Staying Zoom Ready with Jewelry from The Pivot Club

It’s February 2021 and many of us are still working from home for the foreseeable future. I don’t know about you but I basically live my life on Zoom at this point. I even have Zoom lunches and coffee dates with my work faves and besties. And, of course, 100% of my styling business is virtual right now which means even more camera time.

If you’re anything like me, you want to look and feel pulled together each day for the planned (and unplanned 🙄🙄) video calls. Great jewelry is one way that you can be Zoom ready at all times; and, I’ve pulled some of my favorite pieces from The Pivot Club ( to give you some tips to stay ready for your close-up.

Make a Statement

Having a statement piece of jewelry is one way to boost confidence and look fabulous during your video calls. I’m pretty obsessed with this Mod Door Knocker Necklace from Zenzii. It’s a long, pendant necklace that’s simple and elegant but always starts a conversation whenever I wear it. You can also pull it up and style it to be a little shorter length (simply tuck the chain in the back of your top like I did). It perfectly compliments a v-neck blouse and pairs beautifully with simple pearl earrings. This necklace stands out in the best way possible.

Unexpectedly Switch it Up

One of my favorite things to do is wear jewelry and accessories in new ways. I often wear a brooch with my tie-neck blouses but decide to add a different twist to an amazing tie-neck dress I snagged a little while back. I used my Bawa Hope Square Ring as a delicate accent around the tie-neck and paired it with my Bawa Hope Intersect Earrings (which I wear at least twice a week). Everybody always asks me where I got the brooch and it’s always fun to blow their minds when I explain I simply repurposed my ring. Think about ways you can switch up your jewelry — like wearing mix-matched earrings or stacking a bunch of rings on a chain to make a cool necklace — to keep things interesting on Zoom . . . or Skype . . . or Hangouts . . . or wherever!

Stick with a Classic

When in doubt, stick with a jewelry classic — hoop earrings. The “fly girl” staples have gotten a major upgrade in recent years and now you can find them in classic styles or more modern shapes like squares and hexagons. My Alid Square Hoop earrings by Betty Carre are also in heavy Zoom rotation. I love these particular hoops because of the fashion-forward take on classic hoops. Plus, they’re incredibly light weight! Classic hoop earrings look fantastic with a simple top — like a turtleneck — or blouse. They’re definitely strong enough to stand out on video.

All of the jewelry featured in this blog post is from The Pivot Club ( a jewelry subscription service that caters to busy, professional women who love accessories but don’t have much time to shop. Visit their website to learn more about this service and become a member.