Photo Recap: Curvy Closets & C.U.R.V.V.

By Erika, Resident Fashionista

Whew! It has been a complete whirlwind around YCS! As you guys have seen, we’ve pretty much been going non-stop since various fashion weeks began in September! We’ve been attending tons of fabulous events and hosting a few of our own!

On October 12th and 13th YCS had the pleasure of attending the Curvy Closets Fashion Show and C.U.R.V.V. Exhibit Opening and movie premiere. To get details about the events you can click here, here, here, here, and here.

Below are some of the pictures YCS captured at the two events.

Curvy Closets

















Personally, I love that Philadelphia is embracing fashion for curvy women. I only hope that we’ll see more events like this in the future! Did any of our readers get a chance to go to these events? If so, what did you think?

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Curves Ahead (Part 1): Curvy Closets

By Erika, Resident Fashionista

This weekend in Philadelphia is all about curvy women!  On Saturday October 12, the Curvy Closets Fashion Show will take over the City of Brotherly Love and on Sunday October 13 C.U.R.V.V., an exhibit curated by ChaCha N’Kole with a corresponding short film, will make it’s debut at the UPenn Museum.

Both events celebrate curvy, full-figured, plus size women and all I have to say is, “it’s about darn time!”  Today, I’m bringing you some behind-the-scenes footage from the Curvy Closets casting call held at BellaNOR Boutique.  Tomorrow, in a special Saturday edition of YCS, I’ll have behind-the-scenes scoop from the C.U.R.V.V. set!  It’s a curvy weekend for sure and I can’t WAIT to be a part of the action!

A few weeks ago, YCS had the opportunity to chat with the co-producers of Curvy Closets, Colleen ( and Dominique ( and YCS fave Aleea Slappy, of A Happy Slappy Greeting, Inc. (, who will be the Curvy Correspondent at the fashion show.  The three lovely ladies shared some insider info about what to expect at the fashion show and their fall must-haves.  Take some time to check out the video and hear what the girls had to say.

Please note: Although we’ve got the fashion thing down, we’re only amateur cinematographers; we didn’t realize quite how loud the cars driving by would be.  We’re still working out some of the kinks so please bear with us!

Sounds great, doesn’t it?  Well, lucky for you, you can still get tickets; but, you have to hurry!  Visit to get details on the event and how you can get your tickets!  Today is your LAST day to purchase them and you DON’T want to miss this awesome celebration of curvy women!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for a special Saturday YCS post all about C.U.R.V.V.

We know where we’ll be this weekend.  Will we see you there?

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Thank you to the ladies of the Step Sisters Blog for allowing us to join them!  It was truly a blast!!

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International Designers Shine at Atlantic City Fashion Week

By Erika, Resident Fashionista


On September 27 and 28, YCS attended Atlantic City Fashion Week held at the Pier Shops at Caesar’s in Atlantic City, NJ. YCS checked out the ready-to-wear, plus sized, and couture runway presentations from a number of designers over the two-days. While some collections were disappointing and considerably non-cohesive, there were a few standouts, notably the collections presented by international designers Mitan Ghosh, Waisted Lace Corsets, and Suma Polepalli, and consignment/vintage shops Cultured Couture and Fab Finds. I also enjoyed checking out the children’s collections presented – though it’s hard to tell what was more adorable, the fashions or the tiny models strutting down the runway!

The international designers presented looks that moved effortlessly down the runway, applied a creative mix of “East and West” in their designs, and were showstopping. Mitan Ghosh and Suma Polepalli incorporated traditional garments like Saris into their collections with beautiful prints, colors, fabrics and details. The amount of time it must have taken to complete impeccable bead and crystal work is not lost on YCS. Waisted Lace Corsets’ were fantastical, beautiful, and often, practical. There were more than a few pieces I could see pairing with an adorable pencil skirt or pair of jeans for a night on the town. Cultured Couture presented looks that embodied the refined elegance I have come to expect from them. And Fab Finds did an excellent job of pulling together classic, elegant looks for all sizes from the clothes in their consignment shop.

The scene stealers, however, were the kids. The designs were cute, playful and adorable. Though, as an aunt to a 3 and 4 year old, I’m not sure how realistically wearable they were. Regardless, their models stole the show with their sass, spunk, and complete cuteness. Be warned, the pics and video are probably going to be too much to handle!

