#OOTD365: January 15 – January 21, 2018

By Erika, Fashion Expert

Another week of our #OOTD365 Challenge is in the books.  Are any of the YCS readers taking the challenge? If so, let me know so that I can follow you on IG and get inspired by your looks!

Some weeks, I feel like I really hit a fashion stride – as opposed to a slump – and this was one of those weeks.  I loved every outfit I have put together.  Here’s what I learned during week three.

  1. I’ve taken an unspoken challenge not to repeat outfits during #OOTD365.  This is, of course, not sustainable (because budgets); however, it’s been fun to push myself.  Let’s see how long I can keep the streak alive.
  2. I have a LOT of “old faithful” outfits. These are looks that I know will always look cool, pulled together and chic.  As a result of #1, I have found myself keeping them in my back pocket for a day when it’s really a struggle to get myself together.
  3. When I get dressed, I always think about the image I want to project that day. Like everyday, even on my most chill days, that still runs through my mind.  Down to how my hair is – if it’s in a ponytail, it’s intentional. I hadn’t realized how much actual thought I put into my looks until I was documenting them every day.  I’m trying not to put any more thought than I already to into my looks. That is a struggle.

And now, for the recap of last week’s looks!

Jan 15Jan 16Jan 17Jan 18Jan 19Jan 20Jan 21

(I think next week, I’ll have to pull photos from the computer, not my IG/Facebook. I didn’t realize quite how grainy they show up on the blog.  My bad!!!)



XOXO, Erika


#OOTD365: January 8 – January 14, 2018

By Erika, Fashion Expert

Week two of the #OOTD365 Challenge is in the books.  I’m getting into the groove of shooting my looks in the morning before I head to work and finally set-up the 2nd bedroom at the apartment to be my in home “studio” for the time being.  Here is what I learned this week:

  1. I wear a lot of black. Like a LOT! I realize that it’s because my style uniform is black and white (or cream) so there is a ton of it in my closet.  After Wednesday, I made a conscious effort to wear more color.
  2. My color was still pretty muted. It’s winter.  It’s cold.  It’s the cold winter. I should punch up my colors.  I’ll try harder this week.
  3. I missed dressing up! Last week I had a couple work from home days and days where it was too cold to leave the house.  I missed dressing up!! So yay for that!

Remember to follow YCS on Instagram (@yourchicisshowing) and check out the rundown of last weeks looks below!

Jan 8Jan 9Jan 10Jan 11Jan 12Jan 13Jan 14


XOXO, Erika

#OOTD365: January 1 – January 7, 2018

By Erika, Fashion Expert

I survived my first week of the #OOTD365 challenge.  A couple of bad weather days meant that I was more casual throughout the week than I would have normally been.  Hopefully, I’ll be putting in a full week at the office the week coming up and will have some more variety in my looks.

Here’s what I have learned so far:

  1. I didn’t think I would feel like snapping photos before work but I feel like doing it even LESS after work.  So I get up and get going 10 minutes earlier to build in time to shoot.  Not so bad on days I don’t workout.  Horrendous when I’m already up before 5am for a workout.
  2. Even when I just threw something on I found myself thinking about it more than usual.
  3. Everyone got very invested very quickly.  When I set out to do this, I wasn’t sure that anyone would care.  How wrong I was.  Friday, I worked from home in my PJs all day and didn’t actually get dressed until the evening for a family dinner. Then, I forgot to take my photo before dinner.  I had a few texts, DMs, and FB messages asking me where my #OOTD was.  I didn’t post it until 11pm-ish, but I DID get it posted.  I’ll do better guys!

And, in case you missed any of the looks (follow YCS on Instagram to see them real-time) here are the looks from January 1 through January 7. Instagram and Facebook are the only places where you can get designer and brand details for each of the outfits.

Jan 1Jan 2Jan 3


Jan 5Jan 6Jan 7


XOXO, Erika


By Erika, Fashion Expert

Happy New Year! Who is excited for all that 2018 has to bring them?! I know I am! This year is going to be huge and I’m so excited for everything that is in store for everyone in the YCS Family!

As I started planning for 2018, I decided I wanted to do something a little different.  If you follow YCS on Instagram, then you already know that I am launching the #OOTD365 challenge! I am going to make an effort to document my “Outfit of the Day” (#ootd) every single day in 2018.  I know, it’s a big task to take on.  Mostly because when I come home from work the first thing I do is change out of my clothes and throw on leggings or sweats or a bathrobe, ha ha! However, one of the things I promised to do in 2018 was be more transparent; and, one way to do that is by sharing what I look like everyday, not just on my very best days.

