Ultimately, my goal is for my clients to not only look their best but, more importantly, feel their best.

Hi!!!! I’m Erika, the founder/owner of Your Chic is Showing, LLC. I started Your Chic is Showing, LLC (YCS) to help my clients elevate their personal style and build their confidence. YCS makes personal styling accessible to clients through a variety of services including styling and shopping, educational courses, eBooks, and an award-winning blog. Each day I strive to provide a unique, elegant and chic experience to each of my clients by delivering exceptional service.

I got my break in personal styling by starting with up-and-coming professional athletes and models, but now I focus on providing services to individual, group and corporate clients. I have over eight years of experience, styling dozens of clients and educating hundreds of people through various workshops, masterclasses, webinars, and publications. My styling expertise offers specializations in plus sized and full-figured styling, maternity styling, career styling, and special event – wedding, engagement, etc. – styling

In addition to running Your Chic is Showing, I sit on the Board of Directors for two nonprofit organizations and serve as an advisor for 21 Squared, The Curvy App. When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, shopping (obvi), reading, traveling, and talking back to podcasts (it’s a terrible habit). I graduated, Cum Laude, from Howard University in 2005 (HU, You Know!). Upon graduation, I entered the finance industry where I spent 13 years before I made the transition to the philanthropic sector. Now, I’m based in Baltimore, MD where I live with my awesome hubby Roger and raise our three incredible children.

Certifications + Memberships:

My Style Philosophy:

Chic isn’t an adjective; it’s a way of life.

My Style Must-Haves:

  • Little Bold Dress
  • Structured Work Tote
  • Leopard Print Loafers
  • Fashion Forward Sneakers
  • Well-Manicured Nails
  • A Big Smile

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