5 Essentials for a Chic New Mom

By Erika, Fashion Expert

Being a new mom isn’t easy. Of course, I’d read that and people told me that. But nothing fully prepares you for just how true those words are until you have a newborn baby of your own. I, of course, totally believed that I would be killing the new mom game and would be prancing around like the chic celebrities we see on TV, in magazines and on Instagram (yeah, the ones with teams of people who help and support them). But alas, when James was born, I was NOT.

In fact, when my son was born it took me the amount of time we spent in the hospital to realize that it would be some time before I was as chic as I thought I would be. Mostly because I wanted to spend my free time getting extra ZZZs, finally taking a shower, or catching up on housework. I had to decide what items were essential for me, which of those I could find and elevate, from there, I came up with my “5 Essentials for Chic New Moms.”

Baby Wrap

I was told by numerous moms that I would need a baby wrap. But, if I’m being honest, I was skeptical if it would work on me as a plus sized mom. I was wrong – it works and I can’t live without my wrap! What got me over the hump? Well, research about which ones work for plus size Mommas. And an Instagram account called @plussizebabywearing, which features plus size mommas wearing their babies in a variety of ways with different baby wraps. We ended up going with a Boba Wrap, which I love. But there are a TON of various brands and styles for you to choose from. And, because I love my baby wrap so much, I am excited to say that we sell EGMAO Baby Wraps on The Chic Boutique.

Wrap: Boba

Stylish Leggings

OK, I’ll admit, I used to be squarely on team “leggings aren’t pants.” I also only owned one pair of sweatpants until I got married. Needless to say, I have changed my ways. As a new mom who wanted to look great but who is often short on time, still recovering from childbirth and learning to embrace her postpartum body, leggings became my best friend for a while. I figured I might as well embrace leggings and rock stylish ones on the daily. I already had a ton of cute workout leggings with cut-outs, patterns, and bright colors. But I also needed some that I could wear out – like to events or just dinner with my husband. So I invested in a couple of pairs – faux leather, moto, etc. I love them. And I’m not sure how I’m ever going to go back to work since I can’t wear leggings to the office every day.

Leggings: Popfit Clothing

Backpack Diaper Bag

There is no shortage of diaper bags on the market for parents these days. But trust me, a backpack diaper bag is the way to go. When you are wrangling a baby, their car seat or stroller, your purse, and potentially whatever other crap you inevitably have as a mom, the LAST thing you feel like dealing with is a shoulder bag. With a backpack diaper bag you can sling it right over your shoulders and have both hands free to maneuver the 50 million other things you’ll have your hands full with. We scored our bag on Amazon Prime Day but I honestly wish I had taken more time to pick it out. Ours is incredibly functional with tons of pouches and pockets (and even a phone charging port) – which you’ll need – however, they sell bags exactly like ours in all sorts of cute and fun patterns. Sure, grey is neutral and always in style, but how cute are these designs? No matter what you get, I’d definitely recommend a backpack diaper bag.

Baby Brezza One-Step Bottle Sterilizer Dryer

So no, you can’t wear this one, but OMG do you need it! You’re going to be washing more bottles, nipples, pump parts and binkies than you’ll know what to do with. And now, bottles come with extra little inserts to keep babies from having gas, colic and reflux. It’s a LOT. And sterilizing them the old fashioned way is time consuming and a pain. But this Baby Brezza One-Step Bottle Sterilizer Dryer is a life saver! You can sterilize and dry your bottles and pump parts all in one-step. Or, if your like me, use the dry-only function after each wash. And it fits various bottle brands, so whether you are using Avent, Dr. Brown’s, Parent’s Choice, or something else entirely, it will work! It’s such a time saver, which is all you want when you’re short on time!

