TBT: Seasonal Trend-Men can rock colored jeans too

By Donte, Men's Style VIP So, last Autumn I bought to you the guide of colored pants for MEN, yes I said MEN. A lot of men are skeptical when it comes to wearing colored pants or jeans, and don't know how to really pull it off. Well Donte's here to save the day, and take … Continue reading TBT: Seasonal Trend-Men can rock colored jeans too


Throwback Thursday: What to Wear to a Fundraiser

By Erika, Resident Fashionista April means the start of fundraiser season! In fact, I'm scheduled to attend two fundraisers tomorrow night (eek) and have another fundraising event on the books every week for the next 6 weeks. And that's not even counting what I attend for my full time job (which focuses on endowments and … Continue reading Throwback Thursday: What to Wear to a Fundraiser

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TBT Post: Your Work Wardrobe Questions Answered (Part 1)

TBT (Jan 9): Work Questions Answered – Part 1

YCS Blog

First, my apologies for posting a day late! There is so much great content to get on here and not enough hours in the day to get it all up!

Instead of our weekly “Just One Thing” post, this week we’ve got answers to some reader questions that have been received lately. Summer is the season of summer internships, first jobs and new careers, so it seems only fitting that we spend some time answering your reader questions about what to wear to work. We got so many questions that we’re going to break this up into two posts!

Below are the first four questions Your Chic is Showing’s readers have asked about what stylish women should wear to work. We will follow-up with four more reader questions next week!

We hope you find our tips helpful!

Your Chic is Showing,

1. Is it OK to wear bare…

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