Conversations: Avier W., Shop Avier

By Erika, Fashion Expert

I am so very excited to share my interview with the owner of Shop Avier in today’s blog post.  YCS has always been excited about and committed to showcasing small businesses and Black-owned businesses.  But today’s interview is extra special.  Not only is Avier a friend of mine, a BOSS, and fellow entrepreneur – she is also a Howard Bison just like me!


MAN Sunglasses x Shop Avier

If you’ve checked the YCS Instagram or Facebook, you’ll see me rocking sunnies from the Shop Avier collection.  What you don’t know, is that Avier provides, on top of fabulous sunglasses, a stellar client experience.  When I first hit Avier up about ordering a pair of sunglasses for myself, I asked her to show me the styles that would fit my face shape.  She shared a number of shades that wee outside of my comfort zone aesthetically.  I wasn’t sure but decided to trust the expert and order a pair.  Boy was she spot on!  She nailed picking out glasses that were flattering for my face, fit in with my personal style aesthetic AND managed to push me outside of my comfort zone.  After that, I was hooked and Shop Avier is my first stop for ordering sunglasses (I’m averaging a new pair every 3-ish weeks).  The thing I appreciated was that Avier holds true to her motto to deliver the “ultimate sunglass experience.” The service is stellar, the shipping is fast, and the prices are reasonable. Seriously, check out the website for yourself:


Eye Spy Sunglasses x Shop Avier


Eye Spy Sunglasses x Shop Avier

Without further adieu, here is the YCS interview with Avier Whitfield, owner of Shop Avier!

Q: Can you tell the readers who you are and what your business is?

Howdy y’all (yes, I’m from the great state of Texas, lol); I am Avier Whitfield, owner of Shop Avier, your fashion forward, affordable, Black-owned sunglasses online boutique. The goal  is to create “euphoria” when you shop my store. We will also begin consultations in another month. It is truly, your “ultimate sunglass experience!”

Q: What made you passionate about sunglasses/eyewear and providing your clients with the “Ultimate Sunglasses Experience?” What inspired you to go into business for yourself?

I’ve always had a passion for fashion. ALWAYS. I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease when I was 17 years old. I knew that my health was in jeopardy. I was always sick. It always took over my life. A few years after graduating from THE HOWARD UNIVERSITY, I got accepted into the Fashion Institute of Technology, but couldn’t graduate because I was in need of a transplant.

After I received my transplant (waiting on the list for 11 years), I could never keep a job. I’ve always worked part time because I would always struggle with my health. I prayed for many years asking God to help me pursue my passion and the desires of my heart. I woke up one morning and checked my past orders for sunglasses and when I tell you, THE AMOUNT OF MONEY I SPENT ON SUNGLASSES WAS UNREAL. I thought, “I should open a sunglass business because I fervor sunglasses and I would still be working in the fashion industry.”

My son, Logan, helped [motivated me to go] into business for myself. I just knew I wouldn’t be alive to leave anything here on earth for him. I suffered a miscarriage this year and I was told that I had a week to live because my organs were failing. My job was on the verge of firing me due to my disability, I would be hospitalized for weeks. God said to me “Avier, the time is NOW! Get up and start your business, don’t worry about resources, a website, business cards, or nothing. I will supply all of your needs.” August 31, 2018, Shop Avier was born.

Q: When and where did you get started in fashion?

My mom loves fashion, so I would say it started with her. Growing up I waited for the mail man to deliver my mom’s Essence, InStyle, and Vogue magazines. I always played dress up. I watched New York Fashion week every September and February. I followed fashion icons such as Karl Lagerfield, June Ambrose, and Racheal Zoe, just to name a few.

Q: What does fashion mean to you?

Hmmm. It’s an expression. It’s however I feel when I wake up. It’s pairing a pair of sweats with some YSL or Jimmy Chu pumps, a fedora and a blazer. Fashion is impressionable. Fashion is a good dark lip, a pair of Vans, some Shop Avier frames and my dudes overly large t-shirt.

Q: What accessory and eyewear trends can we expect to see?

