Office Hours

Do these shoes match this shirt? What do I wear on our first date? What should I wear to a corporate fundraiser?

Sometimes, you may have a fashion question or quick dilemma that does not require a full styling session. By booking an Office Hours appointment you can get a quick solution to your fashion dilemma, brief outfit suggestions or the second opinion that you need.

Office hours are offered via telephone, Skype/FaceTime/Google Hangout, or email. Office Hours appointments are booked in 15 minute increments (maximum 45 minutes) or 3 email increments (maximum 9 emails).  Simply request your Office Hours appointment and provide your availability using the form below. YCS will contact you to confirm your Office Hours session and secure payment.   If you purchase the email package, you can feel free to e-mail us once payment has been processed.

  • Office Hours Level 1 – 15 minutes or 3 emails I $15
  • Office Hours Level 2 – 30 minutes or 6 emails I $25
  • Office Hours Level 3 – 45 minutes or 9 emails I $40
Please note: a minimum 24 hour notice is required for 15 and 30 minute sessions, and 48 hours notice is required for 45 minute sessions.

Learn more about our A La Carte Services and Personal Shopping and Styling Packages.

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