YCS is Growing!

YCS is Growing

By Erika, Resident Fashionista

You may have noticed that I have been rather quiet on YCS.  For a number of reasons – both personal and professional – I’ve taken a bit of a backseat.  The great news, however, is that YCS has continued to run smoothly.  This is largely due to our two AWESOME interns who have kept the show running and the posts coming regularly.  If you keep up with YCS on our blog, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram you will have noticed two new names popping up – Nia and Audris.  The girls joined the YCS family earlier this summer and have been bringing a TON to the team.  You may have noticed Nia and Audris shooting “Chic on the Street” features, sharing helpful articles and links, or posting super cute photos wearing their own #ootd.    They have kept the show running smoothly and we’re so excited to have them!

Let’s meet the interns:

Nia, Blog Management and Marketing Intern

Nia runs a tight ship!  She keeps me and all of the team of contributors in check making sure that we’ve got fresh content ready for you guys to read.  She is also full of great ideas and has implemented great new ideas for the blog, including her “Trend Reports.”  Nia keeps all of us on schedule and makes sure that you guys are always fashion forward.

IMG_3015 (800x533)

About Nia

Nia is a college graduate of Indiana University of PA. Graduating from a vocational school with certification in Fashion Design and Construction, she went on to study Fashion merchandising in hopes to learn more about the industry. Sewing, blogging, and styling are some of Nia’s favorite things to do if she’s not traveling. She has big dreams to one day become a stylist to the stars, and creator of her own couture fashion line. Her dreams and aspirations go beyond what she can imagine, and her education doesn’t stop at a bachelors, she hopes to continue by gaining her master’s degree in Marketing & Social Analytics. The sky is the limit for Nia, and she’s just getting started!

Instagram: @Nia_Nicole

Blog: Nianicole101.wordpress.com

Audris, Social Media and Marketing Intern

Because I knew Audris personally and followed her flawless social media accounts, I knew she’d be the perfect person to manage YCS’ social media accounts.  You may have noticed stylish Instagram photos and helpful twitter links lately.  That is all thanks to Audris.  She has also initiated our “Chic on the Street” photo series and teams up with Nia to shoot videos for the YCS blog.


About Audris

Audris Torres is a college student studying environmental science and plans to serve the world by joining the Peace Corps. Audris finds a common love and interest in helping others in what she is studying and fashion. She currently serves as on the YCS Team as the Social Media and Marketing Intern.

I also want to take a moment to let you guys know that Regina has joined the YCS family as our regular Shoe Contributor!  We’ve gotten tons of great feedback about Regina’s posts and we are THRILLED to have another person share awesome content with you guys.  I now christen Regina our Shoe Diva!

Please join me in welcoming Nia, Audris and Regina to the YCS family!

Your Chic is Showing,




A Different View: Fashion in Florida

By Kiari, Wanderlust Fashionista

Keep it up fashionista! Show ‘em what you got fashionista! … Uhm, It’s a little cold fashionista …

How do you keep your style flowing when you live in crazy, ever-changing weather? I don’t mean it’s hot one season and cold the next. I mean it goes from raining one hour, to humid the next, to scalding hot, to being misty. Well, as a Florida girl, I have your answer!

When it comes time to consider which garments you’re going to pull out of your closet, or drawers in my case (I’m bad at hanging clothes), think of an outfit that can suit all weather conditions but will also keep you comfortable. I have an example for you below:


Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 8.06.27 PM


Let’s start from top to bottom!

Hair: I believe sometimes your hair and anything you wear on it can be your best accessory. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with full head turbans, headband turbans, and head wraps! Now, remember I mentioned humidity? How can you be cute with frizzy hair? … You can’t be! So I decided to rock a tri-color, patterned scarf to not only keep my hair in place but also as a great accessory to pair with a casual, fun outfit! Not to mention, I’m natural and I’d hate for me to look like a poodle before I even stepped into my happy hour destination.

Top: My top is actually a hi –lo rectangular hem sweater that I purchased from Agaci. The color was neutral, perfect for late fall, and it matched one of the three colors in the scarf; I thought it would be great to bring the outfit together. I like my sweaters to be loose fitting – it’s more versatile! This sweater also came in handy because, once again, the crazy weather gave me chills due to the wind.

Bottoms: These are actually pants that I rolled up twice to give more of a spring feel. I think the olive green allowed the focus to be more on the sweater and the headscarf. I believe you should always pair an oversized sweater with form fitting bottoms to give it more of a feminine look.

And lastly, Accessories: I like to consider my shoes, purse, and jewelry accessory pieces because they can ultimately make or break an outfit. I wanted to tie in colors so I decided to wear sand colored lace up sandals, with the same color purse and an ivory and gold bracelet. These colors complimented the warm humid weather. Not too much, not too little. Just enough. The bootie type sandals were great because although it was a tad windy, the shoes protected most of my feet. The open toe gave me a little grown-woman sas!

There you have it – how to dress in this insane, almost spring but it’s still fall weather in Florida. What about where you live; what’s your what-to-wear fashion view?

YCS (Men's) Guide to Spring: Sock Game

By Donte’, Men’s Style VIP

This Friday marks the first day of spring!  That means cleaning out those closets, packing away those heavy winter sweaters, and pulling out those warm weather clothes.  Spring is a time full of color and my wardrobe tends to reflect just that!

This year I am going to attempt to draw inspiration from one of the most neglected areas in my wardrobe…SOCKS.  My friends seem to have pretty nice sock collections (especially Esquire and Mr. Detroit), so I am challenging myself to step up in that area.  A little touch goes a long way and a nice sock is a small, often inexpensive item that can change your entire look and take you to the next level of fashion.