Oh my GOODNESSSSSS. My “Gant” line (which means “glove” in French) will be here in November. I’m extremely excited. These gloves are so fierce you’re going to want to wear them to bed, honey. I also have the “Baroque” and more men styles coming soon. Im also a bag whore, so in 2019 Shop Avier will provide some amazing styles of bags. Im super geeked!

Q: How do you pick your inventory?


Q: If someone is looking to start their own business, what advice would you give them?

Pray. Pray. Pray. Listen to God. Sorry, don’t mean to get all “religious” but that’s what works/is working for me and my business. Be confident in your product. Don’t share your ideas with no one BUT GOD.

Q: How would you describe your personal style?

Fly! I love to get fly. Bold. I like to have something on me that stands out. Whether it’s my sunglasses, my lipstick, my shoes, or my bag. I love abstract things.

Q: What is your one must-have item for each season – summer, winter, spring, and fall?

SUNGLASSES! I never leave the house without sunglasses. I have about 75 pair just in my car.

Q: What is the best advice, from a style standpoint, that you can give me and other women? And, from an entrepreneurial standpoint?

DO YOU! BE YOU! No one can do or be YOU better than YOU! If it makes you feel confident, happy and bold. DO IT!

Q: Where can my readers find you and Shop Avier?

In Vogue Magazines and NYFW. Just joking but soon I’ll be there. 😊 My website is I’m also on Instagram (@shopavier).

Q: What questions do you wish I asked you and what’s the answer?


Q: Anything else you want the YCS family to know about you and Shop Avier?

I’m running a HUGE sale right now. All of my sunglasses are 20 bucks or less. You can’t beat that with a stick!

Remember to visit and support this growing and super stylish business!


P.S. All outfit details are on my 21 Squared profile, unless otherwise listed.


Love/Hate Sunglasses x Shop Avier // Headwrap: D’Iyanu

YCS Style Diary: Get in Formation

By Erika, Fashion Expert

Dress: Eloquii (similar here) I Tights + Shoes: Avenue

Every few fashion seasons someone declares that military-inspired fashion is “back” and we see a plethora of embellished dresses, jackets, jumpsuits (because Air Force) and other items flood stores and runways alike.  The truth is that military-inspired fashion, much like nautical-inspired fashion, is always all around us.  Any season, any year, you can find clothing utilitarian-style clothing in army green or camouflage.  In the same way that animal prints have become a new neutral, military-inspired style is here to stay.

The thing I love about this Eloquii dress in particular is that it is equal party military-inspired (hello big gold buttons and structured cut) and feminine (flattering A-line, anyone?).  Rounding out the look are some super cute ankle booties with gold stud detail (to complement the buttons) and tassels for a completely unexpected addition.

The key to rocking military-inspired attire is to balance it with famine silhouettes and details so that you come out looking like the Commander in Chic, not a POW.  If you’re hesitant about rocking military-inspired pieces, start small – go for a jacket with military-style buttons or patches or incorporate camouflage into your look through a t-shirt to get your feet wet.  I promise, you won’t look like a fashion-victim – you’ll be stylish as ever!


xvi I xiv by YCS Capsule Collection Launches

By Erika, Fashion Expert

I know, it’s been quiet around YCS for the past couple of weeks.  But that is only because we have some EXCITING ventures that we have been working on.  In addition to officially partnering with one of my closest friends to officially launch “Come Shop My Closet” (more on that later this week), WE ARE LAUNCHING A CAPSULE CLOTHING COLLECTION!!

Erika and J'Mel

For quite some time I have wanted to launch a clothing line and this year I finally decided to dive in head first!  At times I felt completely overwhelmed, like a crazy lady, or worried that it wasn’t a good idea.  But, after all of that, the xvi I xiv (pronounced “sixteen fourteen”) capsule collection is here! Well, it’s here:

I decided to start this endeavor with a capsule collection.  One signature t-shirt, inspired by my friend Candice, and one signature dress (that can be built with 30 different combinations), named after my incredibly sweet niece Imani.  I figured that getting my toes wet with only a couple of pieces would be a good way to launch.  But from here, xvi I xiv already has a Collegiate collection in the works for Homecoming season and a fall/winter 2017 collection underway!

