Cherise R.

“Erika certainly has a natural talent, but beyond that she is detail oriented and I knew that making this a successful transformation was just as important to her as it was to me.”

Cherise R., Philadelphia, PA
Client since: 2014

I hired Erika to help me at a time in my life when I needed it most. I was in the middle of an important transformation on the inside that I needed her help bringing to the outside for the world to see. I finally realized one of my greatest passions is to help others create personal spaces and I was working on launching my own company. This included developing my brand and giving myself a voice within a creative, visually-driven field. I needed the message I was sending to others on my outside to reflect what I could do for people on the inside of their spaces. I wanted to remain true and genuine to myself – the most important element that my brand embraces as its approach to personal space design.

Before meeting Erika, I hated shopping. It was always a lot of work. I never felt like it added anything to my life so I tried to avoid it if at all possible. I admired pretty fashion pictures in magazines, but didn’t have any idea how to get those looks for myself. I felt like most of my design clients do when they ask me for help with their spaces, completely lost. At my first consultation session with Erika I brought my favorite magazine tear sheets to show her and she really listened to me. We spoke about what I like, why I feel so challenged shopping, and came up with a personal plan to address my needs as a team. Erika understood that I was at a very important time in my life where I needed to not only look professional and put-together, but that my entire wardrobe was not working for me so I needed to do a lot of with a limited budget. Erika certainly has a natural talent, but beyond that she is detail oriented and I knew that making this a successful transformation was just as important to her as it was to me. My business would not grow if I could not figure out how to project the right message about myself and my work.

Erika put me to work. She coached me and became my trusted mentor and friend during this process. I was embarrassed at how little I knew about what colors work for me, and the types of clothes that flattered my body shape. She walked me through the process step by step at my pace. At first she pulled clothes for me to try on, and then we talked through each of them – what worked well and not so well. Then, we walked the stores together and practiced picking out items. Sometimes she was like a Drill Sargent! But, I needed that because it helped me to learn how to see through all the clutter and focus on the items that were going to work for me. It took a lot of work to begin to see things from a new perspective, but with her encouragement I challenged myself to try to things. I practiced wearing new pieces together and built my confidence over time.

One of the most powerful exercises for me was when she came to my house to take an inventory of what I currently have in my closet. Not surprisingly, most of the items we decided should find a new home, but we talked about why they were not a help to me before letting them go. It felt so therapeutic to make way for the new – not just with my clothes but in my life. I was ready for this change, and this was one important step to achieving my goals.

I knew I had made the right decision to take on this process when someone who was visiting my home for the first time said to me “You would never know that you could do all of this to a space. This place is like an amazing Pinterest board!” I know that I’m a creative person who is ready to bring that same level of creativity to help others transform their spaces. For the first time in my life, I feel like my outside is reflecting this message. Erika helped give me the tools and education to understand how to bring this out in myself. It is a process I am still learning how to get better at daily.

Since working with Erika, I’ve been able to land new business opportunities and I had the courage to make a big change for myself and my career endeavors. I posses a more solid confidence and I am expressing important elements of myself. I believe all of these opportunities are a result of what I have been able to draw to myself. People can see me, and they are drawn to me. Words can’t express how powerful and important it is to be seen, heard, and connected to my joy. I look forward to the rest of this journey.