Check out the photos and videos we were able to capture from the two-day event!


Photos from AC Fashion Week







To get all of the details on the designers showcased at Atlantic City Fashion Week visit their website.

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Philly Fashion Week Recap

By Erika, Resident Fashionista

Hey guys! As I mentioned last week, YCS is covering a TON of fashion events and giving you all of the scoop. On Friday and Saturday September 20 and 21, YCS Alexis and I attended Philly Fashion Week’s Ready-to-Wear and Couture Runway Shows. Nearly 30 designers were on hand to present their latest collections for all to see!

While there were plenty of memorable moments and pieces, here are my favorites from the weekend.

Faithful by Michael Thomas
Once again, Michael Thomas did not disappoint. Originally scheduled to close out Friday’s shows, Michael ended up opening the show with a bang! The cobalt blues, yellows and silvers that weaved throughout this cohesive collection were a beautiful, bold statement made by the designer. Per usual, Michael’s tailoring was impeccable and it was clear from this collection that he has the construction skills and understanding of woman’s body to back up all the hype. Michael’s spring/summer 2014 collection was ultra-feminine, which was a sharp contrast to his fall/winter 2013 collection. The luxe and sophisticated fabrics moved beautifully down the runway. Once again, we were presented with a stellar collection from Michael Thomas.

The Menswear Designers
Aside from Michael Thomas, other standouts of the weekend were the menswear designers, particularly Friday night’s bunch. The collections Chevalier Homme, Extraordinary Gentleman, and Modish presented were among my favorites of the weekend. Some thoughts I used to describe the collections in my notes were, “impeccably tailored men’s pieces; cross between hipster and nerd but much, much cooler; cohesive and confident,” (Chevalier Homme); “crisp, clean, easy; mixed materials but still no fuss; effortless; a cool mix of male and female silhouettes,” (Extraordinary Gentleman); “worked the leather beautifully; from the runway to Yeeze’s closet to mine; beautifully constructed; thoughtful, well planned and executed collection,” (Modish).

Check out our YCS TV video featuring Michael Thomas’ full runway presentation.

Couture Designers
One of my disappointments was that many of the designers in the couture shows actually presented ready-to-wear collections and would have been better suited for Friday’s runway. However, two Saturday standouts were Closet by Christobal and Cory Couture. Closet by Christobal presented beautifully designed (and wearable) pieces accented with over-the-top headpieces and accessories. If you’ve hung around YCS enough, you know I LOVE a fantastic headpiece! They even threw hats into the audience during the finale walk – and you know I was able to snag one! Cory Couture presented one of the only true couture runway shows of the evening. The pieces displayed the over-the-top whimsy and designs one hopes to see at a couture show. While some seemed slightly over-worked, the quality, craftsmanship, and overall beauty were undeniable.

Here are some photos from Saturday and video from the weekend’s events.





























To get details on FBH Philly Fashion Week and all the presenting designers, visit the Philly Fashion Week Website.

Which looks are your favorites? Anything you’re dying to get your hands on? I’m currently hunting down the leather sweater/sweatshirt from Modish – how cool would that look with a ultra-feminine skirt?? You know we want to hear from you in the comments!

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Photo Credits: All photos were taken by Erika for Your Chic is Showing, LLC.

Runway Round-up: Who Got Next (Part 2)?

As I mentioned last week, I spent some time checking out the hottest designers and brands in the tri-state area and scoured the runways for the trends we will see during the spring, summer and fall.  If you missed part one of the Runway Round-up series, feel free to check it out here!  Below, I’ll share two more hot designers with you!

Who Got Next?

Urban FLRT (by Corey Wesley)

Website I Facebook

I had the pleasure of attending the Urban FLRT Trunk Show hosted by fashionista and fellow fashion blogger Tweety Elitou of Young, Hip, Chic.  As most of our readers know, I regularly sing the praises of a good t-shirt (check out our white tee series!).  Let me tell you, Urban FLRT’s Spring/Summer collection brings a whole new meaning to a “good t-shirt.”  I was able to chat with designer Corey Wesley and get the “‘scluse, ‘scluse” about the brand and collection.  Check it out!