Eye Masks

As a new mom you should just go ahead and embrace the fact that you are going to be tired. Like, really tired. Even if your baby sleeps (which, they probably won’t in the beginning) you will likely still be tired. In fact, I’m not sure I’ll ever not be tired again. And, while coffee and other caffeinated beverages help, they cannot keep you from LOOKING tired. Which is why, over the last 16 weeks, I have become a connoisseur of eye masks. I have tried them all. Like ALL of them. If you follow me on IG, then you already know that I am incredibly impressed with Le Gushe’s 24K Gold Under Eye Mask which helps with dark circles, wrinkles, and puffiness. I’m also pleased to say we sell our own 24K gold eye masks on The Chic Boutique as well. No matter where you buy your masks from, get some. Like a lot! You’ll thank me later.

Le Gushe’s 24K Gold Under Eye Mask

I’m sure that as I continue my journey as a new mom, I’ll have tons of other products to share with you guys. But for now, these should get you started. For my pregnant YCS family, do you guys want me to share my pregnancy essentials? Let me know!!

Happy New Year! We’ve Got News . . .

By Erika, Fashion Expert

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2020 my chic family. I’m so glad to be in a new year and new decade, how about you? I know it has been a literal year since we’ve been together. A LOT has happened in that year – most importantly, we welcomed a beautiful baby boy into our family this past September!

Photo: Alicia Wiley Photography
Photo: Bella Baby Photography

I know that 2020 feels like a big year for a lot of us! A new year, new decade, fresh start. A clean slate, so to speak. I, for one, am super excited for all that 2020 will bring – both personally and professionally. And, lucky for my chic family, the excitement starts today!

The Big News

No, we’re not having another baby (people keep asking me that!!!). But I am birthing something of a different sort. It is with extreme excitement that today I launch, The Chic Boutique.

The Chic Boutique is an online boutique, personally curated by me, offering various clothing, accessories, and beauty products that are essential for stylish men and women. I’m so excited to launch the boutique because it features products that I love and things that live in my closet – like the perfect white t-shirt, stylish sneakers, and game-changing handbags.

I’m also really excited because I’ve been learning more about sustainable fashion, fashion with a message, and fashion from local artisans around the world. I can use the “Message Collection” to feature this type of fashion. Right now, the Message Collection features one of my favorite pieces on the site, the SLATE + SALT Embroidered Rainbow Clutch, produced in an ethical manner by the Hmong women of Thailand. I’m really excited to continue to do more research and bring more sustainable and ethical fashion to the site.


Another part of the site I’m incredibly excited about is “The Chic List.” The Chic List is a quarterly collection of must-have items available at The Chic Boutique. These items are handpicked by our The Chic Boutique team and represent our favorite items in the store and our own personal closets.

I’m REALLY excited about The Chic List because I’ll be bringing in Guest Editors from time to time to help curate the list. This quarter’s list features items like a Deep Sea Caviar Black Gold Eye Mask (for just $5!!) and really cute animal print cross trainers (which are selling out fast!). Be sure to check out The Chic List when you visit the website.

As you can see, I’m incredibly excited about this new venture. The store really has many of my own personal essentials – like stylish baby burp bibs (I know you didn’t think my son had any old type of burp cloth) to cheeky t-shirts. And, I’m pleased to feature items for my plus size and curvy girls too! You know I wouldn’t have a shop where I couldn’t shop!! New products will be added to the store on a regular basis. I’m also very excited because we have a few collaborations in the works!!

Thank you in advance for visiting our site and shopping with The Chic Boutique (thechicboutique.store).

What Else is in Store for 2020?

OMG! So much! In addition to regular YCS blog content on Mondays and Thursdays, you can look forward to more video content from us on social media including 60-second and 3-minute tutorials, product reviews, and behind-the-scenes footage.

We are also launching new lookbooks, e-books and workbooks to help you elevate your style – the first of which comes out in January 2020!

Your Chic is Showing will also be launching new co-horts for “6 Weeks to a Fashionista,” “Discovering Your Signature Style,” “How to Dress Your Body Type,” and “Dress Like a Girl Boss” through our Fashion Education program.

As you can see, Your Chic is Showing has a LOT cooking for 2020. I can’t wait to share with you all, work with you all, and make 2020 our most stylish year yet!