Since they aren’t always visible, socks can add a touch of surprise to your outfit.  They can be as colorful or mute as you like and they don’t have to match the pattern or color scheme of your shirt or pants.  In fact, they stand out even more if they don’t match the pattern or color scheme of your other clothing items.  They provide the perfect starting point for me to start experimenting with new pattern and color combinations.

Here are some of the new players in my sock game that I’ll be trying out this spring.  I’m pretty excited to start!  Let me know what you think.






Insta-ration: Fave Instagram Accounts

By Erika, Resident Fashionista

No stylish person is an island – though some might pretend they are.  Most truly stylish people will readily admit that other things inspire their fashion – celebrities, art, nature, other stylish people, Pinterest (especially Pinterest), etc.  I am no different.  I find inspiration for outfits and ideas all around me.  From my friends, fellow bloggers, pretty prints or patterns, or just a color I love.  I get a ton of inspiration from the various Instagram accounts I follow.  Some or my favorite fellow bloggers, others are my favorite brands, and some are just really cool photographers.

Below is a list of my favorite Instagram accounts.  Take a moment to check them out, and if you love what you see, follow them!

Grown and Curvy Woman (@grownandcurvywoman)
Georgette of www.grownandcurvywoman.com has become a friend of mine in the last year and I truly admire her style and fashion prowess.  She never shies away fron bold colors or strong patterns, and they look AMAZING on her!  She always wears the most beautiful, full skirts I have ever seen.  She makes them look so good I recently went out and bought one of my own!



Images courtesy of Georgette (@grownandcurvywoman) and Instagram

American Gentleman Magazine (@americangentmag)This account is great for any stylish man to follow.  Well tailored pieces, the latest styles, and classic cool are the stars here.  I get a TON of my menswear inspired looks from this account.  I’m even contemplating copping a pair of cufflinks because, well, I can!

Kelly Lee (@kellygolightly)
Kelly (www.kellygolightly.com) has a fashion and lifestyle blog that is as chic and sophisticated as the character that inspired her blog’s name.  Her style is chic, sweet, classy, vintage, and very girly.  I love how she takes California cool to another level.

Emily Schuman/Cupcakes and Cashmere (@emilyschuman)I have been a fan of Cupcakes and Cashmere (www.cupcakesandcashmere.com) for a very long time.  Everything that make’s Emily’s blog great is translated to her Instagram account.  It’s ultra chic and ultra person all at the same time.

Plain Elain (@msplainelain)
You can thank YCS Alexis for the discovery of Plain Elain (plainelainmillinery.weebly.com).  She met them at a fashion event in the fall and I’ve been obsessing over their stuff ever since.  You might also recognize them as a sponsor for the YCS Launch Party.  The Instagram account regularly showcases their beautiful head pieces and I regularly find myself wishing to add them to my collection!

Vogue Magazine (@voguemagazine)
No explanation is really necessary.  It’s Vogue.  Everything and anything fashion is covered here, just like in the iconic magazine.  Except, it’s all real-time.

J Crew (@jcrew)
Because duh, J Crew is one of my most favorites ever!



Images courtesy of @jcrew on Instagram

Lupita N’Yongo (@lupitanyongo)
You have to be living under a rock to have missed the waves Ms. Lupita is making on movie screens and red carpets alike!  She is a fashion muse, flawless skin goddess, and all around inspiration.  Girlfriend can ACT and she’s got style and sophistication oozing from her very being.  Follow her account – it’s well worth it!

Jethro Mullin (@jethromullin)I just love the photographs this CNN Reports, based out of Hong Kong, shares.  They’re vibrant, colorful, piercing, and beautiful.  Some pictures are worth 1000 words.  These are worth a million.

Thomas K (@thomas_k)
I totally dig the street photography found on this Instagram feed.  He can make something as simple as a street lamp look absolutely breathtaking.  The black and white photos are simply stunning.

So, what accounts do you guys follow?  Where do you get your inspiration from?  Also – if we aren’t following you, share you Instagram name and we’ll be sure to check you out!

Your Chic is Showing,

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Curves Ahead (Part 2): C.U.R.V.V.

By Erika, Resident Fashionista

I clearly didn’t learn my days of the week in kindergarten because this is a special SUNDAY edition of YCS, not Saturday as promised in Part 1. Charge it to my head and not my heart!


After last night’s AWESOME Curvy Closets fashion show I am even more excited to share my footage from the cast interviews from the short film “C.U.R.V.V,” which will accompany tonight’s exhibit of the same name. C.U.R.V.V. is an Exhibit Curated by ChaCha N’Kole and will debut at the University of Pennsylvania Museum. This is the “first ever museum exhibition to highlight full-figured high-fashion.” I am beyond excited to be covering this event!

Check out the YCS TV video that gets some behind the scenes details about the film, where you can find the cast members on social media, and what fashion tips they shared with us! After editing this video, I’m 100% convinced that I NEED a microphone to block out the background noise and will be ordering one “ASAPtually!” I apologize for the background noise. The important part is that you can hear the cast and the positive messages they are sharing with curvy girls around the world.

If you’re a total procrastinator and still want to go to the event, the great news is that tickets are still available. Simply visit www.mycurvv.com to learn more about the exhibit and snag your tix!

Whew!! Between Curvy Closets, C.U.R.V.V, and Reinvention Weekend (hosted by the Melinda F. Emerson Foundation) YCS has had a BUSY weekend! What did you guys do? Be sure to check back for all of the pictures from this weekend’s events.

Your Chic is Showing,

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