3 Easy Ways to Transition Your Wardrobe This Fall

Any of my clients will tell you that I encourage them to have ALL of their clothes in the closet at ALL times. I know, you’re probably looking at me like “WHAT?!?!?!?!?” But yes, it’s true. If your closet and space allows for it, I’m a huge proponent of keeping your fall, winter, spring, and summer clothing in the closet at all times.

Why? Well, it’s for a few reasons. First, it keeps you from buying the same items over and over. Because, you tend to re-buy what you can’t see. Second, it ensures that you have a cohesive wardrobe that works together. That’s because, when you shop, you want to make sure you can wear an item with three things you already own or three different ways. How do you know what you can pair new items with if you can’t see everything in your closet? Third, it makes transitioning your wardrobe between seasons so much easier. How many times has it been freezing cold one day and hot the next? When you switch over your entire wardrobe, you’re stuck wearing sweaters in 70 degrees or linen in 50 degrees.

It’s the last point that I want to focus on in this post — a few simple tricks to transition your wardrobe for Fall. The key to transitioning between any of the seasons is having access to all of your clothing so that you can strategically pair items together as the weather goes from warm to cold or cold to warm.

1. Add a Jacket

I believe that everyone should have a jean jacket, leather jacket, or both in their closet. Jean and leather jackets are EASY, EASY, EASY layering pieces that are versatile and work in a variety of situations. By simply pairing a jean jacket with a summer dress, I can easily get a few more wears out of it during the fall. Same goes for transitioning from winter back to spring. Throw a leather jacket on with a light sweater and jeans for a cute, transitional look.

Dress: City Chic I Shoes: Kelly & Katie (here)
Jacket: Lane Bryant (similar here) I Bag: Calvin Klein I Earrings: A.D.S. ClayArt (website)
2. Wear Spring and Summer Silhouettes in Fall or Winter materials

Another easy way to transition while the weather is still warm is to rock warm weather silhouettes in cool weather fabrics. Think a faux leather or crochet tank top or a pair of suede shorts (which look GREAT with tights when the weather is actually cold). The fabrics call to cooler weather but the silhouette still makes them appropriate for warmer temps.

Top: Universal Standard (here) I Jeans: Lane Bryant (here) I Shoes: Nine West (similar here)
Jacket: Custom x A Dash of Chic (here)
3. Pair Distinctly Seasonal Items Together

It’s perfectly OK to pair distinctly summer items with distinctly winter items as the seasons transition. In my example, I pair a poplin (lightweight, breathable material) top with a pair of leather leggings and a wool hat. During the summer, I might pair this top with light wash jeans or a pair of shorts and finishing the look with sandals and the white tie-belt that came with the shirt. By trading my summer gear for faux leather leggings, a wool hat, ankle booties, and a leopard-print belt, my summer stable suddenly becomes wearable all year around.

Blouse + Leggings + Belt: Lane Bryant (here and here, leggings unavailable) I Hat: Ba&sh (here) I Ankle Booties: Kenneth Cole Reaction (similar here)

Today, you guys have some homework. Go through your summer wardrobe and pull three pieces that you can still wear during the Fall and Winter. Let me know what you choose in the comments below!