Erika (YCS): So, I’m here with Corey and I want you to tell us all about your collection.

Corey Wesley (Urban FLRT): We’re headquarted in Harlem NY.  Our line is a very unique, classy, chic line.  It’s not your common t-shirt.  It’s the type of shirt that you wear to work with a suit or that you dress down to go out with your girlfriends. . . What’s very different about our shirts is that we use a new technique.  We don’t use screen printing.  Screen printing is printed on the top of the garment.  We use a dye process and this is actually infused into the garment. . .

E (I totally interrupted him): Ohhhhh!  So when I wash it, it’s not going to peel off and fade!  (I was completely beside myself at this point)

CW: Nope.  We will outlast a screen printed t-shirt any day!

E: Can you tell me a little bit about some of the designs you have here?

CW: This year we were inspired by music. . . so we have a t-shirt that looks like Christina Aguilara singing.  Donna Summers . . . she inspired Disco Queen.  [Corey is also] a fan of the pin-up girl era.  I have a shirt called the pin-up girl.  And ladies love red bottoms so I do have shirts that have the red bottom on it.

E: So how can my readers find you?

CW: Your readers can find us at Urban FLRT ( . . . [they can think] flirtatious or they can think Freely Living Real and True.

After my chat with the fun and fashionable designer Corey, it was time to check out the goods.  As Corey mentioned in his interview the dye is infused with the t-shirt fabric (which is oh so soft by the way) which gives each shirt a luxe feel and sleek design.  It is clear that time and attention to detail went into the unique design and production of each shirt.  It’s no surprise that I found myself drooling over the entire collection and struggling to pick just one shirt to order (I’ve got 2 more I’m
“meditating” on, which is Erika speak for “going to buy later but trying to have some restraint”).

My favorite thing about the t-shirts are the pops of vibrant color (red and yellow are prevalent in the music collection) that make the designs stand out.  Shirts range are priced around $45/each.  The quality of the product makes the price well worth it.  These shirts will be wardrobe staples you’ll rock again and again (be sure to follow YCS on instagram and look out for me rocking the Disco Queen tee!).

To order your own tee before they hit shelves in Philly, visit Urban FLRT.  And, check out some flicks from the private viewing I attended!

Urban FLRT's creative director, Corey Wesley, rocks one of this season's t-shirts inspired by music.  Also shown is the Greek FLRT t-shirt.

Urban FLRT’s creative director, Corey Wesley, rocks one of this season’s t-shirts inspired by music. Also shown is the Greek FLRT t-shirt.

Disco Queen t-shirt

Disco Queen t-shirt

T-shirt from the S/S 2013 Collection.

T-shirt from the S/S 2013 Collection.

Urban FLRT tees from previous collections

Urban FLRT tees from previous collections

Be sure to take a moment and check out Young, Hip, Chic as well!  Thanks to Tweety and YHC team for inviting me to this fabulous event!



I am not going to lie – when the designer for Designersberg stepped on the runway of Atlantic City Fashion Week and told us that we were going to see a modern take on traditional African fabrics, I was a little (OK, a lot) skeptical.  I have seen my fair share of African prints and fabrics and had managed (for the most part) to avoid Kente cloth for the better part of my life.  However, I found myself completely blown away by the collection that was presented on the runway.  While there were some beautiful, traditional African pieces that walked the runway, this collection truly was a modern take on traditional materials.  The collection contained sleek one-shoulder dresses, beautiful maxis and cute rompers.  The fabrics were neither cliché nor predictable.  To my delight, they were luxe, regal, and elegant.

Collection standouts include the beautiful shorts, tailored blazers, and flirty summer dresses.  Check out the video below of the runway show at Atlantic City Fashion Week!

So, what do you think of Urban FLRT and Designersberg?  Weigh in below!

Your Chic is Showing,

With Love, Erika

Runway Round-up: Who Got Next (Part 1)?

Throughout February and March I spent some time attending local fashion shows and presentations including, Atlantic City Fashion Week, Philly Fashion Week, Faithful by Michael Thomas and the Urban FLRT Trunk Show.  I had the opportunity to see and meet a number of talented designers.  In our Runway Round-up series, I’ll share with you my favorite up-and-coming designers in two parts.   The third part of the series will focus on the trends for spring/summer/fall that were showcased on the runways.

