BTS: Celebrating Life at Lane Bryant – Bowie Town Center

By Erika, Fashion Expert

Many of our readers may not know that YCS originally started out as an event planning company (along with fashion styling) with a focus on curating fashion-focused events like fashion shows, themed brunches, etc.  Though I got out of the event planning and production business, my love for events has never waned.  That’s why, I was so excited to partner with Lane Bryant – Bowie Town Center to produce an event celebrating life during Breast Cancer Awareness month!

Like so many people, breast cancer has affected my family and so many around me.  My mother and great aunt are both survivors and my aunt is currently battling her second bout with the disease.  She’s totally winning the fight, by the way. I have spent many years fundraising and donating to fight the disease and this event is the perfect marriage between my love of fashion AND my desire to eradicate breast cancer.

When I tell you we have so many awesome things planned for our guests on October 20 – that is NOT an exaggeration.  I thought it would be incredibly fun for me to give you guys some of the inside scoop on the big day and let you meet some of our awesome partners who will be participating. We have an incredible day scheduled complete with the latest curvy fashion, a private shopping event, photographer, make-up artist, and event a masseuse to pamper guests ALL DAY LONG!

Private Shopping + Personal Styling

Untitled design (4)From 9-10 am, we are hosting a private shopping event exclusively for breast cancer survivors and women who are courageously fighting the disease.  Guests will be treated to breakfast sponsored by my friends at 21 Squared and will receive exclusive, private access to the store and the latest F/W styles ahead of regular shopping hours.

At 10am, the general public is invited to shop our store.  We are offering personal styling appointments and bra fittings throughout the day.  It’s the perfect chance for our guests to be pampered and have a stylist help them pull together looks that are both fashion forward and figure flattering.  Of course, I’ll be doing some personal styling and shopping appointments – so hopefully you’ll come in and get to shop with me!

Selfie Station + Professional PhotographytopbottomLogo_small

Of course, I’ll also be hanging out at the selfie station and on social media duty ALL day! Our awesome friends at 21 Squared have sent us some fun goodies for our selfie station where guests can take pictures in the latest curvy fashions and share with all of their social media followers.

Untitled design (5)We are also incredibly excited to have professional photographer, A.E. Moore, Sr. join our event! That’s right ladies – you can shoot with our very own photographer and live the GLAM life – even if just for a day! Not only will he be capturing all of the fun at our event (your social timelines are about to be FLOODED); he’ll also be shooting our guests modeling the latest LB fashion.  A.E. has more than 20 years of photography experience and works to showcase the true essence of each event he photographs.  I am positive he will capture hope, joy, excitement and fun at our event!

Make-Up + Makeovers + Pampering

Untitled design (2)We have to make sure you’re camera ready! The incredibly talented Shari Tiandra will be giving mini makeovers to help unsure you are ready for the Fall season from head to toe! Shari Tiandra is a seasoned make-up artist and entertainment industry veteran – she is the REAL DEAL! Shari Tiandra’s goal is to bring beauty into the lives she enters.  Trust me, she’s going to bring beauty to everyone who meets her this Saturday! Like me Shari’s mother is a breast cancer survivor, so this event is near and dear to her heart.

Untitled design (3)And, as if food, make-up, and photography wasn’t already enough for our guests, we are also going to pamper the ladies who come to shop with us! All day long, we are offering our guests chair massages. Thomas Fluellyn has been a massage therapist since 2001 – so I’d definitely say we are going to be in good hands.  He retired from the Army in 2007 after serving 21 years.  I’d like to go on record and thank Thomas for his service – in the Army AND as a massage therapist.  I’m pretty sure you’ll find me in that chair a time or two as we move through the day!

Social Media

I’ll be sharing the fun via the YCS Instagram and Facebook pages – so make sure you’re following along! You can also follow Lane Bryant – Bowie Town Center on Instagram to see even more pictures from the day! You might even see a familiar face or two!  We

also, obviously, want you to follow the social media accounts of our sponsors and vendors, so take the next two minutes to click the links below and follow along.

Untitled design (1)

21 Squared:  Instagram  Facebook
Shari Tiandra:   Instagram  Facebook
Lane Bryant – Bowie Town Center:  Instagram
Your Chic is Showing: Instagram  Facebook

All week long, follow me as I show you guys how we prep for this event.  My car is currently filled with goodies from 21 Squared. And you know the shenanigans are SURE to go down as we set-up on Friday night for a fun filled Saturday! My InstaStories is where it’s all going to go down!


Guys, we are anticipating a huge turnout for this event.  As of last night (Tuesday) we had nearly 100 guests – YES, 100!!!! – confirmed for this event.  That isn’t to say there’s not room for more. There is! We just need you to register!  Plus, if you want to book a personal styling appointment, registering and selecting your time is the best way to do so! To register just visit  Yep, registering is really that simple.