26173554_10101813034825560_8714587560023204706_oDay 1: January 1, 2018 #OOTD365

So many people have an idea about what it is to be a style blogger, own a personal shopping and styling business, and be a self-proclaimed fashionista. Especially because Facebook, Instagram and Twitter show only the best of the best moments.  So, in 2018, I’m giving everyone a peek behind the curtain.  For every perfectly curated look, there are 5 shirts and 3 skirts on the floor, 2 days of terrible outfit choices and LOTS of days where leggings, jeans or joggers are all that I have in me.

You guys are going to get to see it ALL!

The Rules

There are a few rules that I will follow during my #OOTD365 journey.

  1. REPEATS ARE ALLOWED – Listen, I’m not a Kardashian and I cannot afford to wear a different outfit every single day of the year.  It would be nice but it isn’t realistic.  ESPECIALLY given that my extra coins are going towards our upcoming wedding. Plus, some things I really, really like and will want to wear again.  And, this is real life, how many of us can really go three hundred and sixty five days without repeating a single look?
  2. MULTIPLE LOOKS, MULTIPLE PICS – On days where I have more than one outfit I will try my best to post all of the looks that day.  The only exception is workout gear.  I can’t promise I’ll always remember to snap an #OOTM (outfit of the morning) when I’m hitting the gym at 5am.
  3. WEEKLY RECAPS – Each Monday I’ll post a recap on the blog of my looks for the previous week.  This will help keep me accountable AND consistent with my blogging.  The only week I plan to take off is the week of my honeymoon.  I promise to warn you guys before it happens.

In addition to posting my outfits I’ll share tips and tricks (per usual), give you some insight into why I chose what I chose, and, as always, I will share details about the brands I am wearing and where you can purchase the items.

And, honestly, #OOTD365 is just the beginning.  All year long you’ll get to peek behind the curtain.  YCS will continue to take you behind the curtain on the wedding planning process with the YCS Bride Guide AND later this week I’ll be launching an online class that will not only take you behind the curtain but will also help you unleash your inner fashionista.  Seriously, 2018 is about to be EVERYTHING!

I can’t wait for you all join me on this #OOTD365 journey and, if you’re up for the challenge, share your photos, tag YCS, and use the hashtag so I can see what you’re rocking on a daily basis.

Remember to follow YCS on Instagram (@yourchicisshowing), Twitter (@urchicisshowing), and Facebook (www.facebook.com/yourchicisshowing) to keep up #OOTD365.  And be sure to bookmark and follow the YCS Blog to keep up on our latest posts.

Cheers to an INCREDIBLE 2018!


XOXO, Erika

Birthday Behavior

By Erika, Fashion Expert

This coming Friday (March 3) is my 34th birthday and I am eagerly anticipating its arrival.  I have always loved birthdays, especially my own!


T-shirt: Sweet Knowledge Clothing (here) I Skirt: Eloquii (similar here) I Shoes: Dressbarn I Necklace: Aldo

As I reflect back, 33 (and 2016 in general) was a weird year for me.  I celebrated some huge successes and also had some massive disappointments and failures.  However, as with every year, I learned a lot about myself, faced things I never thought I could handle, and the good (mostly) outweighed the bad (though, I’m still looking for the silver lining from election night).


The thing that I love about being into my 30’s is the fact that I continue to come into my own.  In my 20’s I wasn’t confident in who I was and who God made me.  In my 30’s I have taken the time to embrace that more.  I’ve made my 30’s about taking risks, taking leaps of faith, and just going for “it!”  And, with each year of my 30’s I have gotten better at all three.


I am by no means perfect.  I do not get it all right all of the time.  In fact, I get it wrong often! But that’s OK.  I’m human. I’m not supposed to be perfect. And if being in my 30’s has taught me anything it is that those who love me do it in spite of my flaws.  And those who loved me until my flaws were exposed never really loved me to begin with.


With just a few days left at 33 I’m toasting to my future! Cheers to love, laughter and light. To adventures around the world. To taking chances. To leaps of faith. To loving myself more and judging others less. To genuine smiles. To belly laughs and cleansing tears. To chasing dreams. And to living a full life on nobody else’s terms but my own (and God’s, of course).


This is 34.



