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Make Jewelry Shopping a Breeze with a Subscription to The Pivot Club

For the last nine months I have been a member of The Pivot Club, a jewelry subscription service that caters to busy, professional women who love accessories but don’t have much time to shop. To put it simply, this has been a LIFESAVER for me! The Pivot Club curates four pieces of jewelry based on your tastes, lifestyle and budget and ships a personalized jewelry box each month. Customers can choose to receive boxes either monthly for $15/month or quarterly for $15quarter after the 3-month trial. Women can buy the jewelry they love from their box using the $15 fee as a credit toward purchases, and return the rest using a prepaid mailer.

The Pivot Club helps me stay on trend and makes jewelry shopping a total breeze for me. Seriously, what’s better than trying on jewelry and shopping from the luxury of my own living room or bedroom?! I’ll tell you what . . . nothing! Except when I add a glass of wine with it! I truly enjoy the luxury of having jewelry curated for my personal style delivered straight to my door each month.

For a limited time, The Pivot Club is offering YCS readers a FREE 3-month trial AND $25 off your first order! Yup, you read that exactly right!!!! THREE FREE MONTHS + $25 OFF with the code CHIC25OFF.

Pretty cool, right?
Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Take your style quiz on The Pivot Club website.

Step 2:  Sign up for our subscription and receive a free 3-month trial and $25 off your first order using promo code: CHIC25OFF (valid through December 14, 2020). 

Step 3: The Pivot Club will curate and refine your jewelry based on your style profile and your ongoing feedback.

Step 4: You receive your box and can buy the pieces you love. Then, you send the other pieces back within 4 days using the prepaid mailer. After the 3-month trial period, it’s $15 monthly or quarterly and the fee can be used as a credit toward purchases from your box.

I mean, could it be any easier?

Earrings, ring and necklace all from The Pivot Club jewelry subscription service.

As I mentioned, I’ve been a member of The Pivot Club for almost a year and I have loved my subscription service. There are so many benefits to membership, including:

  • Discovering new, unique jewelry that’s nickel and lead free
  • Wearing jewelry is sourced from high-quality brands or fair trade partners
  • The ability to switch up my look and save time on shopping
  • My monthly $15 fee can be used as a credit toward purchases
  • There is 60-day money back guarantee on all jewelry (which I have NEVER had to use)
  • I can cancel service at any time (which won’t be happening)

Ready to take advantage of your free trial AND get $25 off your first order? Click the button below and use the code CHIC25OFF to get your discount. 

No really, what are you waiting for?

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