My tribe matters. We’ve all heard this, we all know this, we all say this all the time. But truly, my tribe (and your tribe) matters. The people that you choose to surround yourself with are so important. This week, my tribe rose up and surrounded me with love and prayers and it was a reminder of how much the women in my tribe mean to me. And how, if I didn’t have the tribe I had, this week would have been even more difficult than it already was. Simply put, your tribe matters. . . .

And now, for last week’s looks:

XOXO, Erika

2 thoughts on “#OOTD365 Weekly Recap: February 5 – February 11, 2018

  1. Absolutely love your style, your consistency, and your spirit!! I love following you on Insta and seeing how you put things together. You are one incredible and inspirational woman!!!


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