Photography Credit: Rob Bergsted

You're Invited: An Exclusive Shopping Event

By Erika, Fashion Expert


Good Morning YCS Family!  I am so excited to announce that my dear friend JaKela and I are co-hosting an exclusive “Shop My Closet” event especially for all of the curvy cuties out there!  We are taking “thrifting” to the next level with this exclusive shopping event.

Here’s the deal:

JaKela and I both have closets full of never-worn and barely-worn clothes (size 12-24W), shoes (size 7.5 – 11) and accessories (jewelry, bags and scarves).  We’re not talking junk, we are talking quality items from stores and designers like Badgley Mischka, J.Crew, Calvin Klein, Jones New York, Eloquii, Lane Bryant (and that’s all just MY closet), etc.  The items are in excellent condition and deserve to live in a home where they will be loved, cared for, and worn until they fall apart.  That’s not going to happen in either of our houses. We believe it is only right to invite our friends, family, loyal YCS readers, and Philly fashionistas come and shop our closet for fabulous items at can’t beat prices!

Here’s how it works:

JaKela and I have secured a private location to host this exclusive shopping event.  Our guests will join us from 12 noon – 3 pm for sips, snacks, and, most importantly, shopping.  There will be plenty of room for you to try on items and build an entire look.  I’ll be there to give you styling tips and advice and answer any questions that you might have.  And, once you have finished shopping you can feel free to lounge around and chat it up with me, JaKela and the other ladies.  Your exclusive shopping experience will give you access to great clothing, great prices, fashion expertise and styling advice.  There may even be a special announcement or two at the event! This is your chance to shop like the superstar we all know that you are!

Any clothing that is not sold will be donated to the Wardrobe Boutique.

Event Deets:

Erika M. (Your Chic is Showing) & JaKela P.

Saturday March 18, 2017

12 noon – 3 pm

Philadelphia, PA (RSVP for event location)

RSVP Deadline:
March 11, 2017

About the Clothing:
ALL sizes are welcome at our event.

The clothing that is available for sale is for women sizes 12-24W.  Because we’re curvy girls our clothes are best suited for curvy girls.  But, that doesn’t mean we don’t want our straight sized sisters to miss out!  There will be plenty of shoes, jewelry, bags and other accessories that are perfect for ANYBODY!

RSVP Deets:

Because this is an exclusive shopping event and want to make sure our guests have a fabulous experience, everyone must RSVP for the event.  Upon your RSVP, we will provide you with the location of the event.

You can RSVP two ways: by e-mailing info@yourchicisshowing.com or completing the RSVP form below.

Remember, the ONLY way to find out where the event will be is to RSVP by March 11, 2017!

We look forward to hosting you at our exclusive shopping event and can’t wait to see you there!

Stay Chic,

Erika's Picks: Bathing Suits for Full Figured Women

By Erika, Resident Fashionista

I know that swimsuit season can be a dreaded time for many plus size or full figured women (so, basically women).  Not because it means baring their body, but because it was a time when the store shelves were stocked with a sea of floral, skirted bathing suit options better suited for the grandmas, not Gisele’s, of the world.  Of course, these days, this is no longer the case – there is no shortage of fabulous swimwear available for women of all shapes and sizes.  Below, check out some of my favorite styles for the summer.

Bikinis + Tankinis

I’ll be the first to admit that I am not a fan of MOST tankinis.  Those old lady skirts (no offense to the old ladies) and unflattering tops do nothing to excite me.  Through the years I have found some I like (I even own one) but that has been rare.  I’m happy to report there is a new crop of tankini popping up that are both figure flattering and stylish.

Tankini #1  Tankini #2   Bikini 1   Bikini 2   Bikini 3

Last year, we also saw the more widespread acceptance of plus size bikinis a.k.a “fatkinis.”  Now this is a trend I am fully on board with.  The suits are often cute, trendy, and allow for as little or as much coverage as you’d like, while giving proper support where full figured women need it most.  I even loved the Swim Sexy Pin Up Python suit above so much I got one for myself!

Shop Bikinis and Tankinis

Tropiculture Twist-Front Tankini (Black) via Swimsuits for All
Tropiculture Pink Bandeau/Halter Tankini via Swimsuits for All
Sao Paulo Fringe Bikini via Monif C
Swim Sexy Pin Up Python Bikini via Swimsuits for All
Guyana Banded Bikini via Monif C

One Piece Swimsuits

One piece swimsuits are always a staple of the season.  Two trends I am loving are the athletic styles that are popping up – think trendy scuba gear and sleek likes – and peek-a-boo details like mesh or even lace!  Both of these trends add unique personality to a swim season staple.

