Fashion Labs

Fashion Labs are a great way to meet the YCS team up-close and personal and get in-depth knowledge about a particular fashion topic.  Our Fashion Lab curriculum features a variety of subjects and topics for YCS clients or those interested in fashion.  Fashion Labs include Foundational Courses (101-level), Advanced Courses (201-level), and Specialty Courses.

Fashion Labs are offered in-person for 2.5-hour sessions or virtually via Udemy.  In-person sessions are offered on a quarterly and semi-annual basis or as privately scheduled events (attendee minimum required).  Virtual labs are available 24-hours day and 7 days a week via the Udemy website (coming soon!).

Foundation Courses (101)

Developing Your Signature Style – Coming soon!

Understanding and dressing Your Body Type – Coming soon!

Understanding your color story – Coming soon!

Advanced COURSES (201) – Coming soon!
  • Dressing Your Body Type: Hourglass
  • Dressing Your Body Type: Triangle
  • Dressing Your Body Type: Inverted Triangle
  • Dressing Your Body Type: Diamond
  • Dressing Your Body Type: Rectangle
Specialty Courses – Coming soon!
  • Full Figured Fashion: Figuring it all out!
  • Accessorize like a pro!
  • Transitioning to the Corporate World

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