There are a couple of things that make this collection unique.  First, whether you are straight or plus sized, clothing styles are the same.  In many stores, once you cross over to the plus size section designs, fabrics, and clothing is, at best, unflattering, and, at worst, downright ugly.  It is important to me that no matter what your size is, you can wear our clothing.  Each piece runs from size 6 – 24.  If, however, you find yourself outside of that threshold, for most pieces, you will have the option of ordering them customized to your specific measurements.  (The only exception is some of our t-shirts.  But you should note that I am working on finding vendors that offer shirts in sizes XXS – 4 or 5X).  Also, you will not pay more money for being plus sized.  Everybody’s items cost the same.


Second, our items are “buildable.” So, even though we are starting with one t-shirt and one dress, depending on how you build your items you can come up 24 variations of our “Candice” signature t-shirt and 30 variations of our “Imani” dress.  When you check out, you’ll be prompted to select the options you want for your clothing.  So, essentially, every piece you purchase is customized and created specifically for you.  Follow the link to learn more about How it Works.

There is one other thing that you should know.  By virtue of this being a capsule collection, quantities are limited!  Some items we will keep in stock; however, other items are created based on fabric availability and quantities which means that once they are gone, they are gone.  Do not delay in placing your order because you do NOT want to miss you!  You can shop the entire collection here: XVI I XIV.

All week long we will be celebrating our virtual launch party and, as a special treat, I have a couple of discount codes for you!

  • Use the code “CANDICE” to get $10 off the purchase of our signature t-shirt.
  • Use the code “IMANI” to get $20 off your Imani dress purchase.
  • Free shipping (code: FREESHIP is automatically applied) is available on all orders over $149.

*Remember, because every item is custom produced, it will take 3-4 weeks for your customized piece to arrive.

I am SO excited to be launching this collection.  It is truly a daily reminder that dreams DO come true.  They are scary, they take hard work, and sometimes you feel like you are jumping out of a plane – but the absolutely DO come true!

Happy Shopping and Stay Chic!

Photo Credit: Olivia Stevens I Olivia Stevens Photography I

Birthday Behavior

By Erika, Fashion Expert

This coming Friday (March 3) is my 34th birthday and I am eagerly anticipating its arrival.  I have always loved birthdays, especially my own!


T-shirt: Sweet Knowledge Clothing (here) I Skirt: Eloquii (similar here) I Shoes: Dressbarn I Necklace: Aldo

As I reflect back, 33 (and 2016 in general) was a weird year for me.  I celebrated some huge successes and also had some massive disappointments and failures.  However, as with every year, I learned a lot about myself, faced things I never thought I could handle, and the good (mostly) outweighed the bad (though, I’m still looking for the silver lining from election night).


The thing that I love about being into my 30’s is the fact that I continue to come into my own.  In my 20’s I wasn’t confident in who I was and who God made me.  In my 30’s I have taken the time to embrace that more.  I’ve made my 30’s about taking risks, taking leaps of faith, and just going for “it!”  And, with each year of my 30’s I have gotten better at all three.


I am by no means perfect.  I do not get it all right all of the time.  In fact, I get it wrong often! But that’s OK.  I’m human. I’m not supposed to be perfect. And if being in my 30’s has taught me anything it is that those who love me do it in spite of my flaws.  And those who loved me until my flaws were exposed never really loved me to begin with.


With just a few days left at 33 I’m toasting to my future! Cheers to love, laughter and light. To adventures around the world. To taking chances. To leaps of faith. To loving myself more and judging others less. To genuine smiles. To belly laughs and cleansing tears. To chasing dreams. And to living a full life on nobody else’s terms but my own (and God’s, of course).


This is 34.