Who Got Next?

Michael Thomas (Faithful by Michael Thomas)

Website I Facebook

From the minute you lay eyes on the Fall 2013 Collection of Faithful by Michael Thomas you will notice the time, effort and care that went into preparing this collection.  Beyond the immaculate tailoring and impeccable design, you will also be struck the designer’s youthful look and demeanor (both of which belie his seven years in the industry) and, more so, how mature the work is.  Upon my arrival at Showroom 77 for the Fall 2013 Collection presentation of Faithful, I was treated to a personalized tour and description of the garments by the designer himself (a completely swoon-worthy moment for any style blogger).  Michael explained to me that the collection was inspired by male/female androgyny.  He played with the shapes and lines of both the male and female form and then expertly mixed and matched them on the models (of note: the black suit pictured is actually a men’s suit which he fit to a female model).  The collection also features beautiful draping, luxurious wools and a rich colors.  In my opinion, the standout look from the collection is the winter white pants-suit with gold buttons and detailing.  You could see every woman in the venue salivating over this look – myself included!  The Faithful by Michael Thomas Fall 2013 Collection brings sophistication and class back to fashion, both of which are welcome after the Technicolor 80’s revival that has taken over the last few years.  Of all the runway shows and fashion presentations, I can, without a doubt, say that this was my favorite.  I know that this will NOT be the last we hear of Michael Thomas.  Check out a few pics from the presentation below:

The white suit that enamored us all!

The white suit that enamored us all!

The designer, Michael Thomas, with his models wearing the Faithful by Michael Thomas Fall 2013 Collection.

The designer, Michael Thomas, with his models wearing the Faithful by Michael Thomas Fall 2013 Collection.

Me and Michael Thomas of Faithful by Michael Thomas.

Me and Michael Thomas of Faithful by Michael Thomas.

Two looks - including a men's suit on the left - from the Faithful by Michael Thomas Fall 2013 Collection.

Two looks – including a men’s suit on the left – from the Faithful by Michael Thomas Fall 2013 Collection.

Duke and Winston

Website I Facebook

Granted, Duke and Winston is not new to the scene.  However, given that a majority of Duke and Winston’s clothing is menswear, you can’t exactly fault me for not having it on my radar.  That all changed when I caught their runway show at Atlantic City Fashion Week.  The Duke and Winston collection housed everything I love – preppy style, clean lines, and unique graphic tees.  Even though these were male models on the stage, I saw about four tees I wanted to take home with me immediately.  I found myself completely obsessed with the collection and perusing the website almost as soon as I got home (yes, it was nearly 2am!).  In addition to classic polo shirts and a sleek tie collection, gentlemen will definitely want to check out the diverse graphic tee collection.  My favorites are those featuring the face of Duke and Winston’s mascot, the bulldog; I particularly like the “Long Live Duke” and “Gentleman Duke II” t-shirts.  Ladies should definitely check out the cute beach tanks and Fox & Tail collaboration pieces.    Duke and Winston is not just a t-shirt line, it is a lifestyle – as evidenced by the ties, kids tees, and accessories for both people (think candles, key chains, koozies and caps) and pets (including collars, leashes and even hoodies!).  Duke and Winston definitely presented my favorite men’s collection from both Atlantic City Fashion Week and Philly Fashion Week.  You can bet that an online order (or three!) has already been placed and a trip to the Philadelphia flagship store is not far behind!  Check out video from the finale walk on the Duke and Winston runway:

Be sure to check back later this week as I continue my Runway Round-up.  What do you think of the looks from Michael Thomas and Duke and Winston?  Weigh in below!

Your Chic is Showing,

With Love, Erika

Conversations: Celebrity Fashion Stylist Anthony Henderson

“I always want to give back to someone who needs the chance and the opportunity to do what they love in the arts.” – Celebrity Fashion Stylists Anthony Henderson

Celebrity Fashion Stylist Anthony Henderson

Celebrity Fashion Stylist Anthony Henderson shows us his summertime chic while rocking the cool shades!

