Weekend Essentials

If you guys are anything like me, you often find yourself in “Go, Go, Go!” mode Monday through Friday.  TGIF always means so much to me by the time Friday finally makes its way around again!  While some weekends are more jam-packed than others, I try my best to make sure that I take the time to “relax, relate, release” and recharge my batteries for the upcoming week.  I would never make it through the weekend without the following chic essentials:

Weekend Essentials - Numbered

1.  Jeans – During the work week I live in Corporate America and long for the days where I own my own business and can wear jeans whenever I feel like.  Until then, I have two and a half days each week to rock out in my favorite jeans.  Unless I have somewhere special to be, when it’s cold (or cool, or rainy, or whatever) you’ll likely find me rocking my jeans on the weekend.  Lately, I’ve been wearing a lot of colored and patterned jeans.  I just love a good pair of jeans – boot cut, skinny, wide leg, trouser – I love them all! (Jeans Pictured: Avenue & Old Navy)

2. T-shirts – I’ve done a whole series on how to rock a white tee, so clearly, I’m a fan of a good t-shirt.  I’ve tried a billion brands (Gap, J Crew, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, etc.) and I must say that I think, hands down, Old Navy and Joe Fresh have the most comfortable t-shirts around.  I have a closet full in all sorts of colors.  But, if you catch me rocking a tee over the weekend, it’s most likely to be white because they’re so versatile.  No longer does wearing a t-shirt have to be sloppy.  I rock mine in a variety of ways, none of which I would define as sloppy.


3. My swimsuit – If you follow YCS on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest then you know I’ve been working out something serious over the past few months.  Most Saturday mornings you can find me in a pool doing water aerobics or swimming laps.  My swim suit is made for lap swimming and provides tons of support.  I would rock this at the beach, but at the gym, I’m one stylish girl!

4. Scented Candles – When I go out out (you know to the club, lounge, etc.) I usually only do it on Saturday (I’m usually too tired on Friday to be much fun, ha ha).  On Friday night you can most definitely find me burning candles around the house and setting a relaxing atmosphere.

5. 8 oz Bottled Waters – At work, it’s really easy for me to make sure I drink the proper amount of water each day (it is recommended that you drink 1/2 your weight in ounces).  I have two 16 oz. cups that I am constantly refilling.  On the weekends, for whatever reason, I just don’t remember.  So, I started to keep these mini bottles everywhere. In my purse, in the fridge, in the car, on my nightstand.  Knocking back 8oz. is nothing and these fit so perfectly into my weekend totes!


6. Ballet Flats – Yes, I LOVE my heels.  Like, all the way love them.  However, I schlep around in high heels all week long.  So, on the weekend, I enjoy walking around in my ballet flats.  They’re cute, comfortable and give my feet a break from the daily grind.  This pair from H&M is one of my faves.

7. Nook Color, Magazines & Books – I lumped these together because they’re all in the same family.  I love reading and try to use some time on the weekends to catch-up on my books and magazines.  My Nook Color is one of my favorite purchases.  I can get magazines, the news, books, music, movies, games, and the internet all on that little device.  It’s very similar to an iPad without the price. However, I still love the feeling of a book or magazine in my hand.  Which is why my house is filled to the brim with those too!


8. An empty phone charger – It is not necessary for me to be plugged in 24/7.  Often, I’ll turn my phone off for hours at a time on weekends.  I’ll also stay away from the computer and TV.  Sometimes, when I’m doing my housework or reading it’s just me and the soothing sounds of the rain or ocean coming from my white noise device.

9. Clarisonic – I actually use my Clarisonic every other day.  But on weekends I give my skin a deep cleansing and mask treatment.  Using my clarisonic and skin care routine just makes my skin glow that much more.

10. Sunglasses – Whether I’m hiding from the sun while nursing a wicked hangover or hiding from the paparazzi (in my head), I can’t leave home without my sunglasses.  The right shades will instantly up the cool factor on any outfit.  I never leave home with out my fave pair – or five!


What are your weekend essentials?  Anything you absolutely cannot live without?  We want to know!  I’m thinking, maybe, a weekend essentials giveaway might be in order.  So tell us your favorite things in case we decide to include them!

Your Chic is Showing,

With Love, Erika

Just One Thing: Dad’s Vintage(ish) T-Shirts

“It’s just one thing that’s got me trippin’!” – Amerie, “One Thing”

I’ve been a daddy’s girl since the very, very beginning. In fact, if you follow Your Chic is Showing on Instagram, you may have seen the pic I posted of my dad holding me on the day I was born. We’ve had a special bond since day one.

My dad and I are pretty much the same person, which means that it should be no surprise that when I look for the comfiest t-shirts I head straight to his closet to “borrow” them. There is something about a shirt made in the 70’s or 80’s that still feels right 20 or 30 years later. The two shirts below are two of my favorite vintage(ish) t-shirt that I “got” courtesy of my dad! Not only are the shirts super cute and super comfy, but I always feel a bit closer to my dad when I wear them.

Do you have a fave vintage(ish) shirt? Or an article of clothing you love to wear that belongs to one of your parentals? Or grandparentals? Or whomever? You know I want to see pics!!

Your Chic is Showing,





Photo credits: CoraStar Productions