Photography Credit: Rob Bergsted

Bombers Away

By Erika, Fashion Expert

One thing I love about fashion is that inspiration is all around us.  Everywhere from magazines to Instagram to other bloggers to fashionable men and women we pass on the street.  You can even find inspiration in art, flowers, or architecture.  Inspiration is truly all around us.

img_1183Jacket: Vince Camuto (here) I Tank Top: Sejour (here) I Jeans: Lane Bryant (similar; distressed myself) I Hat: H&M I Shoes: Nine West

Did you guys, like me, watch “The New Edition Story” last month? So good, right? I am an 80’s baby and seeing the boys rock bomber jackets in all sorts of colors, patterns and styles took me back.  It made me think of my favorite movies like “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” “The Breakfast Club,” and “Pretty in Pink.” It reminded me of hanging with my grandparents and skating in their front yard with my rolled jeans and Fisher Price skates. It reminded me of side ponytails, slap bracelets, and double laces in my shoes.  It took me back. So, when I peeped this super cute Vince Camuto jacket online I knew I had to have it!

img_1184Bracelet: Swarovski (here)

The thing that I love about bomber jackets is that they’re incredibly versatile.  You can elevate a bomber jacket by wearing a slim-fitting pant and heels or a cute skirt (my suggestion would be a pencil skirt or tutu skirt). But you can also throw it on with jeans or leggings and sneakers and be both fashionable and comfortable.  And, because you have more fabric choices than ever – leather, lace, sequin, denim, satin, etc. – you can create distinct, stylish looks with your bomber.  A bomber jacket suits several different styles from the most girliest of girly girls to the edgiest of edgy girls to everyone in between. This jacket has been in heavy rotation since the moment I added it to my wardrobe.

img_1203T-shirt: Ivy Park (here) I Leggings: Fashion to Figure (here) I Bag: via Poshmark I Shoes: Elie Tahari “Viceroy” (available on various websites)

You can find cute bombers jackets in a range of price points as well.  A girlfriend of mine has the cutest lace bomber jacket that she purchased from Target.  If higher end is more your thing, you can check out Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus for a variety bomber jackets in both straight and plus sizes. No matter your budget you can look cool and chic in your own bomber jacket.


Are you guys loving bomber jackets as much as I am?  Be sure to tag YCS in your Instagram and Facebook photos rocking your hottest bombers.  Or share a snap story with us!  We love to see how our readers and followers are making styles their own.

img_1204Scarf: My Own I Earrings: Bauble Bar

Stay Chic,

Photo Credit: Rob Bergsted

Love Trumps Hate

By Erika, Fashion Expert

I am not the biggest Valentine’s Day fan.  Never have been, probably never will be.  It’s a cool holiday and all, just not really my jam.  In fact, I wasn’t even going to post any Valentine’s Day related content on YCS.  I originally planned to do a Grammy recap (how original). But then I got to thinking that, these days especially, the world needs a little bit more love.   And I don’t just mean romantic love.  I mean just love.  Just good, old-fashioned, kindness, humanity, and love for one another as human beings here on this earth.

Shirt: Bravely (Discount Code: FRIENDSOFERIKA) I Vest: Dressbarn I Skirt: Lane Bryant I Shoes: Avenue I Hat: Forever 21

And that kind of love – the unconditional kind that loves a person regardless of their race, religion, sexuality, socio-economic status, gender, or any other characteristic that so easily divides us – takes courage.  It takes guts.  It takes bravery.  And, it’s what the world needs most. Right now, more than ever, we can all put a little more love in our hearts.  We are living in a time where people seek to divide us across all sorts of lines. A time where, literally, they want to build walls to separate us.  A time where we are not celebrated for our diversity but condemned by it.  A time where people let their hate, distorted views, and fear lead them instead of logic, facts, common sense, and especially not love.  For many, for most, it is a scary time.


So today, on Valentine’s Day 2017, let’s make a promise to spread the love.  Whether it’s by wearing an awesome t-shirt that is a reminder to everyone who sees you that “Love is Brave” or by smiling, instead of scowling (guilty) at the train conductor as they make you wait for the (late) train on a frigid morning.  It could be grabbing an extra cup of coffee to share with a homeless person you pass on your way to work.  Or vowing to listen first and speak second when your significant other is talking (I’m going to work on that myself!).  It could be calling your mom, dad, grandparents, niece and nephews or an old friend just to remind them they are loved and you are thinking about them.  It could simply be speaking only kind words to yourself today in the mirror – focusing on what you love and not what you hate.