It is no secret that I believe Philadelphia is a fashion hot-spot here in the US. Not only is Philly home to some of the country’s most stylish and creative dressers, it is also the hometown of a number of the fashion industries key players – models, designers, stylists, boutique owners, etc. Today’s Conversation is with Celebrity Fashion Stylist Anthony Henderson who is also the Executive Director of 17 . . . Days of Fashion.

Anthony took some time to sit down with me and share his thoughts on the fashion industry, personal style, what every woman needs in her wardrobe and why 17 . . . Days of Fashion should matter to us all.

Your Chic is Showing: What does fashion mean to you?

Celebrity Fashion Stylist Anthony Henderson: Fashion is a way to communicate who you are, how you feel, and how you want to look without saying anything.

YCS: When and where did you start your career?

AH: I got started umpteen years ago . . . I thought I wanted to become an actor and I got started . . . with that and found out that it wasn’t paying well and it wasn’t paying fast enough [YCS: we’ve all been there, haven’t we?!]. I got a knock at the door to work on a local TV show in Philadelphia and right from there I caught the bug with the lights, camera and action. It just really happened overnight. One of the first . . . movies that I did was called “Train Ride” with Esther Rolle, MC Lyte and Wood Harris from “The Wire.” . . So, right out the gate when it came to styling I started working with celebrities. . . I was only the assistant but before the production was over I became the head wardrobe supervisor/stylist.

YCS: If there is someone looking to get into the business or start their career, what advice would you give them?

AH: If you want to get into wardrobe styling, my favorite quote is “Don’t quit your day job!” You should definitely teach styling as a hobby until it starts to pay well; and, even though, you should always have something that you can fall back on. Get the hands-on experience – do the local fashion shows, work with people that are in your . . . neighborhood, family and friends. . . Start from there and figure out exactly what areas you want to work in – do you want to be a fashion stylist, do you want to be a wardrobe supervisor, do you want to be a costumer, do you want to be an assistant? All those variations play a part in making someone look good and making sure a movie or TV production gets off the ground.

YCS: Do people need to have technical skills to be a stylist (i.e. experience sewing, designing, etc.)?

AH: I think education is very important; I would definitely not rule it out. Ironically, I have no formal education in fashion, but I have tons of years of hands-on experience. I think you should have the hands-on experience and book knowledge as well. [One] helps the other. . . One thing that is really important is the hands-on experience.

Henderson styling Le'Andria Johnson

Henderson styling Grammy-award winning artist Le’Andria Johnson.

YCS: How do you describe your personal style?

AH: My personal style is comfortable eclectic chic. I always like to be comfortable, even though I make some of my clients look good by not making them so comfortable [YCS: Don’t we women know all about that?!]. . . I’m a chamelon, I can dress up or way down. I love to mix high-end and low-end price points. I could have on anything from a pair of gently used jeans to, at the same time, a pair of [more expensive] sneakers with a $2 skully cap. . . I love luxury accessories as far as jewelry, handbags and footwear. I’m very versatile when it comes to price points.

YCS: What are this season’s must-haves?

AH: My must haves . . . a wonderful handbag; a wonderful accessory in your hand. Whether it be a luxury bag or . . . pocketbook. I just think accessories are such a [large component of] your look. I think a must-have . . . is to be well-groomed. Another must-have is . . . good footwear. . . I’m really big into luxury wraps from Burberry or Louis Vuitton, so that’s something I always have in my closet. If you go into the [fall season] with something luxurious, you’ll look wonderful.

YCS: Who are your fashion and style favorites and icons?

AH: I have to think about that . . . [a few minutes later] I’m such a finicky person, it changes so much! One of my style icons, because she’s legendary and she’s from Philly, is miss Patti LaBelle. She’s always had her pulse and timing on fashion for the decade that she’s in. [a few days later – we guess this was a tough one!] Naomi Campbell is my style icon. She’s the only one, that to me, made going to jail look so fashionable! [We here at Your Chic is Showing couldn’t agree more!]

YCS: What is the best advice, from a style standpoint, that you can give men or women?

AH: One is the common rule, “before you walk out the door take one thing off.” The second [is] to always try new and innovative styling looks. Three would be to always try to stand out.

Henderson on the red carpet

Henderson hitting the red carpet in style!