Epic Chic Collection

Epic Chic Collection

MuuBaa real leather jacket
$225 – brandoutlet.borderfree.com

Silver shorts
$13 – riverisland.com

Adidas originals sneaker
$63 – ssense.com

Handle bag

Dsquared2 hinged bangle
$215 – rebelle.com

CLUSE dial watch
$120 – very.co.uk

WithChic golden necklace
$19 – withchic.com

Angora hat

Lime Crime lipstick

Nail polish

Challenge: No Repeat June 2017

A couple of years ago I participated in For the Love of Curls‘ 30 Day No Repeat Clothing challenge on Instagram.  Ever since then, people are ALWAYS coming up to me and asking when I’m going to do it again.  I usually hedge and say “sometime” because, honestly, a different outfit everyday takes a little work (it’s nice to have a fall back look in the event that you wake up late or don’t want to try that hard).  However, when LaShon reached out and let me know she was once again running the challenge, I couldn’t resist participating a second time around!

I would also LOVE if our YCS readers participated in this challenge.  It’s a TON of fun and you wind up with awesome combinations of clothing you would not normally think of.

The Rules

  1. The Challenge starts today, Thursday June 1, 2017, and goes through Friday June 30, 2017.
  2. Post a daily picture of your outfit on social media (IG, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.) using the hashtag #norepeatjune17.
  3. NO two days should feature the same outfit.  You can feel free to use elements from previously worn outfits (i.e. the same jacket, shirt, pants, etc.) but the outfit in its entirety should NOT be repeated.  And seriously, don’t switch your purse and call it a “new” outfit.
  4. You can rewear your accessories including jewelry, shoes and jackets.

Got it?  Simple enough, right?

I will make a point to post my outfits via Instagram (@yourchicisshowing), Twitter (@urchicisshowing), Facebook (www.facebook.com/yourchicisshowing) and Snapchat (@ChicPeekwithE).  Although it isn’t necessary, I will also share where each element of my outfit came from so that you can check out the brands that I am wearing for yourself.

Be sure you also take a moment to follow @4theloveofcurls on Instagram and the hashtag #norepeatejune17 for creative outfit ideas from all challenge participants.  I can’t WAIT to see what you ladies and gents come up with.

Stay Chic,


YCS Guide To: DIY Fall Wreaths

https://blogycs.wordpress.com/wp-admin/media-upload.php?post_id=3309&type=image&TB_iframe=1By Alexis, C.E.O Jr.

DIY Fall Wreath

Happy Fall everyone! Tis the season for rustic colors, pumpkins, and spooky decorations. I of course love decorating, with Fall being my favorite season to decorate for, but buying all of those decorations can be expensive. In this blog post I am going to show you how easy it is to make your own Fall wreath.

Buying a wreath from the store can put you out $40-$100. My wreath cost only $15 (excluding wire cutter). What you will need is a grapevine wreath ($4.99 form Michaels), some fall themed foliage (ranging from $1.00-$3.00 for bunches from Michaels) and a wire cutter ($7.99).



First start with your wreath and lay it on a table with all of your foliage. This is where you can start to decide what pieces you are going to pick to put in your wreath. I always have extra pieces that I do not use that I do not like from the bunches of foliage that I pick. I recommend getting leaves, flowers in the burnt orange, yellow, and red color scheme, and nuts.

DSCN1514 DSCN1516

After you decide what you want on your wreath, take the wire cutter to cut the pieces smaller so you can fit them into the wreath like above. Keep on adding things, take them away, and rearrange until you are happy with what you are creating. Remember that it does not need to be perfect. The best thing to keep in mind is to fill in as much space as you can so it looks full, but not over crowded. I even hung mine up to see how it looked, and then decided to add more after seeing what it would look like up on the door.


Here is what my final wreath looked like! I hope you enjoyed my post. Leave any questions in the comments below and post pictures of your wreaths so we can see what the look like! If you put them on social media put #YCSDIYwreath so we can find them. Enjoy the beginnings of Fall!!


