Brand Spotlight: Like Kamala

See Yourself in Your Icons.

I’m super excited to share today’s blog post with you!

“Why,” you ask?

Because it features my newest baby and business venture, “…like Kamala” (!!!!!!

In early November 2020, I partnered with a fellow Howard Bison to found “…like Kamala” in response to the historic nomination and election of Sen. Kamala Harris to Vice President of the United States of America. I don’t know about you, but seeing Sen. Harris’ nomination and win meant so much to me as a Black woman, a Howard Bison, and a Bonus Mom. I could see so much of myself in her. Even at the age of 37, Kamala Harris, my Bison sister, is a reminder that I can still do and be anything. She brings out the magic in me. That feeling and that sentiment was shared by so many men, women, and children — of all backgrounds. So many of us see ourselves in Sen. Harris and that is what made her nomination and election so meaningful. It was a feeling, a moment, and a movement that we wanted to capture with our t-shirt line.

So, my Bison sister and I got together and launched “…like Kamala” a t-shirt collection designed to inspire pride, boldness, and confidence in all who wear our apparel. The “…like Kamala” collection not only celebrates fellow Bison Kamala Harris, but also celebrates icons across the globe and reminds everyone who wears the brand to see themselves in their icons. 

Our first collection celebrates Kamala Harris but we are already actively working on our next collections to celebrate more heroes in the Black, Latinx, Asian, and LGBTQ+ communities. 

Of course, the launch of our business is even more exciting with Inauguration just around the corner on January 20. In a perfect, non-Covid world I would be there in my “…like Kamala” gear watching the first Black, Indian, HBCU Graduate and WOMAN be sworn into office as the Vice President of the United States of America. But, since Covid won’t let me (or anybody else) be great, I’ll be watching from the comfort of my own home, proudly wearing my t-shirt and probably crying off my lashes.

Do you want your own t-shirt to celebrate Kamala Harris? Visit and grab yours today. We have a number of different styles, including our Limited Edition Inauguration Collection “History Maker, like Kamala.” We are size inclusive and proud to offer unisex and children’s t-shirts. Oh, and did I mention that shipping is ALWAYS free? Yeah, I got your back!

You can also keep up with “…like Kamala” on our Instagram ( and Facebook ( pages.

Let me know which shirt your ordered and how you’re going to rock it!

Stay Chic!