Men's Guide: NYFW 2014

New York Fashion Week – Men’s Style

By Donte, Men’s Style VIP

It’s that time of year again…New York Fashion Week.  I never really paid much attention to it before, but since I work in New York and a few of my close friends are in the fashion industry, I can’t help but notice all the excitement surrounding the biggest week of the year for them.  Accordingly, I decided to take a look at the menswear trends to see what the designers had to offer.  I picked some of the popular high-end designers (or at least that’s what the blogs say), but keep in mind that everyone will not have shown their collections yet by the time of this post.

Duckie Brown

Duckie Brown 3 Duckie Brown 2 Duckie Brown 1

Public School

Public School 1 Public School 2 Public School 3

Hood by Air


Robert Geller

Robert Geller 1 Robert Geller 2 Robert Geller 3

What I noticed is that there are a lot of dark colors on the runways.  Surprisingly, I thought a lot of the Public School and Hood by Air pieces were pretty wearable.  I especially liked the printed t-shirts that HBA used and it was the more urban of the designers I mentioned.  What do you think?  Which one do you like best?

All photos from Style Bistro, (Source = ImaxTree)

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TBT : Photo Recap-Curvy Closets & C.U.R.V.V


By Erika, Resident Fashionista

Last year YCS had the pleasure of attending many fashion shows for philly fashion week , and curvy closets happened to be one of our favorites. We also attended the C.U.R.V.V. Exhibit Opening and movie premiere which was awesomeeee. So with the upcoming fashion week coming up this September we want you guys to check out some of the highlights from last years show and exhibit. Hope you guys enjoy , and I can’t wait until this years!

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Philly Fashion Week Recap

By Erika, Resident Fashionista

Hey guys! As I mentioned last week, YCS is covering a TON of fashion events and giving you all of the scoop. On Friday and Saturday September 20 and 21, YCS Alexis and I attended Philly Fashion Week’s Ready-to-Wear and Couture Runway Shows. Nearly 30 designers were on hand to present their latest collections for all to see!

While there were plenty of memorable moments and pieces, here are my favorites from the weekend.

Faithful by Michael Thomas
Once again, Michael Thomas did not disappoint. Originally scheduled to close out Friday’s shows, Michael ended up opening the show with a bang! The cobalt blues, yellows and silvers that weaved throughout this cohesive collection were a beautiful, bold statement made by the designer. Per usual, Michael’s tailoring was impeccable and it was clear from this collection that he has the construction skills and understanding of woman’s body to back up all the hype. Michael’s spring/summer 2014 collection was ultra-feminine, which was a sharp contrast to his fall/winter 2013 collection. The luxe and sophisticated fabrics moved beautifully down the runway. Once again, we were presented with a stellar collection from Michael Thomas.

The Menswear Designers
Aside from Michael Thomas, other standouts of the weekend were the menswear designers, particularly Friday night’s bunch. The collections Chevalier Homme, Extraordinary Gentleman, and Modish presented were among my favorites of the weekend. Some thoughts I used to describe the collections in my notes were, “impeccably tailored men’s pieces; cross between hipster and nerd but much, much cooler; cohesive and confident,” (Chevalier Homme); “crisp, clean, easy; mixed materials but still no fuss; effortless; a cool mix of male and female silhouettes,” (Extraordinary Gentleman); “worked the leather beautifully; from the runway to Yeeze’s closet to mine; beautifully constructed; thoughtful, well planned and executed collection,” (Modish).

Check out our YCS TV video featuring Michael Thomas’ full runway presentation.

Couture Designers
One of my disappointments was that many of the designers in the couture shows actually presented ready-to-wear collections and would have been better suited for Friday’s runway. However, two Saturday standouts were Closet by Christobal and Cory Couture. Closet by Christobal presented beautifully designed (and wearable) pieces accented with over-the-top headpieces and accessories. If you’ve hung around YCS enough, you know I LOVE a fantastic headpiece! They even threw hats into the audience during the finale walk – and you know I was able to snag one! Cory Couture presented one of the only true couture runway shows of the evening. The pieces displayed the over-the-top whimsy and designs one hopes to see at a couture show. While some seemed slightly over-worked, the quality, craftsmanship, and overall beauty were undeniable.

Here are some photos from Saturday and video from the weekend’s events.





























To get details on FBH Philly Fashion Week and all the presenting designers, visit the Philly Fashion Week Website.

Which looks are your favorites? Anything you’re dying to get your hands on? I’m currently hunting down the leather sweater/sweatshirt from Modish – how cool would that look with a ultra-feminine skirt?? You know we want to hear from you in the comments!

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Photo Credits: All photos were taken by Erika for Your Chic is Showing, LLC.

Flashback Friday

By Erika, Resident Fashionista

Ladies and Gents – Fall Fashion Week(s) is upon us! YCS is covering a variety of events (which I’ll detail in a post later today) just for you! In honor of that, flash back to what I wore during Spring Fashion Week.

What to Wear: Fashion Week

And check out what I’m wearing to tonight’s Philly Fashion Week runway show.


