Masterclass: Discovering Your Body Type

Understanding your body type is the foundation of great style. It doesn’t matter what clothes you wear if they are not the right clothes for your body. This is why every Your Chic is Showing client goes through a body shape analysis — so that she can learn her body shape, understand how to balance proportions, and learn how to shop for clothing that accentuates her body. Now, that same process is available to you to help you understand your body type with our newest masterclass “Discovering Your Body Type.”

During this masterclass you will:

  • Learn about the 5 body types
  • Learn how to determine your own body type
  • Learn what to accentuate and what to avoid when dressing your body type
  • Learn the best and worst clothing for your body type
  • Get a workbook to accompany each lesson of the course
  • Get a free copy of the eBook Discovering Your Body Type
  • Have access to all videos and class materials for a full year

This masterclass will be a game changer for so many women. After taking this class shopping will never be the same. This masterclass is going to change your entire perspective and is the first step to elevating your style and wardrobe. Do not WAIT to take this class.