Discovering Your Signature Style

Course Overview

It has been said that style speaks before we open our mouths to say a word.  What does your style say about you?

Do you wish it said something different?

Join YCS founder Erika Cartledge for this 90 minute session all about discovering your signature style.  Understand how to use your style and wardrobe to convey a message about who you are while realistically fitting into your lifestyle and daily routine.  Erika will take attendees through the process of discovering a signature style, learning about wardrobe fundamentals and how to incorporate them into a signature style, how to avoid style ruts, and how to own your style.

Course Offering

Discovering Your Signature Style will be presented via Facebook Live (offered on a monthly basis) and attendees will have access to a video replay of the session.  All attendees will have access to a private Facebook group for one (1) week leading up to the session and one (1) week after the session, for a total of two weeks, where they can have exclusive access to Erika and ALL course materials.  Session attendees will have exclusive access to Erika via a private Facebook group, Q&A opportunities, and opportunities for discounted YCS services and fashion education courses.



Next Session Dates:

An updated curriculum with new class dates will launch in January 2021.