21 Squared: The Curvy Fashion App

By Erika, Fashion Expert Ever seen a woman wearing something you loved and wished you could buy it right then and there? Ever wanted to purchase something you see without having to sort through all the merchandise in a store or search through pages of items online? Ever wanted to get an idea how something … Continue reading 21 Squared: The Curvy Fashion App

#OOTD365: The First 100(ish) Days

By Erika, Fashion Expert It's been about two months since I've posted on the blog.  If you follow YCS on Instagram, you have a little bit of insight into everything that has been going on.  If you don't, have no fear, I'm going to be doing a 3-part blog series about the last 3 months … Continue reading #OOTD365: The First 100(ish) Days

Erika's Picks: Bathing Suits for Full Figured Women

I know that swimsuit season can be a dreaded time for many plus size or full figured women (so, basically women). Not because it means baring their body, but because it was a time when the store shelves were stocked with a sea of floral, skirted bathing suit options better suited for the grandmas, not Gisele's, of the world. Of course, these days, this is no longer the case - there is no shortage of fabulous swimwear available for women of all shapes and sizes. Below, check out some of my favorite styles for the summer.