YCS: What inspired you to start 17 . . . Days of Fashion (

AH: There was a group of people in Philadelphia to saw a need to give back to the community and charity through fashion. We have so many fashion houses, events and shows but none were geared to community, charity and worthy causes. . . We found a way to have fashion events . . . to highlight these [organizations] and bring awareness to these [organizations] through 17 . . . Days of Fashion.

YCS: What do you want people to get from 17 . . . Days of Fashion?

AH: We want them to find out about a particular charity or cause that is [close] to the producers heart . . . Our ultimate goal is for people to have fun with their family and community . . . and to help others.

YCS: How/why did you pick the Career Wardrobe for 17 . . . Days of Fashion’s charity of choice?

AH: The Career Wardrobe has always been dear to my heart. I’ve been [working] with them for over 10 years. . . I felt it not robbery to incorporate it into 17 . . . Days of Fashion. . . For the last two years, we have [donated] money to the Career Wardrobe. We bring awareness and raise money for the Career Wardrobe. I want each year to get bigger and bigger where we are donating more money and bringing more awareness to the career wardrobe.

YCS: How can my readers get involved?

AH: We’re looking for anybody who has a heart for the community. Anybody who has . . . a little bit of fashion sense and who loves fashion to come out and support the events, and/or put on an event. We’re looking for producers, sponsors, advertisers, media partners, attendees. All of the above!

YCS: Is there anything else that you want people to know about 17 . . . Days of Fashion or you personally?

AH: My personal quote is “style is every day, fashion is for a lifetime.” One day I look forward to working with Lady Oprah Winfrey – I always throw that in there because if you speak it, it will happen!

Henderson styling Mr. King

Henderson styling Sixx King, Executive Producer for Sixx King Film and contributing writer for

In the conversation with celebrity fashion stylist Anthony Henderson, the one thing that truly came across is his passion for the Philadelphia community and 17 . . . Days of Fashion. Whether he was describing “One Night Only” which is an event that happens in March to raise money to support 17 . . . Days of Fashion or talking about his “Evening of Pearl” fundraiser for the Career Wardrobe, it is clear to see that Anthony has a heart and mind for the people and community of Philadelphia. Instead of telling you all about his passion, I want to give you a first-hand look. Take a moment to check out this interview Anthony from “Celebrities in the Basement” to learn more about his fashion journey and 17 . . . Days of Fashion.

Celebrity Fashion Stylist Anthony Henderson Interview on “Celebrities in the Basement”

Have someone in the fashion or beauty industry that you think would be great for “Conversations?” Let us know by leaving a comment or emailing:

Your Chic is Showing,

Save the date flier for 17 . . . Days of Fashion events

Philly Fashion Files: 17 . . . Days of Fashion

Community, Charity, Couture

17 . . . Days of Fashion

Save the date flier for 17 . . . Days of Fashion events

“It’s fashionable to be charitable in Philadelphia” – 17 . . . Days of Fashion motto

I’m just going to go ahead and say it. 

17 . . . Days of Fashion is not to be missed. If you are, or want to be, a part of the Philadelphia Fashion and Style scene you need to be here.  If you are a charitable and giving person you need to be here.  If you are none of the above, you still need to be here. I’ll say it again.  17 . . . Days of Fashion is not to be missed.  There.  I said it.

What is 17. . . Days of Fashion?

17 . . . Days of Fashion is an event created by the founding members and organizers of The Philadelphia Fashion Consortium (PFC). The purpose of this annual event is to support and celebrate Philadelphia’s endless talent in the fashion industry. See? I told you all Philly is among the country’s most fashionable, talented and stylish cities!  Additionally, 17 . . . Days of Fashion gives back to the communities and charities in the Delaware Valley (more on that in a minute).  17…Days of Fashion will promote over 21 fashion shows and events that take place over 17 days. Each of the shows are produced by local Philadelphia fashion designers, models, industry pioneers, trendsetters, rising and aspiring newcomers, and industry stakeholders in the Delaware Valley.

What makes 17 . . . Days of Fashion Unique?

There is the obvious fact that 17 . . . Days of Fashion takes place over 17 days and manages to hold 21 events.  That’s more than two weeks of unique fashion events including fashion shows, cocktail parties, meetups, shopping events and industry forums and symposiums!  You get all the best aspects of Fashion Week, industry conferences and the social scene all rolled into one!

