Working with YCS

Erika (founder of YCS) here and today I dropped by to explain exactly what its like to work with a personal stylist.

Hiring a personal stylist can feel really intimidating. When people think of a personal stylist, they often picture some crazy intense Hollywood type or someone who is going to drag them from high-end store to high-end store blowing up their budget and spending all of their money. Some people think personal stylists come into your home and throw out all of your clothing. Well, today is your lucky day because I am going to take some of the mystery out of personal styling by explaining EXACTLY what happens when you hire me to work with you.

Booking Your Appointment

You can book with Your Chic is Showing one of two ways. The first is directly via our website Our website allows you to schedule a complimentary Style Consultation so that I can learn more about your personal style needs and we can talk about how I can best help you. This is a great option if you know you need help but you don’t know exactly what that help should entail. Once we determine the best package for you, I will follow-up via email with an invoice.

You’ll also book any fashion education (workshops, masterclasses, etc.) directly from our website. Each course page has its own booking information and links for payment.

If you’re interested in one of YCS’ hourly services, you’ll book that via the GlamHive booking platform. Eventually, all of our services will be able to be scheduled and paid via GlamHive, but, for the time being, we are hosting our hourly services there. You’ll simply visit and then click “Book Now” on the top, right corner (it’s a big orange box, you can’t miss it!).

What to Expect

Client experiences will differ based on the services booked. After all, booking an On-Demand Masterclass is very different than booking a Closet Detox session. Keep reading to get an idea of what you can expect if you book a styling package with Your Chic is Showing.

After booking one of our services, each of our clients can expect an introductory session (approximately 90-minutes) where they will spend time with a YCS stylist discussing, in detail, their goals and objectives, lifestyle, and personal style. During that session we also take measurements, determine the body shape, and discuss color story. From there, we develop a detailed plan to best meet client needs which could include personal shopping, a closet detox, hair and make-up, and a host of other tools. All clients who purchase a full styling package also receive a customized Look Book.

If you book an educational program, you can still expect a pretty high-touch experience that includes emails, reminders, and, in some cases, private Facebook groups that allow unlimited access to me as your stylist.

How Much Will it Cost?

That questions really depends on what kind of services you are looking for and how you want to engage me. I have a lot of clients who need someone to guide them through a process, like Closet Detox, but who can do the work themselves. So, an eBook or Masterclass might be the best solution for them. Price for those range from $35-59, which is a relatively small investment for the value of the information that is shared.

Some people require more personalized help from me but are comfortable working in a small-group setting. In that case, I will sometimes put together small groups of people working on the same thing, like understanding their body type, so that they can have access to my services at a discounted rate. My small-group programs range from $99-$250, depending on the topic and the duration of the program. These are great options for people who want to try personal styling but may be intimidated by working one-on-one with me OR who want to focus on one area of personal style.

For those people who want to book individual personal styling services, again the prices can vary depending on what services are purchased and the duration of our relationship. Many of my clients start by booking a package with me (full service packages start at $500) and then book refreshes or check-ins a couple of times a year. I also take a small number of clients on retainer. These are my top priority clients who have full access to me and the suite of YCS services for a 6 or 12-month period.

If a full styling package is not what you need, you also have the option of booking one of my hourly services (which start at $65) or VIP On-Call services ($25).

Do you have more questions?

If you have more questions about working with Your Chic is Showing, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page, drop your questions in the comments below, or simply email me. I LOVE getting emails and I am happy to answer any and all questions you have about working with a personal stylist.