I’m so excited about this event and can’t wait to see you all there!  Let me know if you’re coming!

Stay Chic,

21 Squared: The Curvy Fashion App

By Erika, Fashion Expert

Ever seen a woman wearing something you loved and wished you could buy it right then and there? Ever wanted to purchase something you see without having to sort through all the merchandise in a store or search through pages of items online? Ever wanted to get an idea how something would look on your body before you took the plunge to purchase it? Ever been in a style rut and just been looking for some style inspiration as a curvy girl?

Let me introduce you to the app for you – 21 Squared: The Curvy Fashion App

Untitled design

I have been using this app for a while and I have to tell you guys – I LOVE it! 21 Squared is an incredibly easy app that lets you find outfits, read real reviews on clothing, and shop with ease.  Honestly, it’s as simple as that!

There are three main components to the app: outfit inspiration and matchmaking, shopping, and reviews.

Outfit Inspo and Matchmaking

21 Squared users can explore fashion and outfits from other users in the community.  You can sort outfits based on factors like people who match your body type or items that are available for purchase right now.  That’s right, if you’re  5’6” and a size 20, you can pull up looks from users who have a similar body type as you.  The more data points you put in (measurements, weight, etc.) the more precise your results will get. How nice is it to see how that J.Crew top will look on you before you buy it!?


21 Squared allows its users to shop the outfits posted by users directly from the app.  That’s right, with the simple tap of a finger you can be linked directly to the jacket, top, jeans or shoes that you love! There are over 5 million products available through the app.  Additionally, there is a “SALE” tab that features the hottest items and latest sales from dozens of retailers.  Shopping from multiple retailers from one place has never been so easy. Some of 21 Squared’s retail partners include some of my favorite brands and stores like Lane Bryant, Eloquii, Nordstrom, and Mod Cloth – just to name a few!

21 Squared - Shop

The app also makes it incredibly easy for users to link followers to their clothing items as well.  If you have your tags you can scan the bar code directly into the app! You can also use a web browser and post a direct link for any items featured.  It’s insanely simple and very intuitive and user-friendly. Below, I’ll walk though through exactly how you can upload your looks. 


The reviews are one of my favorite features from this app.  How many times have you shopped without any clue if a dress runs true-to-size or if you need to size up or size down? Ever wanted to know if the material of your shirt is super cheap or super luxe? The review on the 21 Squared App allows users to share exactly that type of information.  Does an item run large or small? Have a ton of stretch or none at all? Users can share these tips with shoppers so that you know what you’re getting into before you buy it!

21 Squared - Reviews


Using the 21 Squared app is incredibly easy too. If you can use Instagram then you can use the 21 Squared app. I’ve taken a few screenshots just to show you how simple the process really is.

21 Squared - Step 1

21 Squared - Step 2

21 Squared - Step 3A

21 Squared - Step 3B

21 Squared - Step 4

21 Squared - Final

21 Squared is available for both Apple and Android products.  All you have to do is visit your respective App store and download the app for free! 

Be sure to follow me on the app at @erikamcdaniel (yep, that’s my maiden name) and let me know in the comments or via social media that you’re on the app.

I can’t WAIT to hear your thoughts!

Stay Chic,

Introducing: Epic Chic Collection x XVI I XIV by YCS

By Erika, Fashion Expert

As you all know, YCS has been working on a TON of new stuff for you guys!  Beyond new content (are you enjoying the YCS Bride Guide?), I’ve been working behind the scenes on some exciting projects.  One of those projects officially launches today . . . the Epic Chic Collection x XVI I XIV by YCS!


If you know anything about me then you know I LOVE a good t-shirt! Remember, I even did an entire series on how to wear white t-shirts back when YCS first started?! Seriously, a comfy t-shirt is one of my favorite things in life!! I’d always wanted a t-shirt collection to be a part of what YCS and xvi I xiv offered and now that is a reality!  I’m so excited to start selling our “Epic Chic” Collection brought to you by xvi I xiv.


The Epic Chic Collection is an affordable line of  casual t-shirts, sweatshirts, and accessories.  With fun sayings like “Chic Happens” and “Do Epic Chic” you can let your style do all of the talking for you!  We’re kicking off the collection with five slogans to pick from – so there is definitely something for everyone in this collection! And, everything is priced between $15 and $34 – that’s it! Beyond adding these cute items to your own wardrobe, they make great gifts for the upcoming holiday season.

To order your favorite items from the Epic Chic Collection, simply click below:


Items are produced and shipped every three – yep, three – days, so you’ll have your goods in no time!

And, because I love you guys so much, I’ve styled a few of MY favorite pieces from the collection to start giving you ideas.  I can’t WAIT to see how you rock yours!

Black. Educated. And Chic.

