BTS: Celebrating Life at Lane Bryant – Bowie Town Center

By Erika, Fashion Expert

Many of our readers may not know that YCS originally started out as an event planning company (along with fashion styling) with a focus on curating fashion-focused events like fashion shows, themed brunches, etc.  Though I got out of the event planning and production business, my love for events has never waned.  That’s why, I was so excited to partner with Lane Bryant – Bowie Town Center to produce an event celebrating life during Breast Cancer Awareness month!

Like so many people, breast cancer has affected my family and so many around me.  My mother and great aunt are both survivors and my aunt is currently battling her second bout with the disease.  She’s totally winning the fight, by the way. I have spent many years fundraising and donating to fight the disease and this event is the perfect marriage between my love of fashion AND my desire to eradicate breast cancer.

When I tell you we have so many awesome things planned for our guests on October 20 – that is NOT an exaggeration.  I thought it would be incredibly fun for me to give you guys some of the inside scoop on the big day and let you meet some of our awesome partners who will be participating. We have an incredible day scheduled complete with the latest curvy fashion, a private shopping event, photographer, make-up artist, and event a masseuse to pamper guests ALL DAY LONG!

Private Shopping + Personal Styling

Untitled design (4)From 9-10 am, we are hosting a private shopping event exclusively for breast cancer survivors and women who are courageously fighting the disease.  Guests will be treated to breakfast sponsored by my friends at 21 Squared and will receive exclusive, private access to the store and the latest F/W styles ahead of regular shopping hours.

At 10am, the general public is invited to shop our store.  We are offering personal styling appointments and bra fittings throughout the day.  It’s the perfect chance for our guests to be pampered and have a stylist help them pull together looks that are both fashion forward and figure flattering.  Of course, I’ll be doing some personal styling and shopping appointments – so hopefully you’ll come in and get to shop with me!

Selfie Station + Professional PhotographytopbottomLogo_small

Of course, I’ll also be hanging out at the selfie station and on social media duty ALL day! Our awesome friends at 21 Squared have sent us some fun goodies for our selfie station where guests can take pictures in the latest curvy fashions and share with all of their social media followers.

Untitled design (5)We are also incredibly excited to have professional photographer, A.E. Moore, Sr. join our event! That’s right ladies – you can shoot with our very own photographer and live the GLAM life – even if just for a day! Not only will he be capturing all of the fun at our event (your social timelines are about to be FLOODED); he’ll also be shooting our guests modeling the latest LB fashion.  A.E. has more than 20 years of photography experience and works to showcase the true essence of each event he photographs.  I am positive he will capture hope, joy, excitement and fun at our event!

Make-Up + Makeovers + Pampering

Untitled design (2)We have to make sure you’re camera ready! The incredibly talented Shari Tiandra will be giving mini makeovers to help unsure you are ready for the Fall season from head to toe! Shari Tiandra is a seasoned make-up artist and entertainment industry veteran – she is the REAL DEAL! Shari Tiandra’s goal is to bring beauty into the lives she enters.  Trust me, she’s going to bring beauty to everyone who meets her this Saturday! Like me Shari’s mother is a breast cancer survivor, so this event is near and dear to her heart.

Untitled design (3)And, as if food, make-up, and photography wasn’t already enough for our guests, we are also going to pamper the ladies who come to shop with us! All day long, we are offering our guests chair massages. Thomas Fluellyn has been a massage therapist since 2001 – so I’d definitely say we are going to be in good hands.  He retired from the Army in 2007 after serving 21 years.  I’d like to go on record and thank Thomas for his service – in the Army AND as a massage therapist.  I’m pretty sure you’ll find me in that chair a time or two as we move through the day!

Social Media

I’ll be sharing the fun via the YCS Instagram and Facebook pages – so make sure you’re following along! You can also follow Lane Bryant – Bowie Town Center on Instagram to see even more pictures from the day! You might even see a familiar face or two!  We

also, obviously, want you to follow the social media accounts of our sponsors and vendors, so take the next two minutes to click the links below and follow along.

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21 Squared:  Instagram  Facebook
Shari Tiandra:   Instagram  Facebook
Lane Bryant – Bowie Town Center:  Instagram
Your Chic is Showing: Instagram  Facebook

All week long, follow me as I show you guys how we prep for this event.  My car is currently filled with goodies from 21 Squared. And you know the shenanigans are SURE to go down as we set-up on Friday night for a fun filled Saturday! My InstaStories is where it’s all going to go down!


Guys, we are anticipating a huge turnout for this event.  As of last night (Tuesday) we had nearly 100 guests – YES, 100!!!! – confirmed for this event.  That isn’t to say there’s not room for more. There is! We just need you to register!  Plus, if you want to book a personal styling appointment, registering and selecting your time is the best way to do so! To register just visit  Yep, registering is really that simple.

I’m so excited about this event and can’t wait to see you all there!  Let me know if you’re coming!

Stay Chic,