Fashion Rules that Need to be Broken

By Erika, Resident Fashionista Listen, for as long as I have been into fashion – which has been since I was old enough to pick out my own clothes- there have been fashion rules, guides, dos and don’ts. And while some advice is good advice (oversized, baggy, non-fitting clothes will never be a “do,” even … Continue reading Fashion Rules that Need to be Broken

Commandments in Chic

By Erika, Resident Fashionista Michael Kors says to "always dress like the paparazzi is photographing you."  Easily done when your uniform is black pants, a black tee, and black sunglasses (I'm looking at you Michael, my love).  For the rest of us, it takes a little more work to achieve a paparazzi worthy look on … Continue reading Commandments in Chic