About Your Chic is Showing

Your Chic is Showing, LLC (YCS) is a dynamic organization designed to meet our clients’ personal styling and fashion education needs.   Founded in 2013 based on 1 Corinthians 16:14 which states “do everything in love,” YCS focuses on providing a unique, customized, special, and chic experience to each of our clients while delivering an exceptional experience on a daily basis.

About the Owner

Erika M. Cartledge, Founder and Owner, Your Chic is Showing, LLC

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Erika Cartledge is the founder/owner of Your Chic is Showing, LLC, which offers personal styling and fashion education services, as well as an award-winning fashion and lifestyle blog of the same name.  Getting her break with up-and-coming professional athletes and models, Erika now offers her services to individual, group and corporate clients and has hosted a variety of workshops and sessions including – “Dressing for Success,” “Discovering and Understanding Your Body Type,” “Six Weeks to a Fashionista,” and “Dress Like a Girl Boss.”

In addition to running Your Chic is Showing, LLC, Erika is the co-founder of “The Mommicles: The Momma Chronicles” (a blogging collective of parents writing about their experiences from diverse perspectives), co-founder of “Come Shop My Closet” (an upscale clothing consignment company), and advisor for 21 Squared, The Curvy App.

Erika is a 2005 cum laude graduate of Howard University who transitioned into the philanthropic sector after spending 13 years in the finance industry.  She is happily married to her husband Roger, is the Bonus Mom to two awesome children and welcomed their third child in the Fall of 2019.

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