Rings: Coach (similar) I Bracelet: My Own (gifted)

Whether you are single, taken, or something in between doesn’t matter.  Today is not about flowers, chocolate, candy, Instagram collages or anything else – it is about simply sharing the love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Photo credit: Rob Bergsted

Erika's Picks: Bathing Suits for Full Figured Women

By Erika, Resident Fashionista

I know that swimsuit season can be a dreaded time for many plus size or full figured women (so, basically women).  Not because it means baring their body, but because it was a time when the store shelves were stocked with a sea of floral, skirted bathing suit options better suited for the grandmas, not Gisele’s, of the world.  Of course, these days, this is no longer the case – there is no shortage of fabulous swimwear available for women of all shapes and sizes.  Below, check out some of my favorite styles for the summer.

Bikinis + Tankinis

I’ll be the first to admit that I am not a fan of MOST tankinis.  Those old lady skirts (no offense to the old ladies) and unflattering tops do nothing to excite me.  Through the years I have found some I like (I even own one) but that has been rare.  I’m happy to report there is a new crop of tankini popping up that are both figure flattering and stylish.

Tankini #1  Tankini #2   Bikini 1   Bikini 2   Bikini 3

Last year, we also saw the more widespread acceptance of plus size bikinis a.k.a “fatkinis.”  Now this is a trend I am fully on board with.  The suits are often cute, trendy, and allow for as little or as much coverage as you’d like, while giving proper support where full figured women need it most.  I even loved the Swim Sexy Pin Up Python suit above so much I got one for myself!

Shop Bikinis and Tankinis

Tropiculture Twist-Front Tankini (Black) via Swimsuits for All
Tropiculture Pink Bandeau/Halter Tankini via Swimsuits for All
Sao Paulo Fringe Bikini via Monif C
Swim Sexy Pin Up Python Bikini via Swimsuits for All
Guyana Banded Bikini via Monif C

One Piece Swimsuits

One piece swimsuits are always a staple of the season.  Two trends I am loving are the athletic styles that are popping up – think trendy scuba gear and sleek likes – and peek-a-boo details like mesh or even lace!  Both of these trends add unique personality to a swim season staple.

One piece 1     One Piece 2     One Piece 3     One Piece 5

Shop One Piece Swimsuits

Mesh-panel One Piece via Torrid
Extra Life Lycra Aquabell Zip Front via Swimsuits for All
Striped Natural Support One-Piece Swimsuit via Torrid
Becca Etc. “Ritual” Crotchet Swim Dress via Nordstrom

Cutout Swimsuits

Another trend I’m pretty obsessed with is cutout swimsuits!  I love the peek-a-boo styles that are all over the plan for plus size women.  As long as you don’t mind a funky tan line (and what’s a tan line in the name of fashion) these styles may be just up your ally!  They’re the perfect cross between a bikini and one piece.

Cut out 4    Cutout 1    Cutout 2    Cutout 3   Cut Out 5

Shop Cutout Swimsuits

GabiFresh Kiwi Wrap High Waist Bikini via Swimsuits for All
“FIJI” Sweetheart Ruched Swimsuit via Monif C
Tahiti One-Shoulder Bathing Suit via Monif C
Tropiculture Noir Cut-Out One Piece via Swimsuits for All
Jessica Simpson “Just Add Water” Swimsuit via Modcloth

So, my stylish water babies – what will you be wearing all summer long?

Around the World in 60 Days!

By Erika, Resident Fashionista

OK, so maybe I haven’t exactly been around the world (but come October, when I head to Dubai, that will absolutely be the case!) but I have been out and about.  If you keep up with me or YCS via Facebook and Instagram you may have seen some of the adventures I have had over the past few months.  In the last 60 days alone I have been to seven (yep, seven!) states and have been keeping myself plenty busy with work, play, and, of course, fashion!  Below you will find a pretty random sampling of what I have been up to as well as shopping information for some of the looks you have seen featured on Instagram and Facebook.


I love to travel!  And, it’s a good thing because my full-time job has kept me pretty busy on the road for the past couple of months, including trips to Utah and Minnesota!  Of course, I always try my best to travel in style and keep it fashionable!


Jetsetting in a comfy, casual, and stylish outfit.  Jetsetter tip: If you’re flying dress in layers.  Airplanes are usually chilly, but airports and destinations will vary in temperature.  You don’t want to get stuck buying a $50 hoodie because of poor planning!

