5 Essentials for a Chic New Mom

By Erika, Fashion Expert

Being a new mom isn’t easy. Of course, I’d read that and people told me that. But nothing fully prepares you for just how true those words are until you have a newborn baby of your own. I, of course, totally believed that I would be killing the new mom game and would be prancing around like the chic celebrities we see on TV, in magazines and on Instagram (yeah, the ones with teams of people who help and support them). But alas, when James was born, I was NOT.

In fact, when my son was born it took me the amount of time we spent in the hospital to realize that it would be some time before I was as chic as I thought I would be. Mostly because I wanted to spend my free time getting extra ZZZs, finally taking a shower, or catching up on housework. I had to decide what items were essential for me, which of those I could find and elevate, from there, I came up with my “5 Essentials for Chic New Moms.”

Baby Wrap

I was told by numerous moms that I would need a baby wrap. But, if I’m being honest, I was skeptical if it would work on me as a plus sized mom. I was wrong – it works and I can’t live without my wrap! What got me over the hump? Well, research about which ones work for plus size Mommas. And an Instagram account called @plussizebabywearing, which features plus size mommas wearing their babies in a variety of ways with different baby wraps. We ended up going with a Boba Wrap, which I love. But there are a TON of various brands and styles for you to choose from. And, because I love my baby wrap so much, I am excited to say that we sell EGMAO Baby Wraps on The Chic Boutique.

Wrap: Boba

Stylish Leggings

OK, I’ll admit, I used to be squarely on team “leggings aren’t pants.” I also only owned one pair of sweatpants until I got married. Needless to say, I have changed my ways. As a new mom who wanted to look great but who is often short on time, still recovering from childbirth and learning to embrace her postpartum body, leggings became my best friend for a while. I figured I might as well embrace leggings and rock stylish ones on the daily. I already had a ton of cute workout leggings with cut-outs, patterns, and bright colors. But I also needed some that I could wear out – like to events or just dinner with my husband. So I invested in a couple of pairs – faux leather, moto, etc. I love them. And I’m not sure how I’m ever going to go back to work since I can’t wear leggings to the office every day.

Leggings: Popfit Clothing

Backpack Diaper Bag

There is no shortage of diaper bags on the market for parents these days. But trust me, a backpack diaper bag is the way to go. When you are wrangling a baby, their car seat or stroller, your purse, and potentially whatever other crap you inevitably have as a mom, the LAST thing you feel like dealing with is a shoulder bag. With a backpack diaper bag you can sling it right over your shoulders and have both hands free to maneuver the 50 million other things you’ll have your hands full with. We scored our bag on Amazon Prime Day but I honestly wish I had taken more time to pick it out. Ours is incredibly functional with tons of pouches and pockets (and even a phone charging port) – which you’ll need – however, they sell bags exactly like ours in all sorts of cute and fun patterns. Sure, grey is neutral and always in style, but how cute are these designs? No matter what you get, I’d definitely recommend a backpack diaper bag.

Baby Brezza One-Step Bottle Sterilizer Dryer

So no, you can’t wear this one, but OMG do you need it! You’re going to be washing more bottles, nipples, pump parts and binkies than you’ll know what to do with. And now, bottles come with extra little inserts to keep babies from having gas, colic and reflux. It’s a LOT. And sterilizing them the old fashioned way is time consuming and a pain. But this Baby Brezza One-Step Bottle Sterilizer Dryer is a life saver! You can sterilize and dry your bottles and pump parts all in one-step. Or, if your like me, use the dry-only function after each wash. And it fits various bottle brands, so whether you are using Avent, Dr. Brown’s, Parent’s Choice, or something else entirely, it will work! It’s such a time saver, which is all you want when you’re short on time!

Eye Masks

As a new mom you should just go ahead and embrace the fact that you are going to be tired. Like, really tired. Even if your baby sleeps (which, they probably won’t in the beginning) you will likely still be tired. In fact, I’m not sure I’ll ever not be tired again. And, while coffee and other caffeinated beverages help, they cannot keep you from LOOKING tired. Which is why, over the last 16 weeks, I have become a connoisseur of eye masks. I have tried them all. Like ALL of them. If you follow me on IG, then you already know that I am incredibly impressed with Le Gushe’s 24K Gold Under Eye Mask which helps with dark circles, wrinkles, and puffiness. I’m also pleased to say we sell our own 24K gold eye masks on The Chic Boutique as well. No matter where you buy your masks from, get some. Like a lot! You’ll thank me later.

Le Gushe’s 24K Gold Under Eye Mask

I’m sure that as I continue my journey as a new mom, I’ll have tons of other products to share with you guys. But for now, these should get you started. For my pregnant YCS family, do you guys want me to share my pregnancy essentials? Let me know!!

2 thoughts on “5 Essentials for a Chic New Mom

    1. The first several months after giving birth, function should definitely win over fashion. I would definitely encourage layers, as they’re an easy way to look polished, even if you are still wearing nursing bras or tanks. I was a huge fan of beautiful wraps, belted sweaters, and over-sized blazers. They all paired nicely with leggings and stretchy jeans I already owned and made it easy for me to cover myself when nursing. My biggest tip for saving money is to try to use what you’ve already got and try to splurge on what is necessary. If you can reuse things like your maternity tanks, leggings or pants during postpartum, go ahead! It’s so easy to dress them up in the fall and winter by layering. Spend money where it matters – on your nursing bras! I love my Kindred Bravely and Lane Bryant nursing bras and tanks. I would throw on a nursing tank with a pair of leggings (I wore LOTS of leggings with cutouts and other embellishments) and a leather jacket and look stylish while still having easy access for nursing. I hope that helps!

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