One piece 1     One Piece 2     One Piece 3     One Piece 5

Shop One Piece Swimsuits

Mesh-panel One Piece via Torrid
Extra Life Lycra Aquabell Zip Front via Swimsuits for All
Striped Natural Support One-Piece Swimsuit via Torrid
Becca Etc. “Ritual” Crotchet Swim Dress via Nordstrom

Cutout Swimsuits

Another trend I’m pretty obsessed with is cutout swimsuits!  I love the peek-a-boo styles that are all over the plan for plus size women.  As long as you don’t mind a funky tan line (and what’s a tan line in the name of fashion) these styles may be just up your ally!  They’re the perfect cross between a bikini and one piece.

Cut out 4    Cutout 1    Cutout 2    Cutout 3   Cut Out 5

Shop Cutout Swimsuits

GabiFresh Kiwi Wrap High Waist Bikini via Swimsuits for All
“FIJI” Sweetheart Ruched Swimsuit via Monif C
Tahiti One-Shoulder Bathing Suit via Monif C
Tropiculture Noir Cut-Out One Piece via Swimsuits for All
Jessica Simpson “Just Add Water” Swimsuit via Modcloth

So, my stylish water babies – what will you be wearing all summer long?

YCS Style Diary: Mixed Messages

By Erika, Resident Fashionista

Editor’s Note: While YCS gets back in the groove and we continue our hunt for an intern we’re going to scale back our posting schedule. But don’t worry, we’re still bringing you all the goodness. Stick with us!!

The thing about spring, at least here in Philly, is that the weather sends us all sorts of mixed messages. One day, it’s 40 degrees and rainy, the next it is 90 degrees and humid as all “get out!” I know it’s May, but the weather here continues to act a complete fool!! It makes it hard to want to put away all of your winter stuff because you still may need it.

This presents the perfect opportunity for some fun, springtime experimenting. If the weather can send mixed messages then so can my wardrobe! The two looks shared today not only mix spring/summer and fall/winter clothing, they also mix a variety of materials including wool, leather, sequins, and chiffon. These looks are a fun way to spice up your wardrobe and embrace whatever Mother Nature might throw your way.

The sweater featured in the first look is one of my favorites in the winter.  It is a lightweight wool, striped, navy sweater from J Crew.  I love it so much because the bejeweled Peter Pan means that I don’t have to do too much in the way of jewelry. It works casually with a pair of jeans or can be dressed up, with a  hi-lo skirt, for example.


Sweater: J Crew I Skirt: Converse for Target


Bag: Relic (sold at JC Penney) I Shoes: Steve Madden

A few choice pieces of jewelry are all I need to complete the outfit.  The ring and bracelet were both gifts and they add the perfect feminine finish to the look.


I will be the first one to tell you that I think sequins are appropriate for both day and night.  I even have a nightgown and beach cover-up that are both complete with sequins.  Pretty much, they should be worn as often as possible!  The thing I really love about the look below is that you can juxtapose a completely unexpected fabric against the sequins and get a truly amazing outfit.  I paired my sequined Express top with both leather and faux fur and loved the results!


Jacket: Avenue I Shirt: Express I Skirt: Style & Co. (sold at Macy’s) I Shoes: Steve Madden I Earrings: So Good Jewelry


Vest: Dressbarn I Ring: H&M

Even the back of the jacket has an unexpected twist.  It’s cut asymmetrically, and is shorter in the back and longer in the front.  It balances out the proportions of the hi-lo skirt which is longer in the back and shorter in the front.  It is a tiny little detail that brings balance and continuity to the outfit.


Remember to choose bright, spring-like colors when you’re mixing your cold weather clothing with warmer weather clothing.  Fabrics that are clearly designed for spring – like the chiffon on my skirts or the canvas on the wedges – will also make balancing your fall/winter pieces easier.  Finally, opt for layers so you can ditch your jacket or sweater if you become hot.  After all, we know the day could start at 40 degrees and end at 90!

Your Chic is Showing,

Erika's Signature

YCS Style Diary: Day to Night

By Erika, Resident Fashionista

I know that YCS has been rather quiet the past couple of weeks – and I am really sorry about that.  As you guys know, we’re busy looking for three (yes, three) interns to help out around here! We are, however, getting back into the swing of things, starting with today’s post which is all about transitioning your look from Day to Night!