[Shirt: ADIVA I Jacket + Leggings: Avenue I Glasses: Tory Burch]


The hallway in my home has looked like this for the longest time!  I wasn’t a believer in hardshell luggage until I bought my first piece last October. Now, I love it and I recently purchased a carry-on size to add to my collection.  Jetsetter tip: 360 spinner wheels are a MUST on rolling luggage.


I just adore the beautiful monogrammed pieces from Boulevard and couldn’t resist picking up a couple monogrammed “Amelia” luggage tags in “Poppy.”  And, at only $28 each, they’re a steal!  Visit their website to pick up your own!


Beautiful Minnesota sunset!


The mountain backdrop was gorgeous as we hit the highways of Utah!  Even though it was April we experienced spring-like weather and a snow storm all on the same trip!


Anyone who knows me knows that I am a proud graduate of Howard University in Washington, DC.  I basically work to get HU into every conversation any chance I get.  This year, I celebrated my 10-year reunion with my classmates and we had a blast!  Howard is KNOWN as a fashionable and stylish university, so, of course, I had to come to the reunion with my A-game.  What do you guys think?

IMG_0143All smiles before the first night of festivities began!

IMG_0031Rocking my “Howard Made” t-shirt from Sweet Knowledge Clothing Co.  Everyone should definitely check out the website and support this business.  Again, at only $28, this t-shirt is a steal!! Links can be found below in the outfit details.

[T-Shirt: Sweet Knowledge Clothing Co. I Skirt: Eloquii (similar here) I Shoes: BCBG (not pictured)]

IMG_0109Sitting pretty at the official “Forever HU 05” Day Party.  Jetsetter tip: Pack clothing in the same color family so that you can reuse accessories without over packing.  I intentionally chose a black and white color palette for the weekend to save space (I was also traveling for work).

[T-shirt: Official “Forever HU 05” Reunion T-shirt via Coliseum Apparel I Jacket: Dressbarn I Skirt: Mossimo for Target I Clutch: Nneka Saran I Sunglasses: Oscar de la Renta]


During my adventures I also had a chance to check out the Ashley Stewart “Love Your Curves” Tour during it’s stop in Philadelphia, PA.  You all know that around YCS we are ALL about embracing our curves and loving the skin we are in.  So, it was a no brainer that I had to check out this event.  The tour, which also made a stop in Chicago, and will be heading to Baltimore, Detroit, New York, and Atlanta, was all about embracing your curves and connecting with some of the cities most stylish women.  Hosted at the West Philadelphia location, the event featured a model casting, red carpet, giveaways, and, naturally, shopping discounts.

Ashley Stewart 1The lovely host getting everyone ready for the model casting.

Desi at Ashely Steward Love Your CurvesMy (and probably everyone else’s) favorite personality from Praise 103.9, “ya Big Girl Dezzie” joined in the fun at the “Love Your Curves” Tour.

11216592_10100832651950700_3109047703296782374_nOf course I got in on the shopping action, snagging this pair of joggers with a sheer tuxedo stripe down the side! These joggers are no longer available, but check out the new selection of joggers they have available.


As if all of the aforementioned fun wasn’t enough, I’ve also attended my fair share of fundraising events over the past two months.  One event that I am always happy to support is the Kappa Beautillion program sponsored by the Burlington-Camden Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.  I have been a long-time support of this program and it is always a pleasure to watch these boys grow into distinguished, young gentlemen.  Additionally, for the first time, I attended the “Wall Ball” sponsored by the Mural Arts program here in Philadelphia.  The event featured live mural painting and design, a live auction, a fantastic DJ, great food, and, duh, fabulous art!


The dress code for the “Wall Ball 2015” was “festive cocktail” attire.  I don’t think cocktail attire gets more festive than metallic gold!

[Dress: Eliza J (currently unavailable)]


Don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot wear a patterned gown to a formal event. You will look fabulous and stand out in a sea of dark dresses. Pro tip: If you’re wearing a patterned gown that could skew “maxi dress” be sure to dress it up with jewelry and the right heels.