This shirt is, by far, my favorite in the collection.  Anyone who sees you will know what you’re all about! The world is at your fingertips, Sis!

EPIC CHIC COLLECTION: Black. Educated. And Chic.


Not My Best Day

We ALL have bad days.  This shirt is a reminder that we are all human and that some days will be better than others.  Just because it isn’t your best day that doesn’t mean you can’t still look cool.

Epic Chic Collection: Not My Best Day

Chic Happens

Chic happens – especially when you’re around.  Remind everyone that chic is happening wherever you are.


So who is going to be the first to order from the Epic Chic Collection and tag us on IG so we can see how you styled it?  You know that, of course, I’ll be shooting in several of these looks for you all.  If I wasn’t packing to move, I’d be playing dress up as we speak!

Can’t wait to see how you’re going to show your chic in our collection!


xvi I xiv by YCS Capsule Collection Launches

By Erika, Fashion Expert

I know, it’s been quiet around YCS for the past couple of weeks.  But that is only because we have some EXCITING ventures that we have been working on.  In addition to officially partnering with one of my closest friends to officially launch “Come Shop My Closet” (more on that later this week), WE ARE LAUNCHING A CAPSULE CLOTHING COLLECTION!!

Erika and J'Mel

For quite some time I have wanted to launch a clothing line and this year I finally decided to dive in head first!  At times I felt completely overwhelmed, like a crazy lady, or worried that it wasn’t a good idea.  But, after all of that, the xvi I xiv (pronounced “sixteen fourteen”) capsule collection is here! Well, it’s here:

I decided to start this endeavor with a capsule collection.  One signature t-shirt, inspired by my friend Candice, and one signature dress (that can be built with 30 different combinations), named after my incredibly sweet niece Imani.  I figured that getting my toes wet with only a couple of pieces would be a good way to launch.  But from here, xvi I xiv already has a Collegiate collection in the works for Homecoming season and a fall/winter 2017 collection underway!

There are a couple of things that make this collection unique.  First, whether you are straight or plus sized, clothing styles are the same.  In many stores, once you cross over to the plus size section designs, fabrics, and clothing is, at best, unflattering, and, at worst, downright ugly.  It is important to me that no matter what your size is, you can wear our clothing.  Each piece runs from size 6 – 24.  If, however, you find yourself outside of that threshold, for most pieces, you will have the option of ordering them customized to your specific measurements.  (The only exception is some of our t-shirts.  But you should note that I am working on finding vendors that offer shirts in sizes XXS – 4 or 5X).  Also, you will not pay more money for being plus sized.  Everybody’s items cost the same.


Second, our items are “buildable.” So, even though we are starting with one t-shirt and one dress, depending on how you build your items you can come up 24 variations of our “Candice” signature t-shirt and 30 variations of our “Imani” dress.  When you check out, you’ll be prompted to select the options you want for your clothing.  So, essentially, every piece you purchase is customized and created specifically for you.  Follow the link to learn more about How it Works.

There is one other thing that you should know.  By virtue of this being a capsule collection, quantities are limited!  Some items we will keep in stock; however, other items are created based on fabric availability and quantities which means that once they are gone, they are gone.  Do not delay in placing your order because you do NOT want to miss you!  You can shop the entire collection here: XVI I XIV.

All week long we will be celebrating our virtual launch party and, as a special treat, I have a couple of discount codes for you!

  • Use the code “CANDICE” to get $10 off the purchase of our signature t-shirt.
  • Use the code “IMANI” to get $20 off your Imani dress purchase.
  • Free shipping (code: FREESHIP is automatically applied) is available on all orders over $149.

*Remember, because every item is custom produced, it will take 3-4 weeks for your customized piece to arrive.

I am SO excited to be launching this collection.  It is truly a daily reminder that dreams DO come true.  They are scary, they take hard work, and sometimes you feel like you are jumping out of a plane – but the absolutely DO come true!

Happy Shopping and Stay Chic!

Photo Credit: Olivia Stevens I Olivia Stevens Photography I

You're Invited: An Exclusive Shopping Event

By Erika, Fashion Expert


Good Morning YCS Family!  I am so excited to announce that my dear friend JaKela and I are co-hosting an exclusive “Shop My Closet” event especially for all of the curvy cuties out there!  We are taking “thrifting” to the next level with this exclusive shopping event.

Here’s the deal:

JaKela and I both have closets full of never-worn and barely-worn clothes (size 12-24W), shoes (size 7.5 – 11) and accessories (jewelry, bags and scarves).  We’re not talking junk, we are talking quality items from stores and designers like Badgley Mischka, J.Crew, Calvin Klein, Jones New York, Eloquii, Lane Bryant (and that’s all just MY closet), etc.  The items are in excellent condition and deserve to live in a home where they will be loved, cared for, and worn until they fall apart.  That’s not going to happen in either of our houses. We believe it is only right to invite our friends, family, loyal YCS readers, and Philly fashionistas come and shop our closet for fabulous items at can’t beat prices!

