#OOTD365 Weekly Recap: February 12 – February 18, 2018

By Erika, Fashion Expert

I’m a day late with this week’s Recap post! My sincerest apologies for that.  Truthfully, I took a trip to Wakanda (again!!) on Sunday night and by the time we got home the only thing I was going to do was crawl into bed!

Last week was loads of fun and really special for a lot of reasons.  In one week I celebrated Valentine’s Day (which, quite honestly, could be my least favorite holiday), made my way to Wakanda twice, and had a lovely, lovely Bridal Shower hosted by my mother.  It was a great week indeed!  Here’s what I learned from it:

  • The people who love you support you and the rest of the people don’t matter.
  • I am not obligated to be in relationship with people just because of their relationship to me.  What does that mean? Well, so often we feel (or other people make us feel) like we have to be in relationship – not romantic – with someone just because they are our family member/future family member/friend of a friend/etc. But it is my job to fiercely protect my space, my energy, my bubble, my mind, and my heart and this week I was reminded of that.  Regardless of other people’s opinions or how they think I should feel – I am in charge of how I feel. And I don’t have to allow people who suck the life, energy, or positivity out of me to be around me.
  • Sometimes, you hit a fashion stride.  That feels good.  And this week, I hit a little stride!

And now, for what I wore . . .

February 12February 13February 14February 15February 16img_0832

February 16 x 2February 17img_0831

February 18




XOXO, Erika

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