[Dress: Jessica Howard]


As if all of that wasn’t enough, I’m also in the middle of redecorating my 2nd bedroom (for real this time) to turn it into a grown-up office!  I’ve hired friend to YCS Cherise, of Ispaci, to help with the project and it’s going amazing.  I can’t wait to share the finished results with all of you on YCS!

22617_10100789743085410_2692695420253934204_n#currentsituation.  Except now there is also a chaise lounge in the middle of my living room!  It’s going to be so worth it at the end of all of this!!

So there it is, a chic peek into my life over the last few months.  What have you guys been up to?  I want to hear all about it!

Inspired By: Kim Kardashian

By Erika, Resident Fashionista

Say what you want about Kanye West; but, in my opinion, ever since he took over Kim Kardashian’s closet she has been a style super star. Sure, I get tired of her endless supply of putty colored (or tan or beige) crop tops and pencil skirts. And yes, I think a vibrant pop of color (I’m thinking jewel tones) every now and again would look stunning against her skin. But overall, she is generally pretty darn fly! Whether you keep up with the Kardashians or not, we can all take a few style cues from Kimmy K.

Off-Duty Leather


Kim has mastered off-duty style by pairing a leather skirt with a cool, casual white t-shirt. This may not be what immediately comes to mind when you think of “off-duty” but you can easily pull this outfit off on a Saturday afternoon by swapping out your heels for a pair of sandals or even cute sneakers.

T-shirt: Joe Fresh I Skirt: Dressbarn I Shoes: BCBG I Clutch: Nneka Saran I Sunglasses: Oscar de la Renta


Bold Bottom


First of all – no pun intended. Now that that’s settled we can focus on the bold red pencil skirt Kim is rocking with a simple grey turtleneck. To make this look work appropriate I paired it with a snake-skin print blouse. To keep the look cool I added a cropped leather blazer with a unique collar.

Shirt: Worthington I Skirt: Mossimo for Target I Jacket: Dressbarn I Shoes: Adrienne Vittadini


Monochromatic Magic


When Kanye took over Kimmy’s closet he introduced a world of monochromatic looks. These looks are easy to achieve and instantly make you sleek, sophisticated, and pulled together. Instead of white, I opted for a black monochromatic look. No matter what color you choose to rock it is bound to be flattering.

Shirt: H&M I Skirt: 6th and Lane by Lane Bryant I Shoes: Adrienne Vittadini I Bag: Kenneth Cole

To top off the Kim inspired look I opted for a sleek low bun with Kardashian’s signature center part and a bold red lip.


Has Kim’s upgraded style inspired you? Share with us below or tag us in your Kardashian-inspired photos on Twitter (@urchicisshowing) or Instagram @yourchicisshowing).

Your chic is showing,

YCS Photo credit: Rob Bergsted

To-MAY-to! To-MAH-to!

By Erika, Resident Fashionista

You say “to-MAY-to;” I say “to-MAH-to” . . . Oh who cares?!?! This blazing hot shade is all over stores just in time for Valentine’s Day! Though, I certainly don’t need V-Day as an excuse to grab as many clothing items as possible in this lovely hue. I love this tint because it is the perfect love child of fire engine red and poppy. It’s bold but not overpowering which makes it pretty much perfect to wear in any form.

Not too sure about it? Then try a simple sweater in the shade. Feel really strongly about the color? Then why not opt for a fabulous pair of wide leg trousers? And if you really want to let winter have it (like I do while blogging from a snowy PA) then cop a beautiful winter coat in this shade.

No matter how you wear it you should be sure to incorporate Tomato into your wardrobe PRONTO!!! You can check out the YCS Polyvore for details about this look. But you can also hit up stores like Ann Taylor Loft and J. Crew who have lots of lovely frocks in this amazing color!

Stay warm and stay fabulous!!

Your chic is showing,
To-MAY-to! To-MAH-to!

Alexander McQueen white satin shirt
$660 –

Weekend Max Mara brown top
$76 –

L K Bennett red swing coat
$525 –

Milly red pants
$500 –

H&M low jeans
$45 –

Adidas sneaker
$135 –

Chloé pink tote
$1,890 –

Gucci vintage black sunglasses
$345 –

Henri Bendel glove

Kate Spade tech accessory

River Island hat
$37 –

$245 –