Your Chic is Showing,



Avenue's Fall Fashion Show 2014

By Audris Torres, Social Media and Marketing Intern

3 Ways Avenue’s Fall 2014 Fashion Show Hacked My Life


This past weekend, I was invited to see our own YCS Resident Fashionista Ms. Erika McDaniel participate in a runway event being held at Avenue of Plymouth Meeting, which is the only Philadelphia location. From a personal stand point, the Avenue plus size clothing store has been a forerunner for plus size fashion as well as for women who just want more from their clothing. With signature brands like Cloud Walkers and now carrying Kenneth Cole Reaction style and comfort is always a guarantee. So it was no surprise for this year’s style trend I was very much pleased with what Avenue had to offer for Fall 2014.

Starting with the #3 style hack: The key to every fashionista’s perfect #OOTD (Outfit Of The Day)

Layering! – Layering with a soft knit or cotton gives an effortless look and a confidence boost needed to deal with Fall’s forever fluctuating weather conditions.

20140920_143347 20140920_144122 20140920_143429

Photo cred: first, second, third images: Audris Torres.

#2 Coming straight from Avenue’s look book:

Tummy Control jeans and trousers. It is no longer Summer and life is getting so much more busier with constant meetings, classes, work, and the changing of the holidays one after another. Sometimes the gym is just the last place to on our to-do-list. Don’t worry there is a sexy slimming jean for these days!

20140920_144342 20140920_143647 20140920_143544

Photo cred: first, second, third images: Audris Torres.

My favorite and #1 style hack:

Built in Accessories – Yes, this has been a trend for quite some time BUT to have accessories that match perfectly with the neckline of a shirt, layer with a scarf, AND wear jewelry that won’t get covered up when layering excessively is all a girl could ever ask for!

20140920_144431 20140920_143658

All these things were perfect to set the tone for Fall. I know I will definitely be using more of these hacks more often than not this season.

Your Chic is Showing,

Audris B. Torres  

NYFW: Dorin Negrau S/S 2015

NYFW Dorin Negrau S/S 2015 Runway show

Nia, Blog Management and Marketing Intern

Hey Guys, so I can’t even explain how excited I was to attend one of my first New York Fashion week runway show, and another exciting thing was that this was Dorin Negrau’s first Mercedes Benz NYFW runway show under the tent. So I was honored that Erika allowed me to attend, and I was also honored to be able to attend one of Dorin Negrau’s first NYFW show and which I’m sure won’t be his last. Now, I will say this I had no idea what to wear, well ok I LIED I had this outfit ready ever since I was told be on the lookout for another invite by Erika. I attended NYFW Sunday prior to me going in Thursday and let me say this the atmosphere made you feel as if you were a celebrity. There was photographers everywhere snapping pictures of the hottest street style during NYFW, and I’m proud to say I was asked a few times to stop for photos on both of my visits. But either way getting to see different people’s street style was so inspiring and refreshing.

But back to the fabulousssss, and yet very organic Dorin Negrau runway show. I arrived earlier than most people, and was let into the tent shortly after. Entering into Dorin Negrau’s show I had a ticket for standing room only but shortly after standing I was told I was able to snag a seat. Well just my luck somebody who actually had a ticket to the seat I was invited to ARRIVED. The lady who invited me to the already taken seat found me another seat, in the FRONT ROW. I was so excited inside I could jump.

Dorin Negrau’s runway show and collection was inspired by the myth of the Vampire Dracula duality, and being born in Transylvania, Romania this was his first show in NYC ever. He wanted to show homage to the intricate embroidery technique his grandmother and many other women performed in Romania. He wanted to show and eclectic free spirit within his collection, and you could see that throughout the show and the way it was presented. I loved the way he really did show homage of his Romanian roots from beaded thick belts, to light linen fabrics. His show was truly breath taking, and made you feel as if you left with a little bit of Romania in your memory.

I snagged a shot in front of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week sign, and of course a fellow fashionista kindly captured this moment for me!


This was the show opener which was breath taking, and so romantic!

photo 1 photo 3 photo 2

photo 5 photo 5 photo 4 photo 4

Some of the models wore sandals with their outfits to show the free spirited side of Dorin Negrau’s collection!

photo 3

photo 2 photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1 photo 5 photo 1 photo 2

The two outfits below were shot by the photographer at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, and they were my favoritespieces from his collection.

