3 Tips to Look Pulled Together in a Pinch

I know we have been stuck at home for what feels like FOREVER and that likely we’re all wearing shorts, t-shirts, sweats and lounge wear 24/7 (I know it can’t just be me). But how many times have you been chillin’ in some ratty t-shirt or mix matched sweats and then gotten an email that said you were needed on a video call RIGHT NOW? This has happened to me more than a little bit during our Covid era. It’s hard enough for me to pull myself together when I have to figure out how to keep a baby quiet on the call and get my thoughts and notes together at the last minute. So I follow a few of these simple tips to keep myself looking camera ready.

  • Always have your clothes steamed or pressed. It’s not the most exciting style tip but it is one that will have you looking and feeling more put together. If you hate ironing, just keep a portable steamer in your bathroom like I do. It heats up in seconds and only takes a couple of minutes to get the wrinkles out of the clothes. Best of all, they’re small and compact. I simply hang mine on the bathroom door. Pro Hack: Your portable steamer can double as a facial steamer (just be careful)!
  • Keep a blazer or cardigan nearby. These pieces are easy to throw on over a tank top, t-shirt or sweats to look pulled together from the waist up. You’ll be business up top and still loungin’ on the bottom!
  • Keep a statement-making accessory or bold lip color nearby. Again, a quick, simply way to elevate any look while on video. Plus, it’ll make you standout in a sea of completely bored faces.

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