#OOTD365: The First 100(ish) Days

By Erika, Fashion Expert

It’s been about two months since I’ve posted on the blog.  If you follow YCS on Instagram, you have a little bit of insight into everything that has been going on.  If you don’t, have no fear, I’m going to be doing a 3-part blog series about the last 3 months and remaining “Chic Under Pressure” (I wrote it, so now I HAVE to finish it!).  I thought, however, as I get back to my regularly scheduled blogging program, that I’d do a recap of my #OOTD365 challenge so far.  We’ll talk about some of my favorite looks and why they are my favorite and I’ll also share, the top 3 lessons I’ve learned so far.

Top 10 Favorite Looks

Over the past 142 days, I’ve had a lot of looks, some I’ve loved and others, not so much.  Here’s a countdown of my favorite 10 looks so far.

#10 • February 21, 2018

I wear this look ALL the time.  It’s so easy to look polished and pulled together in a monochromatic look.  And navy is just a little bit unexpected when it comes to wearing one color from head to toe. Fashion tip: If you wear a nude colored shoe it will elongate your entire silhouette by drawing the eye out.  Pointy toes also have the same effect.

Blouse: Lane Bryant • Skirt: Eloquii • Necklace: Aldo • Shoes: BCBG

#9 • January 13, 2018

This poncho/sweater is just so comfy cozy! I snuggled up in this almost daily after work.  It’s easy and chic for those cold winter months!

Jan 13
Poncho + Necklace: Avenue • T-Shirt: Joe Fresh • Jeans: Dressbarn • Shoes: Melrose and Market

#8 • May 12, 2018

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this Sophie Theallet for Lane Bryant jumper.  It’s PJs but it’s also a CHIC AS EVER jumper that can be worn out. Honestly, very few things make you feel sexy while super comfortable.  This one is a winner!

May 12
Jumper: Sophie Theallet for Lane Bryant • Bag: Calvin Klein • Shoes: Kelly & Katie

#7 • February 26, 2018

This look is proof that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to look good.  This super cute lace dress is from Target.  Yep, that Target!  Bet you’d never know if I didn’t tell you.

Feb 26
Dress: Who What Wear for Target • Shoes: Jimmy Choo

#6 • May 20, 2018

Spring FINALLY sprung and I got a chance to break out one of my FAVORITE maxi dresses! The next time someone tells you that plus size women should stay away from prints, kindly point them in the direction as this dope look.  Please and thank you.

May 21
Dress: Mynt 1792 • Sunglasses: Eloquii

#5 • April 7, 2018

Island vibes? Yes please.  These elegant, high-waist pants are sure to be in heavy rotation this summer.  They are lightweight, breathable, and oh-so-classy! Even a t-shirt looks high-end when paired with them.

April 7
hirt: Sixteen Fourteen by YCS • Pants: Standards and Practices • Shoes: J. Crew

#4 • February 16, 2018

Wakanda Forever.  That is all.

February 16 x 2
Wrap: D’Iyanu • Turtleneck: Dressbarn • Skirt: Eloquii • Shoes: Manolo Blahnik

#3 • May 2, 2018

When one of my besties pulled this dress off the rack we KNEW it had me ALL OVER IT! I love everything about it – the unique print, the vintage neckline and sleeves and the tie-neck, my personal signature.  This one is a winner every time I wear it!

May 2
Dress + Sunglasses: Eloquii • Shoes: Old Navy

#2 • April 3, 2018

Whoever said plus size girls shouldn’t wear two pieces got it so, so wrong!! I love all of the body confidence that I see up and town my timeline and IG.  How fun was it to be a part of it and inspire women who look like me to own their curves and wear what they want!

April 3
Bathing Suit: Gabi Fresh for Swimsuits for All • Sunglasses: Armani

#1 • March 31, 2018

Is it any surprise to you that my favorite thing I have worn thus far has been my wedding dress? I LOVED my wedding dress and didn’t want to take it off.  I seriously contemplated sleeping in it!  I felt so beautiful and elegant and regal AF. I’m currently looking for 100 more reasons to wear it again and again!

March 31
Dress: David’s Bridal • Veil: Truly by Zac Posen • Earrings: J. Crew • Shoes: Badgley Mischka • Photo: Terri Baskin Photography

Top 3 Lessons Learned

One of my favorite things to share with you all each week are the lessons I have learned. Even though we aren’t quite half way through the year, I have LEARNED a lot.  I’ve tried really hard to keep many of the lessons close to my heart.  Here are top 3 that I’ve learned so far:

#3 • Do more of what makes you happy. By nature, I’m a people pleaser. It is exhausting. And you end up giving away much of yourself who people who do not deserve or appreciate it. For my 35th birthday, I promised myself that I would spend more time doing what makes me happy, being around those who make me happy, and focusing on pleasing God and myself. Life is WAY too short to be bending over backwards to please people who don’t matter and giving so much of yourself away that there is nothing left. Yes, I’m getting married this year, but be clear, this is the year of “me.”

#2 • Your tribe matters. I feel like I said this before but boy, oh boy, has my tribe showed up for me. I’m actually going to do a YCS Bride Guide post all about choosing your Bride Tribe and why they are so important to your mental health and emotional stability during the wedding planning process. My tribe (including my Bride Tribe and Goal Diggers family) has truly lifted me up and held me down over the last few weeks. And honestly, NONE of it had to do with the wedding. These women have prayed for me, with me, over me, spoken life to me and my fiancé, hyped me up, encouraged me, supported me, and pushed me when I thought I couldn’t go on. Who you surround yourself with matters. Who you let speak into your life matters. Who you allow to sow into you matters. Don’t feel bad about being selfish about your space and he energy you allow around you. It could truly be the difference between life and death!

#1 • Don’t let people try to force you into relationship with someone just because THEY’RE in relationship with that person. I am not obligated to be in relationship with people just because of their relationship to me.  What does that mean? Well, so often we feel (or other people make us feel) like we have to be in relationship – not romantic – with someone just because they are our family member/future family member/friend of a friend/etc. But it is my job to fiercely protect my space, my energy, my bubble, my mind, and my heart and this week I was reminded of that.  Regardless of other people’s opinions or how they think I should feel – I am in charge of how I feel. And I don’t have to allow people who suck the life, energy, or positivity out of me to be around me.

What’s Next?

Well, I’ll continue on this #OOTD365 journey.  Because the weather has FINALLY broken, you can expect LOTS more color in my daily wardrobe. And, I already told you about the “Chic Under Pressure” series I’ve been working on.  I’ve also got some new reviews coming up for you.  Some new tutorials.  And, I’m getting SERIOUS about fashion education – so except fashion mini-classes, workbooks, and courses to be a THING in the second half of 2018.  I’m also going to let the hubby dress me for a week this summer (that’s gonna be CRAZY) and should definitely expect to see some posts about the kids.

XOXO, Erika

All photos taken by me or my husband unless otherwise credited. 

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