455263122_jpg_325_0_1668_28358209_3000 455263116_jpg_325_0_1668_28358209_3000

photo 4 photo 3 photo 5 FW1

I hope I have the opportunity to see Dorin Negrau have a show at Mercedes Benz Fashion week again, because this show showed his true talent and love for his roots an I know he has more great collections to show. Let me know what you liked about Dorin Negrau runway show, and what you want to see him do next. Until next time Chicers!

Your Chic is Showing,



Chic Speaks: Erika's Corner -NYFW Kati Stern VENEXIANA S/S 2015

NYFW: Kati Stern VENEXIANA S/S 2015

By Erika, Resident Fashionista

Ever since I started YCS (the blog and the company) I have imagined making the trip to NYC (and London, and Paris, and Milan) to take part in Fashion Week. In the past we have received invitations to attend shows and presentations, though none were officially affiliated with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. All of that changed this year when YCS was invited to attend two shows at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.  YCS Nia and I split the events (she’ll cover her show for you guys) and I had the pleasure of attending the Kati Stern VENEXIANA S/S 2015 show.

When I watched the presentation I was struck by how pretty everything was. Not because I wasn’t expecting it to be – more so that several of the collection pieces were made of delicate fabrics, incorporated impeccable draping, and used traditionally spring-like colors in the garments. The collection fit right in with the decidedly more lady-like looks showcased on several of the other NYFW runways like BCBG, Milly, and DVG. In my opinion, the stand out pieces were the beaded gowns which were equal parts intricate, stunning, and impeccably designed. Take a look at some of the looks from the S/S 2015 collection below:

Shirt: ADIVA I Skirt: Dressbarn I Bag: JB Martin Paris
ls (2) katist (2)
The following dress is one of my favorites. The photo does it no justice what so ever – it is a stunning piece of work!
kat4 (2)
kat5 (2)
Another favorite of mine from both the front and the back. 
kat7 (2)
kat8 kat9
The detail on the back I of this dress was simply spectacular. 
Kat10 Kat11 Kat12 kat13
The incredible beadwork on the following dress was breathtaking. 
Kat14 (2) kat15 (2)
I loved the fabric used for this dress. It was so obviously screaming spring that I responded in an immediately positive way. It just reminded me of everything I love about that season!
kat16 (2) kat17 (2)

So what do you guys think? Love the looks or hate them? Are you dying to see more from Kati Stern VENEXIANA? You know what to do – sound off below!

Your chic is showing,

Men's Guide: 2014 Male VMA Review

2014 MTV-VMA Male Review

By Donte, Men’s style V.I.P

MTV held its annual Video Music Awards this past Sunday on August 25, 2014 at the Forum in Inglewood, California.  No awards show is complete without a red carpet and you know the Y CS team was on fashion watch for the latest trends this year.  The VMA event is great for fashion because it is more fun and casual than most award shows, so the celebrities that attend are able to show more of their personality and break more of the style rules than they would at a more formal event (such as the Oscars).


This post will focus on some of the looks that I liked, some of the looks I thought were unique, and some of the looks that I thought were strange on the guys from this year’s VMA red carpet.


The Good


Since the VMAs is more casual than other awards shows, it is not uncommon for the guys that attend to dress accordingly.  The guys below wore pieces that likely reflect how they dress every day.  These looks may be used as inspiration for anyone to incorporate into your wardrobe.

Jordan Calloway

Jordan Calloway



Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran

The Unique


There were some guys on the red carpet that took some chances with their wardrobe choices and put a special twist on the usual.  The guys in this category followed a lot of the style rules, but also had at least one element of whimsy and fun either through their accessories or colors, etc. (It seems as if silver shoes were the trend of the night.)


Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo

Nick Young

Nick Young

The Bizarre


These outfits represent the boldest looks of the night.  These looks are very over the top and may even be pretty costume-like.  Whether you liked them or you didn’t, it was pretty difficult not to notice them as they definitely stood out in the crowd.

Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa

Jeremy Scott

Jeremy Scott

Riff Raff

Riff Raff


Your Chic is Showing