YCS Adds Closet Sale Concierge Services to Offering

By Erika, Fashion Expert

YCS is excited to launch it’s newest service offering, the “YCS Closet Sale Concierge.”  This service is perfect for ladies who are looking to clean out their closets and make a few bucks!  The YCS team understands that setting-up and maintaining an online closet sale can be time consuming.  Between laundering and dry cleaning clothing, styling and photographing items, negotiating with buyers, and packaging and shipping items managing an online closet sale can soon become like a second job! By using the YCS Closet Sale Concierge Service, we will take care of the work of hosting and maintaining your online closet and you will reap the benefits – in cold hard cash!

How does the YCS Closet Sale Concierge work?

You simply clean out your closet and select the items that you would like to be sold via the YCS Closet Sale Concierge. The YCS team will collect the items you select, launder, price, style, photograph, and post the items online for sale via the Poshmark app.  When your items are sold, the YCS team will package and ship your items.  Then the YCS team will take a small fee, and you will receive the rest of the money!  It’s really that simple.

What kind of items do you accept?

Currently, we are accepting women’s clothing, shoes and accessories in new, like-new, and excellent condition only.  Any items that are not in top condition will be returned to the seller.  In the future, we may expand to include men’s and children’s clothing.

How much does the YCS Closet Sale Concierge cost?

Set-Up Fee:     $25
To use our YCS Closet Sale Concierge, there is a one-time set-up fee of $25.  This covers the cost of pre-paid shipping (should you choose to ship your items to the team) or pick-up of your items, laundering of the items per the care instructions, and initial closet set-up.

Sales Commission:     20% of Sale Price
To cover the cost of styling, photographing, packaging, and shipping your items, plus the time spent negotiating and communicating with customers there is a fee of 20% of the sale price that is collected by the YCS team.  For example, if you sell a top for $20, the YCS fee would be $4 and you would earn $16 from the sale.  It’s a small price to pay when you compare it to all of the time you will save.

How do I get paid?

The YCS team distributes your earnings in $25 increments.  This means, you could choose to be paid every time you make $25, $50, $75, or $100.  We can send you your earnings via cash, check, money order, PayPal, or Venmo.

Is it really that simple?

Yes, it’s really that simple!

To learn more about the YCS Closet Sale Concierge or book your appointment, please contact us via telephone at (484) 577- 2396 during the following days and times:

Monday – Friday 5pm – 9pm  I  Saturday 12 – 9 pm  I  Sunday 4 – 9 pm

You can also email us 24 hour a day, 7 days a week at the following e-mail addresses:

erika@yourchicisshowing.com  I  styling@yourchicisshowing.com

"Shop YCS" Closet Sale Starts Today!

By Erika, Fashion Expert

Ladies and, well, Ladies (for now), the time has come for me to launch my “Shop YCS Closet” sale!  It is definitely time for me to rid my closet of new or rarely used items and I can’t think of a better way to do it than by offering the items up to the readers and friends of YCS.  Below you can get all of the details about how the closet sale works.  But remember, sales will only be made from the Shop YCS Instagram account (@shopYCS); therefore, if you aren’t following the account you should go do that right, right now!

About the Clothes, Shoes, and Accessories

Every item sold via the “Shop YCS” closet sale is either brand new with tags (BNWT), brand new without tags, or very gently used (worn/used less than five (5) times).  I would not want anyone selling me a bunch of junk from their closet, so I will NOT do that to you guys!  A lot of these items have been worn for a blog shoot and nothing else.  Or, I purchased them and simply never wore them.  The items range from fast fashion (think H&M, Zara), to discount fashion (think Massimo for Target), to specialty plus-size clothing (think Ashley Stewart, Lane Bryant), to designer items (think Calvin Klein, Michael Kors).  Clothing sizes include both straight sizes and plus sizes and shoe sizes range from 7.5 – 9, depending on the brand.

ALL clothing is freshly laundered and/or dry cleaned.

The Rules

1. Sales will only be made from the @ShopYCS Instagram account and Poshmark (@ycserika).  These are the best places to post your questions about any of the items for sale and place bids for any auction items.  Do NOT leave any questions or comments here on the blog – they will not be answered.

2. All sales are final.  Prior to purchase, if you are interested in other angles/shots, I will be happy to provide them.

3. $5 flat rate shipping for clothing, accessories, and small handbags.  $7 flat rate shipping for shoes and medium/large handbags. Shipping discounts for bundled purchases ($2 per additional item).  US shipping ONLY.  

4. For sale items, the first person to comment on a photo gets the item.  Invoices must be paid within 24 hours of receipt.  If not paid, item will go to the next commenter.

5. Items for auction will be posted on Monday by 9am and close Wednesday at 6pm.  Highest bidder will win the auction item.  Invoices must be paid within 24 hours of receipt.  If not paid, item will go to the next highest bidder.  Auction items listed on poshmark are sold at the “buy now” price.

6. Payment will be accepted via PayPal and Venmo ONLY.  Upon confirmation of sale, please leave a comment with your PayPal email address or Venmo contact information.

7. Items will ship every Friday and Saturday.  I will provide tracking information to purchasers for all orders.

8. I will only post 5-6 items/week.  This is for two reasons, 1) I do not want to overwhelm purchasers and 2) I do not want to overwhelm myself.  You’ll have to check back each Monday to see what new items are up for sale.

I hope you will check out the closet sale via the @ShopYCS Instagram account.  There are going to be a lot of great items for sale!  Remember, if you have any questions, comment on the account. Happy shopping!!