Beyond that, it is the official kick-off of fashion season in Philadelphia.  With events for the Philadelphia Collection, FBH Philly Fashion Week, Philadelphia Full Figured Fashion Week (presented by Curvation Nation the Movement), etc. right around the corner, 17 . . . Days of Fashion will get Philadelphians off to a strong and stylish start for fashion season.

However, one the most unique, and important, aspects of 17 . . . Days of Fashion is the charitable component.  Each event benefits of partner charity or organization.  You read that right.  17 . . . Days of Fashion is not just about mixing and mingling with the Delaware Valley’s hottest designers, models, stylists and fashionistas.  It’s about supporting the local community in which we all live. 17 . . . Days of Fashion always supports The Career Wardrobe (one of my personal faves) as its chosen charity and each event producer also supports and organization or charity of their choosing.  17 . . . Days of Fashion is truly where charity meets community meets couture.

When and Where is 17 . . . Days of Fashion?

   Button Up the Fashion Cocktail event for 17 . . . Days of Fashion   Full Figured Modeling Troupe Competition for 17 . . . Days of Fashion  Lights Camera Action - Talent and Fashion Show for 17 . . . Days of Fashion

Go ahead and mark your calendars.  The events of 17 . . . Days of Fashion will be held from August 17, 2012 through September 2, 2012.  Each event is held at a different location throughout the historic city of Philadelphia.  As the events continued to be finalized by their curators and producers, Your Chic is Showing will keep you updated on all of the events of 17 . . . Days of Fashion.  Listed below are just some of the events that you have to look forward to:

Saturday August 18, 2012  I  Brunch and Brims Fashion Show: A Vintage Fashion Extravaganza  I  Smooches Full Figured Modeling Troupe Competition

Sunday August 19, 2012  I Lights, Camera, Action: Fashion and Talent Show

Sunday August 26, 2012  I Runway Remix: Where Fashion and Music Collide  I  Young, Hip and Chic Fashionista Meetup

Friday August 31, 2012  I Button Up the Fashion Cocktail Social

Saturday September 1, 2012  I Philly Live

Young, Hip and Chic Fashionista Meetup for 17 . . . Days of Fashion    Philly Live Event for 17 . . . Days of Fashion

Want to learn more about 17 . . . Days of Fashion?

To learn more about 17 . . . Days of Fashion you can:

And now, some great news for our readers!

Your Chic is Showing is an official media partner for 2012’s 17 . . . Days of Fashion!  What does that mean for our readers?  It means that Your Chic is Showing will have ALL of the inside, behind-the-scenes scoop from the events’ producers, curators and designers.  We’ll also have access  to the latest news and happenings for 17 . . . Days of Fashion – so you guys will be the first to know!  Readers can look forward to exclusive interviews and information from those most closely involved with the events, including celebrity fashion stylist Anthony Henderson.

Your Chic is Showing is thrilled (o/ o/ o/ o/) about working with 17 . . . Days of Fashion and can’t wait to share all the latest and greatest information with Your Chic is Showing’s family.

Philly fashion elite, mark your calendars and save the dates because starting August 17, there will be 17 . . . Days of Fashion you won’t want to miss!

Your Chic is Showing,

Philly Fashion Files: The Series

Whether it is it’s sheer proximity to New York or the simple fact that it isn’t LA, my (adopted) hometown of Philadelphia often gets overlooked as a fashion hub in the US. But the truth is, Philadelphia has style. From up and coming designers to stylists to boutique shops to major fashion events, Philly has it all.

For far too long, the creativity of Philadelphia’s fashionistas has been ignored and the legitimacy of Philly’s fashion houses has not been appreciated. Whether you’re traipsing through Olde City, Fairmont Park, the Main Line or Northern Liberties – Philadelphians are putting in WERK.

Philly Fashion Files covers all things Philadelphia fashion and style. We will share behind the scenes information about the hottest fashion events in Philly, like 17 Days of Fashion, get you exclusive interviews with Philadelphia’s own fashion leaders, like celebrity stylist Anthony Henderson, and keep you up-to-date with Philly’s hottest fashion shows and annual events, like “Stomp the Runway.”

You’ll want to stick with us for all the latest coverage of Philly’s fashion scene.