A couple years ago, Torrey did an awesome post teaching us how to transfer our make-up from day to night.  So often people write about taking a look from day to night; however, I have found that either they require you to pretty much bring an entire second outfit with you to the office or they tell you what to do without showing you how to do it.

When I think about going from “day to night” I try to keep three simple tips in mind.

Tip #1: Keep it in the same color family.

It is so much easier to transition an outfit that is in the same color family.  It automatically lessens the load on you and eliminates the need to have an entire second wardrobe on hand.

Tip #2: Layer, layer, layer!

The easiest thing to do is to peel off layers to transition from day to night.  It’s why you’ll almost always see people wearing a jacket or sweater during the daytime and then ditching it for their evening look.  It’s so much easier to peel away layers for your transition.

Tip #3: Pick jewelry that does double duty.

There are plenty of beautiful, bold pieces of jewelry that are both work appropriate and perfect for date night, evening cocktails, or an after-work event.  Try to pick jewelry that does double duty so that it is one less thing you have to worry about.  If you are going to pack extra jewelry, opt for one major piece – like a statement necklace or large cocktail ring – to punch up an outfit.

Using the two looks below, you can see these three tips in action.  Fleurish Lane Boutique was kind enough to gift me the cobalt blue dress seen in both looks and it served as the perfect anchor for my day and night looks.  Even the photographer didn’t realize I had a dress under my skirt until I switched outfits!



Dress: Royals Curvy Midi Dress via Fleurish Lane Boutique I Cardigan: New York and Company I Skirt: Jones New York I Shoes: BCBG


The cobalt blue dress pairs perfectly with the skirt and the bright yellow cardigan and necklace are perfect for spring.

YCS Tip: When wearing such bright colors to the office opt for a neutral colored shoe to avoid overkill.


Necklace: Bauble Bar I Rings: Tiffany & Co. and Khols I Tablet Case: Steve Madden


You’ll notice right away that the jewelry is exactly the same.  I simply stripped away my layers and changed a few accessories (still keeping to my color scheme) to go from day to night.


Belt: Mossimo for Target I Clutch: Dressbarn I Shoes: Anne Michelle


Layering this dress under a cardigan and skirt works well because it is a body con dress.  My curvy girls should NOT be afraid of this style – it can be super flattering for you!

YCS Tip: If you’re feeling self-conscious about rocking a body con dress, opt for one with a pattern that will draw the eye up and down.  The diagonal pattern on this dress is flattering and keeps the eye moving up and down the body.  This pattern will also work on girls who have a super straight figure as it is going to give the illusion of having curves.


So ladies – what other tips would you share with our readers about going from day to night?  And don’t you just LOVE this dress from Fleurish Lane Boutique?  You guys might also remember the adorable turquoise clutch (featured here and here) that I got from Fleurish Lane. As you can see, Fleurish Lane offers great style in all sizes!  Be sure to check out their online boutique and let me know what you’re LOVING!

And, of course, share your day to night looks with YCS on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

Your Chic is Showing,

Erika's Signature

Photo credits: Rob Bergsted

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Financial compensation was not received for this post and all opinions expressed here are my own.

YCS Style Diary: Chambray My Way

By Erika, Resident Fashionista

For a while I was hesitant to jump on the chambray bandwagon.  Although I found it super cute on others, I thought it would make me look like my eight-year-old (but still totally adorable) self.  Plus, all the plus-sized chambray tops that I saw were so . . . extra (for lack of a better word) with their rhinestones, jewels, patterns, lace, etc.

Then, one day, I happened upon this super cute, super simple chambray shirt and the rest is, well, history!  The thing I love about chambray is that you can go totally casual with a full-on jean look, or you can use it to tone down dressier pieces.  I opted for the latter and paired the top with a leather pencil skirt.  Flats make this the perfect outfit for Saturday brunch with the girls or an afternoon spent strolling.


Shirt + Skirt: Dressbarn I Shoes: Avenue







Sunglasses: Oscar de la Renta I Bracelets: Dressbarn, Avenue, Bauble Bar I Rings: H&M, Bauble Bar


Have you guys embraced the chambray trend? How do you wear your chambray?  You know what to do!

Your Chic is Showing,

Erika's Signature

Photo credits: Rob Bergsted