Summer Style Sale!

Take advantage of our Summer Style Sale today!

Have you ever wanted to hire a personal stylist but weren’t sure what you were in for? Not sure hiring a stylist is right for you? Ready to switch up your look? Simply stuck in a fashion rut and ready to get out?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, then our Summer Style Sale is perfect for you! Take advantage of our sale which includes:

  • Mini online style assessment
  • Customized mini-Look Book including information on seasonal trends, body- and color-analysis, and shoppable looks

Why is this sale such a big deal? Because, until now, the ONLY way to get a customized YCS Look Book (valued at $250, with more than 20 pages filled with trend, color, and body-shape and style analysis PLUS clothing that can be shopped directly from its pages) was by purchasing our personal styling services.

Our sale includes a quick online style assessment (a mini version of the YCS initial consultation) and mini-Look Book which includes 5 pages of information on seasonal trends, body and color-analysis, and shoppable looks and a “mini” price to match!

Investment: $125

How do I book? It’s so easy! Simply click “Book Now” below to pay your one-time fee of $125. Upon payment, the YCS team will email you the mini online assessment to complete. Once you have completed it, the team will review your responses, create your mini-Look Book, and send it back to you within 14 business days.