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What to Wear: to Fashion Week

It is the most wonderful time of the year!  OK, maybe 2nd most wonderful time, behind only Christmas.  That’s right – Fashion Week!  For the month of February Fashion Week will be taking place the world over (literally) and all of your favorite designers will present their fall collections – before we’ve even had a chance to rock the latest looks from the spring likes (spring please come SOON!).  This year, although I begrudgingly could not attend the #NYFW debut of emerging designer Urbana Chappa’s line, Maison de Urbana, I am lucky enough to be attending 5 (squeeeeeeeeeal) presentations and fashion shows during Atlantic City Fashion Week and Philly Fashion Week.  Of course, that left (and still leaves) me begging the questions – WHAT DO I WEAR?

Before I share what I have decided to wear – so far – (you didn’t really think I’d leave you hanging, did you?), there are a few hard and fast rules to live by when strutting your stuff during fashion week (or any other week really).

  • Stay true to who you are – This is the number one thing I found when researching what to wear.  Which is great, because I try to live by this anyway.  In general I skew towards clean lines, classic silhouettes, and timeless pieces.  Fashion Week would NOT be the time for me to experiment with graphic patterns, boxy silhouettes, or anything else I don’t feel comfortable in.  Yes, you can punch up your style for Fashion Week, but the key is that it is YOUR style.
  •  It’s OK to mix new with old – I get it.  It is TEMPTING to go out and buy a completely new wardrobe to attend the shows and presentations.  That is a terrible idea – mostly because how are you going to pay your rent/mortgage, heat (it’s so cold in the D!), etc.?  It’s better to pick up a couple of new pieces that you can mix and match with what you already have.  I bought 2 new shirts, a new skirt and a new blazer (all for less than $150) that I will be mixing and matching with what is already in my closet.  I also made sure to pick pieces that I will wear independently of Fashion Week.
  • You don’t have to be all designer everything – Yes, I will be wearing a few key designer pieces while I sit next to the runway tonight at AC Fashion Week (i.e. Elie Tahari shoes and Nneka Saran clutch) but those will be mixed in with more inexpensive items like my Roz and Ali top (purchased at Dress Barn).  My style and aesthetic has always been to mix high and low and Fashion Week is definitely the time to do that.
  • Wear comfortable shoes – That can be whatever is comfortable to you.  I can wear a pair of Tahari round toe pumps all the live long day.  Literally.  I’ve logged 18+ hours in my fave color blocked pair.  So, it won’t be a big deal for me to use those to anchor my looks.  But, it might not make sense if you’re running between shows at Bryant park to be teetering in sky high heels.  Bring a pair of ballet flats that fit in your clutch and switch your shoes before you go in.  Or, better yet, just wear a pair you can zip back and forth in.  Fashion Week is also NOT the time to break in a new pair of shoes, no matter how tempting it may be.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, one of the looks I’ve pulled together for the shows and presentations I will be attending.  These are simply pictures of the pieces/look that will come together.  I will be posting pictures on facebook (, Instagram (@yourchicisshowing), Twitter (@urchicisshowing) and Pinterest ( during my adventures.  And, of course I can’t give away all of my secrets – mostly because I haven’t picked out all of my outfits – so you’ll definitely have to check back for the rest of the looks.

Atlantic City Fashion Week – Friday February 8, 2013

Top: Roz & Ali for Dress Barn (

Pants: Michael Kors (note, pair above is similar to what I will be wearing, but not exact) (

Clutch: Nneka Saran (

Shoes: Elie Tahari (

Jewelry: Would you believe I still haven’t decided?

Hair: Just a little trim to clean up the pixie.  I’ll keep it in a traditional pixie style for this event.

Make-up: Natural neutral tones on the eyes and a bright (!!!) red lip.  A little bronzer on the cheeks and I’ll be good to go!

How I picked this look: AC Fashion Week features both ready to wear and couture looks so I didn’t want to pick anything too casual or too over the top.  I am SICK of dreary winter colors, so I decided this cream top would be a great way to change up my winter blues.  I had originally planned to rock a pair slim-fit black ankle pants; but, when they called for rain all day long I decided that a pair of cream slacks in a heavier material would fit the bill.  Side note: After an intense game of dress-up I went BACK to wearing slim fit ankle pants.  Rain, sleet and snow be darned! Picking the shoes was easy as the sequin detail in my shoe matches that of the bow in the top.  And, I love how the Nneka Saran bag provides a bit of a tribal feel as compared to the simple elegance of the outfit.  Really, you can’t go wrong with a bright red lip when rocking black and white, so it only seemed fitting to wear that, and not much else in the way of make-up.

nneka saran


roz & ali

Before I jet, here is a list of shows/presentations I will be attending.  I’ve also included links to purchase tickets (if applicable) and to check out the designers.

Atlantic City Fashion Week – Friday February 8, 2013

Faithful by Michael Thomas – Sunday February 17, 2013 (

Philly Fashion Week Accessories Party – Thursday February 21, 2013 (!schedule/cngp)

Philly Fashion Week Ready to Wear Runway Show – Friday February 22, 2013 (

Philly Fashion Week Haute Couture Runway Show – Saturday February 23, 2013 (

Well, what do you think of my AC Fashion Week look?  What do you think I should rock for my other shows and presentations?  Are you hitting up any shows?  If so, which ones?  And of course, what are you wearing?

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