Here’s how it works:

JaKela and I have secured a private location to host this exclusive shopping event.  Our guests will join us from 12 noon – 3 pm for sips, snacks, and, most importantly, shopping.  There will be plenty of room for you to try on items and build an entire look.  I’ll be there to give you styling tips and advice and answer any questions that you might have.  And, once you have finished shopping you can feel free to lounge around and chat it up with me, JaKela and the other ladies.  Your exclusive shopping experience will give you access to great clothing, great prices, fashion expertise and styling advice.  There may even be a special announcement or two at the event! This is your chance to shop like the superstar we all know that you are!

Any clothing that is not sold will be donated to the Wardrobe Boutique.

Event Deets:

Erika M. (Your Chic is Showing) & JaKela P.

Saturday March 18, 2017

12 noon – 3 pm

Philadelphia, PA (RSVP for event location)

RSVP Deadline:
March 11, 2017

About the Clothing:
ALL sizes are welcome at our event.

The clothing that is available for sale is for women sizes 12-24W.  Because we’re curvy girls our clothes are best suited for curvy girls.  But, that doesn’t mean we don’t want our straight sized sisters to miss out!  There will be plenty of shoes, jewelry, bags and other accessories that are perfect for ANYBODY!

RSVP Deets:

Because this is an exclusive shopping event and want to make sure our guests have a fabulous experience, everyone must RSVP for the event.  Upon your RSVP, we will provide you with the location of the event.

You can RSVP two ways: by e-mailing or completing the RSVP form below.

Remember, the ONLY way to find out where the event will be is to RSVP by March 11, 2017!

We look forward to hosting you at our exclusive shopping event and can’t wait to see you there!

Stay Chic,

"Shop YCS" Closet Sale Starts Today!

By Erika, Fashion Expert

Ladies and, well, Ladies (for now), the time has come for me to launch my “Shop YCS Closet” sale!  It is definitely time for me to rid my closet of new or rarely used items and I can’t think of a better way to do it than by offering the items up to the readers and friends of YCS.  Below you can get all of the details about how the closet sale works.  But remember, sales will only be made from the Shop YCS Instagram account (@shopYCS); therefore, if you aren’t following the account you should go do that right, right now!

About the Clothes, Shoes, and Accessories

Every item sold via the “Shop YCS” closet sale is either brand new with tags (BNWT), brand new without tags, or very gently used (worn/used less than five (5) times).  I would not want anyone selling me a bunch of junk from their closet, so I will NOT do that to you guys!  A lot of these items have been worn for a blog shoot and nothing else.  Or, I purchased them and simply never wore them.  The items range from fast fashion (think H&M, Zara), to discount fashion (think Massimo for Target), to specialty plus-size clothing (think Ashley Stewart, Lane Bryant), to designer items (think Calvin Klein, Michael Kors).  Clothing sizes include both straight sizes and plus sizes and shoe sizes range from 7.5 – 9, depending on the brand.

ALL clothing is freshly laundered and/or dry cleaned.

The Rules

1. Sales will only be made from the @ShopYCS Instagram account and Poshmark (@ycserika).  These are the best places to post your questions about any of the items for sale and place bids for any auction items.  Do NOT leave any questions or comments here on the blog – they will not be answered.

2. All sales are final.  Prior to purchase, if you are interested in other angles/shots, I will be happy to provide them.

3. $5 flat rate shipping for clothing, accessories, and small handbags.  $7 flat rate shipping for shoes and medium/large handbags. Shipping discounts for bundled purchases ($2 per additional item).  US shipping ONLY.  

4. For sale items, the first person to comment on a photo gets the item.  Invoices must be paid within 24 hours of receipt.  If not paid, item will go to the next commenter.

5. Items for auction will be posted on Monday by 9am and close Wednesday at 6pm.  Highest bidder will win the auction item.  Invoices must be paid within 24 hours of receipt.  If not paid, item will go to the next highest bidder.  Auction items listed on poshmark are sold at the “buy now” price.

6. Payment will be accepted via PayPal and Venmo ONLY.  Upon confirmation of sale, please leave a comment with your PayPal email address or Venmo contact information.

7. Items will ship every Friday and Saturday.  I will provide tracking information to purchasers for all orders.

8. I will only post 5-6 items/week.  This is for two reasons, 1) I do not want to overwhelm purchasers and 2) I do not want to overwhelm myself.  You’ll have to check back each Monday to see what new items are up for sale.

I hope you will check out the closet sale via the @ShopYCS Instagram account.  There are going to be a lot of great items for sale!  Remember, if you have any questions, comment on the account. Happy shopping!!