Cleanse + Curate: Redesign Your Wardrobe for 2021

Dress for the person you want to be in 2021

. . . Because we know it’s been a while since you’ve worn actual pants 

Okay, so we need to talk.

For over 9 months, you haven’t had to show anybody what you look like from the waist down. You got by just fine with a solid colored t-shirt, some worn-out leggings, and a dash of lipstick (maybe). And that was totally cool because the person on the other end of the Zoom call was probably pantless. 

Right now, you may be:
→ Reaching for the same 3 shirts in your closet
→ Wearing loungewear every single day
→ Struggling with clothes that don’t fit
→ Unsure of what your style even is anymore
→ Unsuccessfully attempting to online shop
→ Looking in the mirror and not feeling beautiful

But change is coming, and you’re going to start leaving your house soon.

I know. Terrifying. What even is social contact?

It’s time to make sure your clothing reflects who you are now.

The truth is, fashion has changed. Trends have gone by, the definition of “formal” has shifted, and slow fashion is replacing fast fashion. Your closet has pieces in it that you are NEVER going to wear again. You knew this before the pandemic started, but the pandemic served as a reminder that that corset top with the tags still on will stay in the back of your closet for eternity.

When all of this is over, you will emerge as a technology expert, certified homeschooler, professional grocery cleaner, and bread baker. You will also be a whole new person. 

Cleanse + Curate: Redesign Your Wardrobe for 2021

This group coaching program eliminates the overwhelm of refreshing your style. In 4 weeks, we’re going to do a deep dive into your closet. After pulling out all the things that aren’t serving you anymore, you’ll refresh your wardrobe with carefully selected pieces that elevate your entire style. 

At the end of this program, you will . . .

→ Get rid of all the pieces that are dragging you down
Achieve #closetgoals with a wardrobe that ONLY contains pieces that make you feel confident
→ Have a capsule wardrobe *meaning just a few pieces that match EVERYTHING*
→ Create over a month’s worth of go-to outfits
→ Develop an elevated style and unshakable confidence

If quarantine is the cocoon, you’re about to blossom into a beautiful butterfly.


Week 1

We get to know you and what’s currently dragging down your sense of style. Then, we help you define your style, and we clean out those pieces that are a definite no. After one week, you’ll feel like you can finally breathe again. 

Week 2

It’s break-up week. Sometimes this week gets a little tough because we are helping you part with everything that is no longer serving you. And we mean ALL of the clothing that no longer fits or is pulling you away from your ideal style. It has to leave, and we’re here to support you through these tough decisions.

Week 3

Think of your Pinterest dream style board. Yeah, we’re going to make that YOUR closet this week. All lessons will be focused on planning your new style, so it is cohesive and authentic. All new pieces will fit in seamlessly with what you already have. The focus is on sustainable consumption, so you’ll only be ordering what you need. 

Week 4

It’s time to put it all together! This week you’ll be learning how to use your new capsule pieces so they can be versatile (like 1 piece, 20 outfits), and how you can do more with fewer pieces. You’ll play dress up, and we’ll comment on how AMAZING you look. The internal glow starts glowing at this stage because you love how you look and feel in your new style. 

Plus . . .

Throughout all 4 weeks, you’ll be in a private FB group with women who are in your exact same boat. There will be Zoom calls, video lessons, worksheets, conversations, and endless support that get you to accomplish all of your style goals by the end.

The world has changed forever. As have you. Your closet may no longer be serving you.

If you’ve been meaning to blossom into the most confident version of yourself, don’t wait on this.

Now is your time to completely redesign your wardrobe. 


Hey there! I’m Lucy . . .

the stylist behind Wanderlust Wardrobe. My stylist journey started when I was working retail and realized “Wait, why am I making women buy clothes that they don’t need just because some manager is telling me that we need sell this very hard to match pair of neon yellow pants?” From there, I started working as an independent stylist on a mission: Help women do more with fewer pieces of clothing. I specialize in sustainable fashion, capsule wardrobes, and styling for travel *hello, 1 month in Europe with only a carry-on (Post-Covid, of course)* On top of styling, I run a fashion and travel blog, aimed at helping women feel super confident, comfortable and beautiful in their clothing while still living a busy, on-the-go lifestyle. When I work with my clients, my goal is to help them love who they are. That’s why I approach every styling session with a lot of flexibility. Even if I love something, it’s all about how you feel. 

Hi!!!! I’m Erika . . .

the founder/owner of Your Chic is Showing. I started Your Chic is Showing (YCS) to help my clients elevate their personal style and build their confidence. YCS makes personal styling accessible to clients through a variety of services including styling and shopping, educational courses, eBooks, and an award-winning blog. I have nearly a decade of experience, styling and educating hundreds of people through one-on-on services, as well as workshops, masterclasses, webinars, and publications. My styling expertise offers specializations in plus-sized and full-figured styling, maternity styling, career styling, and special event – wedding, engagement, etc. – styling. Each day I strive to provide a unique, elegant, and chic experience to each of my clients by delivering exceptional service.

Let’s change the way you look and feel about yourself.